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CreatorCarroll, Lewis (1832-1898)
TitleAlice's Adventures In Wonderland
ContentsAlice In Wonderland
LoC ClassPR: Language and Literatures: English literature
LoC ClassPZ: Language and Literatures: Juvenile belles lettres
SubjectChildren's literature
NoteAlso known as: Alice In Wonderland.
Release Date1991-01-01
EditionFormatEncodingCompressionSizeDownload Links
30Plain textus-asciinone159 KBibiblio P2P
30Plain textus-asciizip58 KBibiblio P2P
30Adobe PDFnone241 KBibiblio P2P
30Palm Databasenone294 KBibiblio P2P
30Palm Databasezip280 KBibiblio P2P
30PostScriptnone386 KBibiblio P2P
30TeXus-asciinone161 KBibiblio P2P

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