The Montgomery County, Georgia
Sunday School Convention
Friday August 17th 1894

The SS convention of Montgomery Co met at Spring Hill on Friday the 17 day of Aug 1894.

The convention was called to order by the Pres, J M McGregor. Prayer by Bro H.C. Fentress. In the absence of the secretary M. McRae was elected secretary Pro tem.

Roll call of Schools-

Spring Hill- W.A. Wooten, J. A. Wooten, Mrs Thompson and W. W. Pittman.

Bruce S.S. - C D Browning and Clinton Browning

Long Pond S. S.- JM D McGregor and Miss Ida McBrice

Sharps School house S. S. - Frank Sharp

Report Of Officers

President McGregor reports that he has met all of his appointments for the year and done the best he could do for the S. S. cause.

Vice President J.C. Clements reports having visited the territory given to him and thinks there is good work being done in it.

Report of Schools

J. C. Clements reports the school at Spring Hillis in ordinary condition. Spiritually not as good as it ought to be.

Bruce S.S. C. D. Browning reports his school in good condition well attended and good lessons are trying to impress them on the school.

Long Pond S. S.- Mr M. McGregor reports a good school well attended.

Sharps S.S. By F. Sharp says his school is doing well about an average.

Sardis S. S. By C. Clements, I am not a member of the school though they have a good one and are doing well.

Election Of Officers

President´┐Ż James Council

Vice President - Eliga McRae, J M Miller, J W Morrison, JMD McGregor

Secretary- M McRae

Treas- M D Hughes

Martial- James McColough

Corister- GMC Burkhalter

Executive Committee- H B McNatt, J Clayton Clements, CD Browning, John E Grady.

Long Pond was elected for the next Quarterly meeting of the convention.


Afternoon Session-

Suggestions for the good of the order by J. C. Clements and afterwards carried by vote. That the schools where the convention meets at for each quarter of this year shall have several speeches and essays prepared and delivered in connection with music at intervals during the business part of the convention.

It was moved by M McRae and carried by vote of the convention that the convention hold their quarterly and annual meetings two days each for this year to meet on the second Sunday and Saturday before in August- November- February and March and also to require the secretary in each school in the convention to notify the secretary of the school where the convention meets at at least one week before the meeting of the number of delegates expected to attend so homes can be provided.

Brother Mather was elected Orator of the day for Long Pond on November 10 and 11 1894.

J. M. D. McGregor


M. McRae


Submitter: Bo Mosley

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