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Readers' Choice Awards
Which game did tens of thousands of IGN readers select as their Game of the Year?
More than 40,000 IGN readers voted for our first annual Game of the Year -- Readers' Choice edition, one of the largest such votes ever. Ain't democracy grand?

Thank you to all who participated with your vote, and of course all of us, editors and IGN readers alike, would like to thank the game companies who created these fine games that have given us so much pleasure over these last twelve months. This one's for you.

35Project Gotham RacingXbox77
33Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2GBA101
32Tennis 2K2Dreamcast122
31Luigi's MansionGameCube127
30Wave Race: Blue StormGameCube129
29Baldur's Gate Dark AlliancePS2143
28NHL 2002multi145
27Mario Kart Super CircuitGBA169
26Jak and DaxterPS2185
25Ghost ReconPC198
24Dead or Alive 3Xbox205
23Castlevania: CircleGBA226
22SSX Trickymulti237
20Super Monkey BallGameCube253
19Black & WhitePC279
18Civilization IIIPC349
17Devil May CryPS2398
16Madden NFL 2002multi407
15Phantasy Star OnlineDreamcast474
14Return to WolfensteinPC505
12Advance WarsGBA646
11Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3multi876
10Gran Turismo 3 A-specPS2960
9Golden SunGBA1,029
8Conker's Bad Fur DayN641,048
7Max PaynePC1,118
6Rogue LeaderGameCube2,017
5Metal Gear Solid 2PS24,442
4Final Fantasy XPS24,779
2Grand Theft Auto IIIPS27,017
1Super Smash Bros. MeleeGameCube15,296