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BIG NEWS: Two Muslims were arrested in an Albany, NY mosque after they attempted to purchase shoulder-launched missiles... the men have indirect ties to al-Qa'eda  and one was listed in FBI papers as some sort of Iranian commander (ARTICLE)...

Associated Press:
Missouri officially bans same-sex marriages in Constitution (ARTICLE from MyWay)
Amendment 2, which defines a marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman, was passed by referendum in Missouri by a 70-30 margin. Nine more states plan on voting on similar referenda by the end of the year, and four states already had similar constitutional amendments and clauses in place.
HOWEVER: In Seattle, KIRO-TV reports that the state of Washington may be the second state to attempt to use the courts to overturn a man-woman marriage law... the ruling, which states "the denial of the plaintiffs to marry constitutes a denial of substantive due process..." (ARTICLE)

Ted Turner
, Turner Enterprises chairman, has blasted corporate media and the FCC for the creation of an oligopoly system (READ HIS ARTICLE)... bravo, Ted. For the Mouth of the South, you are starting to make some sense!

First game of NFL [pre]season is tonight with the Hall of Fame Game pitting Denver against Washington as Joe Gibbs marks his return to football... game will be carried LIVE from Fawcett Stadium in Canton, OH at 8:00pm on ABC. Coverage from NFL.com...

Daily Gasoline Markup Report -- Friday Evening 8-6-04
Data provided by AAA Fuel Gauge Report, NewYorkStateGasPrices.com, BuffaloGasPrices.com, and Bloomberg Energy
Wholesale (NYMEX): $1.235
National Avg: $1.892 (Markup: 65¾¢ [53¼%])
New York Weighted Avg: $2.036 (Markup: 80.1¢ [64.9%])
Buffalo Region Avg: $1.95 (Markup: 71.5¢ [57.9%])

Note: Due to rounding, numbers may not add up.
*New York average is weighted-- metro areas count only half because GasBuddy operates separate sites for metro areas while the Fuel Gauge Report is an overall average.

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