The Changes

Skonnos is proud to present
an in-depth feature on this forgotten BBC gem,
comprising interviews with the star and various
members of the production team, as well as
a review, and full Radio Times episode details.

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c o n t e n t s:

Interview - Anna Home (Producer)

Interview - Peter Dickinson (Writer)

Interview - Paddy Kingsland (Composer)

Interview - Paul Munting (Designer)

Interview - Christopher Bedloe (Production Assistant)

Interview - Jackie Fitz-Maurice (Make-Up)

Interview - Pat Godfrey (Costume)

Interview - Ray Wright (Clearwell Caves Owner)

Interview - Victoria Williams ('Nicky Gore')

Interview - Mark Zuber ('Kewal')



Behind the Scenes - Design Photographs

Radio Times episode details


Issue Twenty-Two Contents

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