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Testing Services

SakAssure: Professional testing services, including automated testing

Our Verification & Validation services include test strategy definition, test plan creation, test case writing, test execution and certification that requirements have been met. Our testing services cover a large variety of test objectives and requirements such as:

  • System / Functional Integration Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Manual or Automated Regression Testing
  • Operational Acceptance Testing
  • Failover and Cluster Testing
  • Performance (Stress/Load/Response) Testing


Saksoft follows the PLP (Process-Link-Probe) methodology to analyze and devise effective training plans. The PLP methodology is business-process based, and allows us to prudently combine domain knowledge and technical skill to reduce testing time, and to optimize the returns from testing effort.

We have a high degree of skill in using Mercury, Silk and the Rational suite of automated testing tools such as WinRunner and LoadRunner. Test results are recorded and reported using either TestDirector or our own Defect Tracking system or our clients’ reporting and tracking system.

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