Cone Hat for all Sizes
Design2003 by Catherine Lindsay
This hat starts at the top,not at the band,like some stocking caps. Example in RedHeart Circus.
You'll Need:Depending on size(man takes 3.5oz),worsted yarn,"I" hook.

This hat is very stretchy.
12" Preemie:Rnd 1-12.Then Rnd 24-29.
14" Baby:Rnd 1-15.Then Rnd 24-29.
16" Toddler:Rnd 1-17.Then Rnd 24-29.
18" Child:Rnd 1-19.Then Rnd 24-29.
20" Woman:Rnd 1-21.Then Rnd 24-29.
22" Man:Rnd 1-29.

Gauge:5 dc=1 1/2"
Inc=2 dc in next st  
Bpdc & Fpdc
Note:Work stitches between ( ) to the end of round.

To Make:
Rnd 1:Ch 4,join with sl st to 1st ch to form ring.Ch 3(cts as dc),5 dc in ring.Join with sl st to 1st dc(6 dc).
Rnd 2:Ch 3,Inc.(Dc in next st,Inc)around.Join(9 dc).
Rnd 3:Ch 3,dc in next st,Inc.(Dc in next 2 dc,Inc)around.Join.(12 dc).
Rnd 4:Ch 3,dc in next 2 st,Inc.(Dc in next 3 st,Inc)around.Join(15 dc).
Rnd 5:Ch 3,dc in next 3 st,Inc.(Dc in next 4 st,Inc)around.Join(18 dc).
Rnd 6:Ch 3,dc in next 4 st,Inc.(Dc in next 5 st,Inc)around.Join(21 dc).
Rnd 7:Ch 3,dc in next 5 st,Inc.(Dc in next 6 st,Inc)around.Join(24 dc).
Rnd 8:Ch 3,dc in next 6 st,Inc.(Dc in next 7 st,Inc)around.Join(27 dc).
Rnd 9:Ch 3,dc in next 7 st,Inc.(Dc in next 8 st,Inc)around.Join(30 dc).
Rnd 10:Ch 3,dc in next 8 st,Inc.(Dc in next 9 st,Inc)around.Join(33 dc).
Rnd 11:Ch 3,dc in next 9 st,Inc.(Dc in next 10 st,Inc)around.Join(36 dc).
Rnd 12:Ch 3,dc in next 10 st,Inc.(Dc in next 11 st,Inc)around.Join(39 dc).
Rnd 13:Ch 3,dc in next 11 st,Inc.(Dc in next 12 st,Inc)around.Join(42 dc).
Rnd 14:Ch 3,dc in next 12 st,Inc.(Dc in next 13 st,Inc)around.Join(45 dc).
Rnd 15:Ch 3,dc in next 13 st,Inc.(Dc in next 14 st,Inc)around.Join(48 dc).
Rnd 16:Ch 3,dc in next 14 st,Inc.(Dc in next 15 st,Inc)around.Join(51 dc).
Rnd 17:Ch 3,dc in next 15 st,Inc.(Dc in next 16 st,Inc)around.Join(54 dc).
Rnd 18:Ch 3,dc in next 16 st,Inc.(Dc in next 17 st,Inc)around.Join(57 dc).
Rnd 19:Ch 3,dc in next 17 st,Inc.(Dc in next 18 st,Inc)around.Join(60 dc).
Rnd 20:Ch 3,dc in next 18 st,Inc.(Dc in next 19 st,Inc)around.Join(63 dc).
Rnd 21:Ch 3,dc in next 19 st,Inc.(Dc in next 20 st,Inc)around.Join(66 dc).
Rnd 22:Ch 3,dc in next 20 st,Inc.(Dc in next 21 st,Inc)around.Join(69 dc).
Rnd 23:Ch 3,dc in next 21 st,Inc.(Dc in next 22 st,Inc)around.Join(72 dc).
Rnd 24-26:Ch 3,dc in each st around.
Rnd 27-29:Ch 2,Bpdc in next st,Fpdc in next st.Join to to of ch-2.Fasten off,Weave in ends.

Loop Tassel:
(Ch 20,sl st in 1st ch)6 times.Fasten off,leave long tail.Run tail through base chs of loops,pull up tight.Sew to top of hat.
If you would like this hat made for you,
Email me!
RedHeart Reef Stripe
For a longer Cone Hat,work 1 round even(no increases)between each increase round.
Right:Cone Hat in Redheart Kids "Happy & Yellow"
Left:Long Cone Hat in Redheart "Watercolor & Medium Purple"