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8.09.2004   The Welcome Wagon

It's great that the REAL Quixtar Blog is already generating some interest!  Thanks all for visiting the new site and sending me your comments.  I'll try to respond to some of your questions in this post. 

Yes, Kia is fictional, representing some 900 employees here at Quixtar.  And yes, of course, there's one person doing most of the actual writing, sometimes with the help of a few friends.  Quixtar knows about the RealQuixtarBlog since it owns the site, which is viewed as a creative way to share what's going on here at the company. Blogging has become a very popular format for communicating stuff on a frequent basis.  

As Kia, I did do the freebie blog thing at BlogHarbor.com for a month before doing this more permanent version.  It was experimental because I'd never blogged before.  Another employee here at Quixtar told me about BlogHarbor after she'd seen a few IBOs using that service, so I checked it out. 

BlogHarbor.com should be pleased that its services were being promoted so successfully via word-of-mouth.  Buzz marketing at its best! Kinda like the Quixtar business.  Sure demonstrates the power of personal references in purchasing decisions, huh?  Oh yeah, and because it was free, it was low-risk.  At the end of the month, I could leave without having lost anything except a little time and effort.  Hmmmm. . . I hear a pattern developing.

Anyway, I did the BlogHarbor version of the REAL Quixtar Blog on my own, but the company's got my back with this version.  All in all, Kia's just a guy who's going to blog about what's going on here at the big Q.  Thanks all for your notes of encouragement and interest!  -- Kia

8.06.2004   Great Letter from IBO

This letter came to Quixtar's Managing Director, Ken McDonald, last month.  He shared excerpts of it with employees through the company's electronic newsletter, iQ.  I thought I'd share it here and comment.  First, here's the letter.

"I am an IBO powered by Quixtar…I just wanted to write to you, my fellow business partners and support team there at Quixtar, to let you know how much you are all deeply appreciated…I have only been involved in the business for a little over two years, but my wife and I have just recently made the decision to make this business a priority, and to eventually make it our life. Having been involved in the business…we have grown so much personally and in our own business powered by Quixtar.

"I work at a company that is franchised in the staffing industry, and I deal with hundreds of people each day whom I support because they help drive the profits that pay me in my corporate career. Being at the international headquarters around my fellow employees everyday, sometimes I forget and take for granted my franchisees who are out beating the street in the battle for their own financial freedom. If they did not want to have an opportunity for their freedom, I would not have a job.

"When 5 p.m. hits, I go from being a W2-income earner, a mild-mannered graphic designer who quietly sits in his cube answering phone calls, to a dreamer who is transformed into a foot soldier who, powered by Quixtar, has his own private franchise, and is bent on reaching his goals!
But we IBOs could not do it without you! I sit on both sides of the equation, being in my own business and being an employee at a company that supports its business owners. I am so passionate to share that all of you at Quixtar…are so special in the things you do. Your commitment to excellence is so important. We need your support. Being an IBO is a great opportunity, but it is not easy. Every ounce of support is crucial…

"I also..pay attention to credible resources that help us in our day-to-day presentations…I love the recent additions such as http://www.quixtarfacts.com, http://www.accessbusinessgroup.comhttp://www.alticor.com, and the BBB seal of approval!!! That is HUGE credibility for us!! It separates us from all the others! The Quixtar facts site is awesome. I strongly hope you leave that up forever, it helps us handle questions and the fears of people who see or hear media garbage. Every bullet in our belts helps.

"Oh, and by the way, our products are awesome!!!!!!!! People love them! Keep up the quality and the work…Tell everyone at the corporation GREAT JOB!! They make us look like a million bucks! Thanks for all you do, Ken. You and the team there are awesome! I applaud you. Share this with every employee and let them know that there are people like my wife and I who appreciate what you do.  I will continue to share the dream and light the torch for many others that share my enthusiasm…Again you all there at headquarters are awesome!!!"

What a great letter, huh?  I remember Rich DeVos talking about how recognition is so important for IBOs when they're building their businesses.  I guess it's just as important for all of us here at the company to be recognized for OUR efforts.  For instance, I know people in my work area are working their butts off on a major initiative.  I don't think I can talk about it yet.   I think I'll ask around to see if they've already talked about it in public, because I haven't seen anything in the papers about it.  Anyway, working a lot of OT and stressing out over stuff is a lot more bearable when you know it's making a difference in peoples' lives. - Kia

8.05.2004   New Blog Site

OK, here’s the long-promised REAL Quixtar Blog.  It’s a work in progress, so go easy on me.  Some of you who might read this might not like the fact that there’s no way for you to instantly post your comments here.  That’s only because I’ve been told that I might be opening this site up to a lot of crap and, like Kerry said to Bush last week, “Let’s keep this positive!”  I WILL post letters I get via the email function, though, and respond to them as well.  So long as it’s something I know (and I know a lot!) or have an opinion on (I have a lot of those too).

So, here’s my first opinion.  Despite what some others might say about their sites, this is the REAL Quixtar blog because it’s the one that gives you an “inside-the-company” look at what makes this company tick.  You’re right, it’s not a Quixtar Sucks site.  It’s not very hateful. (Although I’m really not fond of shredded coconut or red cabbage.  I have, however, come a long way with green and black olives.)

So, if you can manage to engage in a productive dialog, I’m all ears! – Kia