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(Posted July 1, 2004)

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The SPWW2 Egroup for game related discussion can be found at:

This is the best place to contact the developers and the SPWW2 playtester group.

What is New in SPWW2v7

Completely new set of larger format OOB's (Order of Battle files) with thousands of changes and additions. New format OOBs can now hold up to 999 Units and 999 Formations. An additional 55 Unit Classes have been added as well. The OOBs have been extensively researched and availability dates, ammunition loadouts and formation design has been finetuned throughout. New units and new formations adorn many of the OOBs. You can get many of the particulars in the Country Descriptions section, but we leave some things for you to find out as you play the game.

Many tweaks and adjustments to the code & AI picklists have been made to fine tune & refine gameplay

  • 725 New Pics
  • 933 New & Revised Icons in 25 SHP files
  • 27 New Scenarios
  • 83 New Maps
  • 39 New Text files
  • 64 New Sounds

Many minor tweaks to existing scenarios.

Minor tweaks to several existing maps & duplicate maps removed.

One new Campaign: Paratroopers in the Pacific. This campaign is based on the history of the American 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment. You will start off as the commander of Item Company, 3rd Battalion, 503rd PIR.

New "Player_SPWW2_Scenario.xls" file listing all scenarios, maps, and campaigns in the Game Notes folder.

All Scenarios and Maps are now numbered in the game selection screen, and maps also have their size listed.

The map code auto-generator has been extensively enhanced and the coded routines greatly embellished.

13 totally new terrain features have been added, as well as 4 old terrain types being completely revised. Transition months between seasons are now more accurately detailed and varied in terrain. As well, the transition between terrain types adjacent to each other has been refined.

The 4 completely revised terrain types are Green Crops, Yellow Crops, Rice Paddies and Early Winter Fields.

A map generator that allows maps to be auto created using 19 different variables has been added, and is accessible from the Map Editor as well as the Battle and Campaign Unit Purchase screens so that you can customize your maps before each battle to further enhance your gameplay. You can even Save the maps you design on the fly, or load previously saved map -- even from the View Map screen of the Purchase Units section!

Maps can now be created as small as 20x20 (1 kilometer square) and can be expanded in 10 hex increments (half kilometers) seperately in both the X and Y axis up to 200x160 hexes (10 kilometers by 8 kilometers).

A number of important changes have been made to the "View Map" screen of the Deploy menu for generated battles and PBEM (all changes detailed within the Game Guide)

  • Redraw the Map for the Current Opponents (use different battle location for these opponents and date)
  • Redraw Map for the Current Battle Location (use same battle location)
  • Change Map ID (specifically change battle location to another one by indicating batloc ID number)
  • Redraw V-Hexes without changing terrain
  • Change Game Length

MOBHack will now allow entering different Icon numbers for summer, winter and desert terrain and the game code has been revised so these will show up in the game at the appropriate times. A complete set of German and Russian Winter camo vehicles have been added to the game and a complete set of German and British Desert vehicle Icons have been created for the Western Desert. As well, German vehicles will for the most part, show up in Grey before the spring of 1943 during "summer" months .

In defend battles the Defender can not only place trenches, but remove them once placed in order to achieve a special effect. Laying & Removing trenches is used to simulate previous defensive engineering efforts to remove trees, bulldoze rough areas and otherwise improve Line-Of-Sight and strengthen the defenses because when a trench is removed the hex (in most cases) becomes Clear Terrain. Trenches can be laid and removed anywhere on the Defender's half of the map. Trenches laid in Water terrain will create a small island to put the trench on.. Trenches can also be placed on the attackers side of the map to simulate forward area anti-tank trenches or the previous front lines. Trenches cannot be removed once placed on the opponents side of the map because doing so gives the Defender too much control over the terrain and tilts the play balance in favour of the defender.

Victory Hex Point allotments can now be reduced down to 5 points and up to 250 points in 5 point increments. Victory Hexes worth less than 50 points will be ignored by the AI, and can be used by scenario designers to develop special battlefield situations and tweak AI and Player movement.

Automatic weapon and autocannon ratings have been revised and refined based on new formulas that have been extensively researched in order to bring more realism to combat tactics, strategies and results. As well, ammunition loadouts of autocannons have been researched and an appropriate number of "shots" have been assigned instead of the generic loadouts of previous versions (which was actually much too generous). Each in-game "shot" is the equivalent of short bursts. The new loadouts and weapon ratings illustrate how quickly autocannons eat up ammunition and also how deadly they are. Many auto-cannon armed vehicles do not carry much ammunition, and have high rates of fire, so they have to choose their shots carefully. The importance of the secondary weapons of these vehicles in the antipersonnel role is now much more apparent because of the ammunition limitations of the auto-cannon.

Autocannons with the proper traverse and elevation ranges can now engage slow, low-flying aircraft just like in SPMBT.

Tank ammunition loadouts fine-tuned according to new data uncovered.

Grenades, rifle-grenades, infantry bombs, anti-tank grenades, infantry anti-tank mines and other anti-tank explosive devices have been extensively researched and have replaced the generic representations in most instances. Where the generic representations still exist (because of lack of credible information) they have been revised in relation to all the new information uncovered on these weapons.

Vehicle Dust Trails have been revised to begin appearing in desert terrain and summer months at higher Visibility settings than previously.

Armament loadouts of planes have been revised and varied loadouts created for use in different mission types. A huge effort was made to review the weapons loads on fixed wing aircraft (many thanks to Jakub Jaraczewski). Many different air-to-ground rockets were identified and established as weapons in the game. These were matched to aircraft of the appropriate nationality and period. As an example, a player will encounter Typhoons in 1944 that fire 60-Pounder Rocket Projectiles and P-38 Lightnings loaded with M-8 4.5-inch rockets. A parallel effort was made to identify the characteristics of the aircraft cannon and their ammunition loads. Thus, players with an eye to detail will appreciate the use of "20mm Hispano" instead of the old generic "20mm-cannon." This detailed approach highlights the different capabilities of same caliber weapons from different countries, such as the 20mm Hispano used by Great Britain and the 20mm Mk.2 used by the USA. Even the differences between two same caliber cannons used by the same country, Nazi Germany's 20mm MG-151 and 20mm MG-FF, are evident.

New armor values and penetration ratings for weapons. Many armor ratings were reviewed, as were the capabilities of key anti-armor weapons in the games. This resulted in a few subtle changes that enhance the dynamics of tank combat in the game.

Changes to Range Finder ratings. After extensive research some range finder ratings have been increased to better reflect the capabilities of the actual sights and range finders. This is another subtle change for SPWW2 that enhances the combat dynamic.

Standardization of cannon rates of fire. To a large degree, the rates of fire of tank guns, anti-tank guns, and artillery pieces have been standardized. This corrects the problem of like weapons having different ROFs from OOB to OOB.

A "Player's Info" text file included in the Data/Design folder to help modders build new OOBs using the same basic rules that we do, and also to give an insight on how the game works.

Amphibian movement in rice paddies was revised.

The Boats Get Stuck Under Bridges Bug has finally been eradicated. Now boats can ply the waters under bridges, but their icons will appear on top of the bridge solely for ease of locating. If the boat icons are allowed to go under the bridges, they can become hidden from view very easily and the Player might lose track of his units. So we have made the icon appear above the bridge -- but it is simply a matter of visuals, and the boat does not add movement costs for traversing the bridge or otherwise exhibit any adverse effects in the game. For all game purposes the boat is under the bridge and in the water.

The code controlling troops dismounting from APCs and other vehicles was tweaked to allow more realistic engagement by opponent forces that are in LOS of the dismount.

Frequency of fords in streams was revised.

Road code finetuned. There are far fewer directly North/South and East/West Roads now

Many small code tweaks to finetune the frequency of various results.


Many thanks to Scrapnel Games for sponsoring SPWW2v7 and SPMBTv3!



What was New in the Version 6.0 SUPPLEMENT

Completely new set of OOB's with numerous changes and additions

A new Cost calculator with the following corrections:

  • - changes to ERA costs ( applicable to SPMBT only )
  • - changes to flame weapons costings (long range flame weapons increased)
  • - EW cost changes (+)  ( applicable to SPMBT only )
  • - off map and on map HE shell costs were reversed - fixed
  • - sabot ammo was using the AP range, not sabot range- fixed
  • - off map planes with missiles were using off map HE costs which were too high- fixed

11 revised and 24 new scenarios

27 new or revised Icons ( 12 revised SHP files )

17 new text files

Revised MOBHack help file

9 new PIC's

Many tweaks and adjustments to the code including:

  • -helicopters could not unload on a bridge on lake hexes - fixed
  • -other units on a bridge on a lake hex could not unload passengers - fixed
  • -mine points rolling over to a very high number for dragon teeth buy when 0 fortification buy points- fixed
  • -reinforcement mortars off map fired if under AI control - fixed
  • -bomber aircraft were not dropping the last cluster bomb - fixed
  • -on-map howitzers  with HEAT ammo when  firing indirect used HEAT if they hit an armoured target - fixed
  • -some small maps caused a crash - was due to the random trees placement code not being changed to allow for map X and Y changes -fixed
  • -mortar ROF was decided to be too high - reduced. Mortar ROF is ROF+1 if warhead>4
  • -indirect artillery was using the direct fire graphic when attacking armoured targets, causing the incorrect graphic and or a shot to appear from -1,-1 to target - fixed.
  • -Artillery indirect fire circle size tightened up slightly
  • - helos were not taking damage correctly, now fixed.
  • -Ammo units - boosted load of weapons with warhead size <4
  • -road bridges over lake hexes were reporting as rail bridges if any rail bridge present on map - fixed
  • -In user campaigns, if the map size was > 100 in width, the non fixed troops were deployed on column 98 still. Fixed.
  • -Infantry speeds in MPH sometimes went down on 3rd hex moved - fixed.
  • -Vehicles which were reported correctly as dug-in on the deploy turn or in scenario editor were losing dug in status in turn 1 onwards.-Fixed.
  • -Infantry were not being charged for soft sand - now +1 MP is charged for moving in a hex with soft sand.

What was New in Version 6.0

Numerous teaks and adjustments to the code, AI picklists and OOB's have been made to fine tune gameplay

New MOBHack Database checking utilities and OOB Price Calculator

ALL units have been re-priced with the new calculator (which can be found in the "Cost Calculator" folder )

30 New Scenarios and two new campaigns ( Langemarck at Narva and Stug Brigade 276 ) . Included with the new scenarios is a Beginners tutorial in the first slot.

Over 375 New Icons

New MOBHack Database checking utilities and OOB Price Calculator

Max Points now 20,000 ( was 12,000 )

A bug has been fixed where if a formation had non aircraft in slot 1, planes could be added in subsequent sections and this would then fool the air selection code and allow either unlimited planes or to add such formations to cores.

The surrender option has been removed in PBEM games as this proved to be a cheat in PBEM..

Mines were not able to be laid on the RHS of larger maps - now fixed as well, mines are now deployable in the UC if bought.

AI Picklists for all nations have been completely checked ( 14,991 lines of code !! ) and corrected and enhanced where necessary. All Nations should now field a correct mix of troops in all battle types


Version 5.6 New Features

The game now allows 135 map sizes. Maps can now go from a minimum of 20 hexes wide and 40 hexes high to up 160 hexes wide and 200 hexes high. All maps are fully playable in generated, campaign, PBEM or scenario based games. AI deployment routines for units and victory hexes have been re-written to accommodate every map size. Campaign players now have the added bonus of pre-selecting map size before every game to allow them to tailor map sizes to fit their campaign core size.

Area fire can now be targeted through smoke filled hexes. No longer will smoke act as a barrier to fire however, accuracy and effectiveness is far less than aimed fire against a clear hex but this new system works quite well for harassing advancing enemy infantry.

Using direct HE fire, all units in the target hex now receive splash damage while in direct fire by HE weapons. This includes the original target if missed, but the shell still lands in the target unit's hex. (The original code ignored the original target if a miss was scored). This slightly increses HE effect in direct fire.

The retreat code has been altered to give more realistic retreat paths in most situations

Points changes made in the editor will now "stick"

A new "Infantry colour" has been added to the game. It is used for China, Czechoslovakia, Belgium and "Red".

All OOB's extensively upgraded. Our Player Community was the origin of many OOB tweaks. While we may not respond to every issue raised on the message boards, we do read and research every bit of information and opinion that the games generate.

A new pricing formula has been used for all units.

New ammo loadouts for all non-vehicular mortars, howitzers and naval guns have been implemented to smooth out inconsistencies between OOBs that resulted in unfair advantages/disadvantages for some countries.

Many minor tweaks and adjustments to the code.

We have only included four more scenarios with this patch but many additional scenarios for SPWW2 can be found at The Wargamer Scenario archive. You can find them in the "Steel Panthers: World War II ( SPWW2)" section.

NB - for any of you developing your own game icons, SPWW2v5.6 now uses a new game palette which differs slightly from the standard Steel Panthers palette. Anyone using Fred Chlandas SHPEdit program to work on their own game Icons will need to load the file SPCAMO-SHPEdit-Steel.pal instead of Fred's Steel.Pal to properly convert the colours now used in SPWW2 and SPMBT. This file is located in the Game Notes folder.


Version 5.0 New Features

Screen Shots

The order Of Battle Files have been given a complete overhaul - see the individual nationality's entry in the Historical Design Notes section for details as there is too much to list here.

The AP penetration and accuracy formulas have all been revised and updated in V5. These are based on real life gun performance studies, penetration graphs and tables. We feel these new formulas accurately reflect the capabilities of WW2 era guns and ammunition. SP2 and SPWW2 have always calculated the angle of the firing unit to the target and the targets orientation to the firer so as to effectively increase the defensive armour value by the horizontal impact angle. That, coupled with these new formulas, gives highly accurate tank vs. tank combat results.

A new pricing formula for Armour that gives each tank a value based on overall capability is included. This formula uses data for gun penetration, accuracy, tank speed, vision, range finder, fire control systems and armour that gives a much more fair pricing structure than was the case in the past. The system works by taking the data from the OOBs and inputting those values into a program which writes the new values to the OOB's . Each component of a tank is assessed, and then the resulting points are all added together to give a final point value. The formula does not give any cheats. It is strictly linear. No rarity bonuses are involved.

A new pricing formula for infantry units that assigns points based on weapons carried.

A new pricing formula for artillery and guns that assigns costs based on Warhead size, range, HE kill and number of shells.

Revised HE values for tanks, mortars, artillery. These values are based on a number of different studies of High explosive shells and their effects on men and machines.

Trenches can now be purchased and placed in defend battles in the same manner as mines and Dragons teeth. You now purchase points for "Mines/DT/Trenches". Points are used for every section of trench you place on the map. Those points can be used for any combination of Mines, Dragons teeth or trenches.

LOS visibility through trees has been revised and now will occasionally allow LOS through two treed hexes.

The " sticking" code has been revised to give more realistic results for vehicles in mud and streams. Vehicles attempting to enter buildings will cost many more MP's than previous versions. This greatly increases the chance if immobilisation in mud and streams. Players that find this a bit too "realistic" are advised to play with Breakdowns OFF in the preferences.

"Fords" have been added to generated streams. This is a place that vehicles can cross a stream with a much reduced chance of immobilisation. These can be found by hovering the cursor over a stream hex. If it is a fording place, it will indicate that at the top of the screen

Many of the picklists have been revised which gives the AI side much more varied and less predictable picks.

The surrender code has been revised to allow more surrendering than was common in previous versions.

The Campaign core force is now expandable during the long campaign. You can use your repair points to add new recruits and expand your core.

"Auxiliary" troops are now available to scenario designers for user campaign battles. Auxiliaries are a fixed increment of troops made available to the player by the scenario designer and come in 2 types, "free" which are treated exactly like your own troops which you can position as desired in your deployment area, and "fixed" - these are for the scenario designer to place as required for the scenario, and the user cannot change their initial locations, though they may be placed outside your deployment zone.

Smoke dischargers may now be toggled on and off like ordinary weapons, to allow the user to stop his troops firing these in reaction to enemy incoming fires, if desired.

The AI tank heavy preference switch has been changed to buy even more tanks for those who want to play with non-historical armour force levels. The effects of the tank heavy AI preference are more noticeable above 3000 purchase points. However, for traditionally tank 'light' armies such as the Japanese, do NOT expect to see the AI purchase vast fleets of AFV's.

Those weapons using the '222' HEAT code (mainly infantry AT weapons) will now correctly report 'HEAT'' ammo, not AP, and use the HEAT code properly for penetration etc.

The old SP bug where radar controlled AAA (an AA gun or SPAA with FC of 100+) could target ground targets through smoke and darkness as if they had Thermal Imaging sights is now cured. Radar AAA will only count these bonuses vs. flying targets.

Air parity can now occur, the old SP premise that if you were offered aircraft, then the opponent has no air strikes, is gone. In rare circumstances he may have air strikes available as well, possibly more than you are allocated. Players will therefore have to consider flak purchases even if they have been granted air strikes.

Units in trenches and pillboxes get extra morale bonuses. Pillboxes give higher bonuses than trenches but units in both types of fortification will now be MUCH less likely to retreat from them than was the case in the past. Even units that have reached "rout" status are much more likely to stay in their trench or bunker rather than retreat out of the safety these fortifications provide. Units in trenches and foxholes are much more likely to endure artillery bombardment than those units not dug in.

The artillery routine has been completely revised in Version 5.0. Your artillery fire will now arrive at the end of your OPPONENTS turn rather than at the end of your turn. This means predicting where the enemy will be when the shells arrive is a much more challenging procedure than has been the case in the past. You will no longer be able to simply shift fire a hex or two and have your artillery land right after you press the end turn button. This is a MUCH fairer system for both sides and better reflects "reality" where orders from the front lines had to be passed on to the gun troop commander who then passed the correction onto the gun crews who then adjusted their fire to new co-ordinates. This was not something done in a minute or two and this new system reflects that. The change takes a game or two to get used to but once you have played this way you will agree it is a better system than what was in place in the past. As well, guns that have high turn delay ( such as .05 ) will deliver fewer shells on target than if the delay was .00

The ROF for rocket units has been revised so that whatever ROF number is put into the OOB's is the number of rockets that will launch in one turn. This eliminates the problem where small rocket launchers ( such as a Nebelwerfer 42 with only 5 "tubes" ) may have fired too many rockets in one turn or rocket launchers capable of mass launching ( such as the Canadian Land mattress with 32 rails ) were penalised with too few rockets launched. We have also expanded the types of rockets that were available in the OOB's so you will find the static German Wurfgerat and the early Soviet heavy rockets fired from static frames in the OOB's now. All rocket units are provided with two "firings" worth of rockets

Artillery has the greatest effect on troops that have been or are, moving. Stationary troops or those in cover will suffer less and those in dugouts or trenches even less. Moving across open ground through an artillery "beaten zone" is NOT healthy for your troops but troops in dugouts or trenches will endure the exact same barrage with little effect. Assaulting a trench now means you must have artillery falling almost in front of your own troops as they go in. Your artillery observers, in good LOS, are even more important than before as they are best at keeping your guns "on target". Units in trenches may not retreat as quickly as if they were in the open but they still acquire suppression ( they just recover much quicker ) This is why your infantry MUST attack the trenches soon after the barrage lifts otherwise the enemy is give the chance to rally and recover which negates all the benefit of your bombardment. This is what the British mean when they say they are "leaning into" the barrage. If you have armoured infantry or "tankriders" so much the better as these units can stay back further from the actual barrage then move in quickly with their mechanised infantry and take the trench while the enemy is still dazed from the bombardment

Smaller maps will now tend to used for tiny points campaign cores - previously the minimum size was 500, but some users want to play campaigns with very small initial core values.

New Railway Terrain tiles have been added for scenario designers. This includes "regular" railway (American = "Railroad") track as well as tram lines (American = "streetcar track") for cities

Some maps, such as those for the generated "Stalingrad" and "Caen" battles, will now have pre-existing damage and cratering.

We only had one significant bug in version 4, the Spanish LC bug and it is fixed in this release (as it was in 4.x on the Computer Games Magazine CD but not all users got the CD on the magazine).

Over 200 new unit Icons added.

Over 1100 new photos added.

Over 1000 text files are now in the game to provide unit and formation information.

31 new scenarios and one new campaign ( more on the way ! ). This means Version 5 will contain a total of 105 scenarios and four User Campaigns


Sample screen shots from SPWW2

A screen shot from a PBEM game between two of our playtesters

In a skirmish near Caen, a Sherman Firefly takes on a Tiger

Some late war German kit is provided for 'what if' games - note the Maus and helicopter

Since we now have 15 terrain levels as opposed to the old SP series game limit of 3 - mountainous terrain (Cassino here) looks a lot better!



Key Game Features:

Full World War two campaigns for Great Britain, India, Germany, USMC, US Army, Italy, Japan, Poland, Canada, ANZAC, and the USSR, both Pacific and European Fronts are available. The WW2 LC has some scripted areas which may appear (e.g. Meuse river crossing for Germans in France 1940). The Polish WW2 long Campaign provides more battles in 1939 (clock advances slowly) for this key time frame. Amphibious assaults may occur for many players e.g. Anzac at Brunei Bay, USMC at many locations, Canadians at Sword Beach, US Army at Omaha beach etc. City battles happen at some locations, e.g. Stalingrad, Caen, Mandalay.

Campaign Difficulty modifier - from very easy to very hard, allows user to set difficulty as desired in both the WW2 Long Campaign and the Generated Campaign. (Not the user campaign, as this is already set by the designer).

SPWW2 allows you to choose from nine map sizes to a maximum of 100x200 hexes. This change allows you to play a game on a simulated battlefield of up to 50 square Kilometres! - map sizes: 40x100, 60x100, 80x100, 100x100, 120x100, 140x100, 160x100, 180x100, 200x100.

Play with armies of Great Britain, India, US Army, USMC, Poland, Japan, France, USSR, China, Anzac, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, Republican Spain, Nationalist Spain, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, or Romania. Additionally - four 'blank' armies (Green, Yellow, Blue and Red) are provided for users to design their own forces.

SPWW2 now gives you up to fifteen levels of terrain to work with. All other Steel Panthers based games allow only three elevations above ground level.

SPWW2 now allows each player to command up to 500 units. The maximum number of formations per side has been increased to 200.

SPWW2 has removed many of the previous terrain editing restrictions in the original SP games. Now, every terrain feature except swamp and pavement can be edited into any level on a map. Cultivated fields and multi-hex buildings can be placed on any level. This new feature is not simply restricted to hand made maps and scenarios.

We have added an additional 20 terrain tile SHP file SETS added to the game so as to allow old features such as crops to be edited onto higher elevations. We have added numerous new functional terrain features such as Snowdrifts, Light snow, Rice paddies, Mud, Orchards, Impassable Terrain, Volcanic Sand, Hedgerows, and Trenches. Snowdrifts, volcanic sand, mud, soft sand, rice paddies, hedgerows and crossing of trenches are liable to cause vehicles to stick, mud being the worst, soft sand and snow drifts less so.

Terrain descriptive text can now be added on scenario maps. Objective Hex values are listed on map.

Computer generated maps will now use 24 variables when creating a map. Previous SP map generation routines used only 10 variables and only 6 of those actually caused changes to the maps. As a result, you will be presented with MUCH more interesting computer generated maps than ever before.

AI map deployment has been completely overhauled and the computer set up has been made much more challenging than in the previous versions of the game.

SPWW2 now has over 239 unique battle locations built into it. With the increased number of map variables the code uses you will now see computer generated maps that could only have been hand made before. ( And with the added elevations and new terrain tiles, maps which could never have been made before ) For example; Hedgerows are auto generated in Normandy maps, Raised dike roads in Holland, Pacific maps will have rice paddies and raised rice paddy bunds. Streams create valleys across the map now rather than run up and down hillsides. Cultivated fields may be bordered by trees and the fields themselves are much more realistically generated than in the past. You will find maps that contain rolling hills covered in high grass or deep ravines that cut across flat plateaux. Desert maps may have wadis to traverse. The Monte Cassino area of Italy is decidedly not tank friendly country.

There are now 192 unit classes in SPWW2. Many of these have special characteristics such as ski troops which move faster than regular infantry in snow terrain, or Ghurkas with better melee ability

We have added new code modifiers to the Orders of Battle which allow us to create formations with increased or decreased battle experience and morale. This has allowed us to create Elite and sub standard formations which gives us much greater freedom to create more historically accurate formations for the game. More units and formations may be added to the Orders of Battle in the future, as will battalion command formations.

User Generated Campaigns: Linked and Branching. We have written new code which allows up to 999 scenarios to be linked together creating user generated campaigns. Unlike SP3, which was limited to a straight linear progression, SPWW2 has linked campaigns which can branch to different scenarios depending on what the end battle results are (there are 5 end conditions ranging from total defeat to stunning victory). The designer can determine final victory from the number of battle victory points, and optionally reward players who have unspent campaign repair points with extra victory points as a reward for prudent players. Designers can write their own descriptive introductory texts for each battle location and also separate end game messages for each of the possible exit conditions for each battle. Designers can write user campaigns where the points are fixed and unchangeable by the end user if desired. Scenarios designed for user campaigns can place the human player start line as desired. The game includes user campaigns for Stalingrad, Iwo Jima, and Norway 1940, others will be coming out later.

SPWW2 now has over 1050 individual unit Icons, including gunboats in e.g. the Hungarian Danube flotilla, Japanese patrol boats and armed Daihatsu barges.

DD and Snorkel Tanks - DD tanks and snorkel tanks show a different graphic when afloat, and cannot fire (both are effectively underwater!). Snorkel tanks less easy to spot, but find spotting very hard. DD tanks have spotting ability reduced. Snorkel tanks difficult targets when swimming. DD tanks can be sunk when swimming (the apron collapses).

Reinforcements have been added for scenario design and uses a system similar to that in Steel Panthers 3, but with a number of improvements. Reinforcements can easily be set up to appear on ANY hex on the map and the chance of arriving can be adjusted from 10% to 100%. Reinforcement units can carry passengers and off map support units (including aircraft) can be selected as reinforcements.

Allies are available, you can buy supporting troops from an allied nation, or if desired, buy those of an opponent and mark them as captured forces (they will then use your national flag, leader names and qualities).

Major changes have been made to the OOB code ( Orders Of Battle ). Previous versions of SP2, SP3 and SPWW2 allowed 249 units, 199 formations and 249 weapons. SPWW2 allows the creation of up to 599 units, 399 formations and 249 weapons in its lists for each country. The OOB designer can enter a descriptive string for each SPOB file - with for example, version and copyright information. This string appears on the encyclopaedia screen, allowing users to check which OB set they have installed. The game includes a copy of MOBHACK for use in creating custom OOBs. The OB designer can write descriptive text files for any formation - if present, a button is displayed on the formation purchase screen to aid the end user. Descriptive text can be added to each unit for display in the encyclopaedia.

A help file facility has been added for basic in game help (for example to point users to the game documentation or the list of new hotkeys we have added).

Vehicle Dust Trails - high speed, or high quantity of vehicle movement in a hex in certain weather conditions will lead to dust trails rising above moving vehicles. High visibility conditions in Desert, high visibility and high summer months in Green and Jungle may give rise to 'rooster trails' potential conditions.

Scenario games may now be played as a PBEM game between 2 humans.

End of game map review feature - roam the map, viewing your and your enemy's troops at the end of play.

PBEM end game - now, after the game ends, zip your files and send to your opponent, who will unlike before, be able to review the end game data, and as above, the map.

Gliders and transport planes are now off map units but start on map for loading. Only helicopters are available as user controlled on-map assets. All other aircraft are now a form of 'artillery'. Paradrops are now implemented - parachutes are deployed, and enemy fire at dropping chutes, parachutists (especially those not of a proper 'Para' unit class) will suffer landing casualties, especially when landed in bad terrain.

Additional scenarios for SPWW2 can be found at

The Wargamer actively seek submissions of Steel Panthers related materials.

Please send them as an email attachment to


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