Montgomery County, Georgia
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 Montgomery County, Georgia, Newspaper Clippings
Volume 1, 1886 - 1905
Page 192
Thursday October 24, 1895


    Mr. James I. Fountain, the 80 odd year old gentleman who attempted to marry Mrs. Mary F. Brown a couple of weeks or so ago, has again distinguished himself in a very unique fashion.
    After his children succeeded in getting his license away from him, he seemed for a while to be at the end of his line. Bur "where there is a will there is a way," and "necessity is the mother of invention," and after reflecting upon the matter and taking advice of counsel, he took the candidate for his brideship and left town, after having unsuccessfully tried every one in the place who was authorized to perform the marriage service. Crossing the river in the direction of Glenwood, they called at the house of Mr. Couie, and took dinner. After dinner, there being a number of witnesses present, the old gentleman proceeded very formally to perform the marriage ceremony for himself, after which the happy couple returned to town and announced to their astonished children and friends that they were man and wife.

Submitter: Earl Chambers