..... Pitreavie from the south west.

..... Entrance.

..... West wing.

..... West wing - interior.

..... Plan.

Pitreavie Castle, Fife

An altered U-plan house of the early 17th c, with many gunloops, and a vaulted basement.

Pitreavie was built by the Wardlaws of Balmule, who had acquired the lands in 1608. It passed to the Primrose family in 1703, then the Blackwoods in 1711, who carried out some alterations. It was abandoned by the mid 19thc , but was bought, restored and renovated by the Beveridge family in 1885.

During a period when the estate was utilized as a Royal Navy and Airforce base, the castle acted as a mess hall until the base closed in the 1990's.

Following the nearby Battle of Pitreavie/Inverkeithing in 1651, a party of highlanders (Macleans) sought refuge in the house, but were repelled by the resident Wardlaws. The Macleans cursed the family, and the laird died 18 months later. The family held the property for only another 50 years.