A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver

By E.L. Konigsburg


Part I Reading Guide

Inside Heaven and Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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In Heaven


Who is the narrator?


What is her physical setting?


Part I, Chapter 1


Who is the narrator in Part One?


Why is Louis so worried about marrying Eleanor?


Why didn�t Louis expect to be the king?What is the name of his kingdom?


How does Eleanor react when she finally meets Louis in person?


How would you feel about an arranged marriage?Can you imagine marrying someone you have never met before?Does it change things if he is a king?


Chapter 2


How many times were Eleanor and Louis VII married?Why do you think they married that many times?


How do the Abbot Suger and Louis know each other?


At the end of the chapter, what important message is delivered to Eleanor and Louis?


How does Eleanor react?


What do her actions reveal about her character?How would you have responded?


Chapter 3


Who is Adelaide and why is she visiting the Abbot?


Why aren�t Adelaide and Eleanor getting along?Is this a personality conflict?Explain.


How does Louis react to Eleanor�s lifestyle and habits?


Chapter 4


How does Louis get excommunicated?


What does it mean to be excommunicated?Is it still practiced?


How is Eleanor involved in his excommunication?


Who is the Abbot Bernard?


What happened at Vitry and how does Louis react?


How does the Abbot Suger help Louis get his ban of excommunication lifted?What does Louis have to do?


How do you think Eleanor will react to the new Louis?How will Queen Adelaide feel about Louis� lifted ban?


Chapter 5


How has Louis changed since he married Eleanor?How has Eleanor changed?


What is a relic?


When Abbot Bernard and Eleanor meet, what do they speak about?


How does Eleanor behave toward the clergy and the church?


Why does the Abbot Bernard say that Eleanor and Louis aren�t officially married in the eyes of the church?


What advice does the abbot give to Eleanor?What does scarlet and miniver have to do with this advice?See p. 43.


Who was Eleanor and Louis� first child?Did Eleanor get what she wanted?Explain.


Chapter 6


Why does Louis decide to go on Crusade?


What reasons (she reveals several) does Eleanor give for wanting to go on Crusade with Louis?


How does Abbot Suger feel about their idea of going on Crusade?


Who will Louis appoint to run the government of France while they are away on Crusade?


Would you want to go on Crusade?Would Crusade have been dangerous, exciting, or a mixture of both?


Chapter 7


Describe the differences in how Eleanor and Louis travel.


Who are the Amazons?


Who is Manuel Comnenus and what city is the ruler of?


How do Louis and Eleanor react to the splendors of Constantinople?


Why is Louis so eager to leave Constantinople?


Eleanor and Louis have a disagreement at the end of the chapter, what was it over?


Who would you want your leader to be like, Louis or Manuel Comnenus?Why?


Chapter 8


What fate befell King Conrad of Germany and his army?


How did Eleanor and the Amazons help to make the trip dangerous?


Eleanor decides to disobey King Louis and set camp at a different location.What was the result?


How did Louis manage to escape the onslaught of the Turks?


How does Louis punish Eleanor for her actions?


Was the punishment given by Louis to Eleanor a fitting one?Why or why not?


Chapter 9


Who is Raymond and why is Eleanor glad to see him?


What does Raymond really want from Louis and Eleanor?


How does Louis feel about Uncle Raymond?How do Louis�s vassals feel about Raymond?


How does Louis respond to Raymond's request for help at Edessa?


What secret does Eleanor reveal to both Raymond and Louis?


Was it right for Eleanor to reveal her secret to Louis when she did?


Chapter 10


Why does the Abbot Suger tell Louis to visit the Pope on his way home?


Who is Alix?


After returning to France Eleanor complains about courtly life.Why is she unhappy?


Does Eleanor love Louis?Does this bother her?


What would you do if you were Eleanor?


Back in Heaven


Who is Mother Matilda and what interesting new detail about Eleanor�s life does she reveal?