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What is Shareware?

Before the heady exciting days of Windows '95/'98 there was the wonderful world of MS-DOS, a happy simple time full of innovation and good ideas. For anyone wishing to return to those early days, this page contains six of the best MS-DOS programs Bozz Software has to offer. All of them will run on a very low spec PC and under MS-DOS mode within Windows '95. To download the shareware version of any of them, simply click on the relevant download option.


An original and innovative puzzle game, Squarez is simple to use yet surprisingly addictive. The aim of the game is to clear all the coloured squares on the board before your time runs out and without missing any. Don't be fooled, it's not as easy as it looks. A variable time limit makes it suitable for both the quick-witted, and those who like to sit and ponder. The program also contains a random function which ensures a different game order every time you play. A must for puzzle fans!



Sounds The Same

A fast and furious word game. Have you ever wondered how good you'd be on a quick fire TV quiz show? You know the kind, where the questions seem desperately easy, but the pressure of a time limit kills the brain. You have? Then this could be the program for you. All that's missing is the studio lights and a witty quiz master. As well as giving you twenty game boards to have a go at, there's an option to create your own. A chance to test your friends and see how they compare on the score board. The registered version comes with a massive 200 extra game boards.

Sounds The Same



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it... ...a thingie?? This novelty puzzle program is just a little bit of fun to fill a gap in the day. It's a bit like the TV show "Catch Phrase", except there are no cash prizes! When run the screen clears and you're presented with a simple image which is not what it appears to be. All you have to do is guess what it is! When you've made your guess, press a key and the answer is revealed. That's all there is to it. You can have a go now. Look at the pictures below, guess what they are, then hold your mouse cursor over them to reveal the answer.

Thingies (Tree House)Thingies (E-Mail)Thingies (Suitcase)



An educational program for children aged 3 to 8 years. The aim of Bozzball is to teach children the basics with an emphasis on learning rather than games playing. Subjects covered include the alphabet, spelling, adding, counting, colours and shapes. For each subject there are three gradually more difficult levels to gently introduce your child to the subject and then test them on what they have learnt. Packed with bright and entertaining graphics, Bozzball is a valuable learning tool. Full instructions and tips on using it are included and if you register you'll get a 16 page manual.




A Few Choice Words

This was the long awaited sequel to "Quote For The Day". It's full to brimming with anonymous quotes, quips, and phrases on every subject from aeroplanes to alcohol, babies to bibles, cars to cooking, dogs to divorce, etc.. Improvements on it's predecessor include quotes changing automatically and easier control options. It can be set up to greet you when you boot up your PC.

A Few Choice WordsA Few Choice WordsA Few Choice Words

Download WORDS.ZIP

Quote For The Day

The original. A novelty program. When run, you are presented with a quote from someone famous on an attractive background. Quotes range from nonsensical and utterly useless, to providing a serious outlook on life. It can be set up to greet you when you boot up your PC.

Quote For The DayQuote For The Day

Download QUOTE.ZIP