Up My PAIAs 1978 Catalog

Being that is was the year 2000 and all, I decided to clean out my company's file cabinets.  In a file marked "Misc." I found an intact 1978 PAIA catalog, with not one, but two clean order forms!  I was astounded.   Very little remains from that time period of my life.  When I graduated college in 1979, if it did not fit into my 1969 Chevy Caprice four door, it went into the trash.  Between my stereo and my bass guitar gear, very little else fit.  Surprisingly, this catalog survived.

It is posted here for the curious and for those of us who spent many an hour burning our fingers on hot soldering irons, using our Ohm meters to find bad solder joints, and finally to those of us out there who can still remember that trademark sound of a PAIA synth' at work!

Catalog cover PAIA Page 2 PAIA page 3 PAIA page 4
PAIA page 5