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GERALD TARRANT   [Author Webpage]

  • Aniki ~ Spoilers: Episode 27
    The sequel to Seiryuu

  • Bridges: The Fushigi Yuugi songfic challenge

  • Butterfly's Sleep [SERIES/COMPLETE] ~ Spoilers: Whole Series
    On a trip to America on a summer travel scholarship, Yui's life is about to change...for better or for worse.

  • The Crossroads [SERIES/COMPLETE] ~ Spoilers: Whole Series
    Tomo and Soi embark on a journey that may change their lives.

  • Dive to Blue [SERIES/IN PROGRESS] ~ Spoilers: Whole Series
    The sequel to Butterfly's Sleep and Fate.

  • Fate [SERIES/COMPLETE] ~ Spoilers: Whole Series
    The sequel to Butterfly's Sleep.

  • The Genbu Arc [SERIES/IN PROGRESS] ~ Spoilers: ep 34
    The story of the Genbu shichi seishi and the girl who was their miko.

  • Glass Flute ~ Spoilers:
    Amiboshi's thoughts and memories.

  • Healer ~ Spoilers: Episode 47
    A Mitsukake internal dialogue.

  • Heart's Lodging ~ Spoilers:
    The musings of two Seiryuu seishi over the central figure in their lives.

  • Hope of Salvation ~ Spoilers: Episode 45
    Nakago and Soi. In order to fully understand this, it is best to have read through chapter 2 of the Nakago novel, Seiran Den. You can find fan-translations done by Tetris no Miko here.

  • I Wish ~ Spoilers: 41
    Yui discovers something about life...and love.

  • Kindred Spirits ~ Spoilers: 2nd OVA #4, 5
    After a battle, Chichiri and Tasuki have some issues to deal with.

  • Memory ~ Spoilers: 17
    Miboshi's past comes back to haunt him during a crucial time for the Seiryuu seishi.

  • Mizu ~ Spoilers: 27
    Suboshi must deal with the consequences of grief, loss, and failure.

  • Mizu-Kagami ~ Spoilers:
    A Chichiri poem.

  • Night ~ Spoilers:
    What do the Seiryuu seishi do at night?

  • Nuriko ~ Spoilers:
    A Nuriko poem.

  • Promises ~ Spoilers: Episode 28
    A short interlude on the Suzaku seishi Nuriko, between waking and sleep.

  • Rebirth ~ Spoilers: Episode 33+
    What if one of the Seiryuu seishi was allowed to come back after death?

  • Seiryuu ~ Spoilers: Episode 24
    Thoughts of the Seiryuu side on an occasion of great importance...

  • Tears of Amber ~ Spoilers: Episode 40
    The Seiryuu seishi Tomo past and present.

  • The Ties that Bind ~ Spoilers: Episode 40
    Memories elude the village boy Kaika as he struggles to recall his past.

  • To Die For ~ Spoilers: Episode 33
    Tragedy strikes the Suzaku shichi seishi.

  • To Let Go ~ Spoilers: Episodes 7, 30
    Nuriko searches his soul for memories of the past, and Hotohori and Tamahome must bear the burden of his decision.

  • A Visit ~ Spoilers: Episode 24
    Written with the idea that Suboshi and Tomo hadn't been at each other's throats all the time.



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  • Blessings ~ Spoilers: whole series
    If Nakago were to be given a second chance at life, would he take a chance on love? Written for a friend and Nakago fan, you know who you are.

  • Forever ~ Spoilers: Episodes 41 & 42
    A brief look into Tatara's aching heart while he guards the Temple.

  • Heaven's Will ~ Spoilers: whole series and OVA
    A young woman dreams of a man she's never met. The will of heaven guides two people who are destined for one another. For a dear young woman, you know who you are. ~_^ Co-written with Kai Ling Ng.

  • Last Night ~ Spoilers: whole series
    Did Nakago ever return Soi's feelings? You decide after you've read this very short fic.

  • A Man and His Miko ~ Spoilers: whole series and OVA
    Tasuki no Miko has well served the fans of Fushigi Yuugi with her comprehensive website, and Taiitsukun has seen fit to reward her with a visit with, well, you know who... Romantic, funny, and poignant in turn, this fic was written as a gift to my favorite Miko and tribute to her wonderful page.

  • Mercy's Gift [SERIES/COMPLETE] ~ Spoilers: whole series and OVA
    Did Nakago's actions ever make you want to slap him upside that golden-blond head? Hard? Well, I wanted to scold him in the worst way, so I wrote this fic. This was my first ride on the wild pony of fiction writing, and the mare got the bit between her teeth and bolted. Yeah, it's a little long. ^^;; Will Nakago ever really understand the suffering he caused, or care? Can this cold man's soul be redeemed?





KIRI    [Author Webpage]

  • As Long As I Live ~ Spoilers: none
    A Soi fic. O.o; How did this happen? I wrote this when I was very sick, so the quality might not be as ducky. x.x;

  • Escayuugi ~ Spoilers: none
    A humorous Escaflowne and Fushigi Yuugi crossover.

  • Protector ~ Spoilers: Episode 14+ (minor) [YAOI!]
    The sequel to "Where the Heart Is."

  • Where the Heart Is ~ Spoilers: Episode 14+ (minor) [YAOI!]
    A Tasuki and Kouji fic.



  • Kismet
    An ex-fanfic writer turned warrior is banished to Konan. Can she survive in the midst of war?



LAURELGAND   [Author Webpage]





  • The Gravity of Love ~ Spoilers: Episode 33
    Tasuki and Chichiri help each other to deal with the repercussions of grief.

  • Push the Limits ~ Spoilers: none   [YAOI!]
    [This fic is archived in the Lemon archives]
    Tasuki and Chichiri steal a rare moment alone.


LURIKO-YSABETH   [Author Webpage]

  • And Then You're Gonna Die... ~ Spoilers: Episode 29
    A "missing scene" on the home front.

  • Boku no Uchuu Kimi ga Iru ~ Spoilers: Episode 33
    The "obligatory Episode 33 fic" -- in this case, Hotohori reacting. Not all love is sexual...

  • Fas Est Agere ~ Spoilers: Episode 52
    When you have failed yourself... where do you go from there?

  • Prism: Smoking Mirror ~ Spoilers: Episode 52, end of YYH
    "And this time, I can remember them all. The pain. And the sorrow. And the glory." Crossover with Yuu Yuu Hakusho.


LYRA STORMRIDER   [Author Webpage]

  • Reflections of a Broken Soul ~ Spoilers: Episode 52
    Nakago's memories of his past.

  • Seishi Sugar Shock [SERIES/COMPLETE] ~ Spoilers: none
    One of the ODDEST FY fics out there - 14 seishi, two mikos and a candy warehouse. You do the math. Co-written with Quicksilver.