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Seven years ago we were the Research and Development Unit of Panagroup in Venezuela. Our main goal was to provide smart connectivity and information technologies to the automation and industrial control market.

In 2000 we realized the true impact of our technology in the growing device-networking market, and we emerged as an independent company. We developed a comprehensive infrastructure that allows our customers to solve the challenges inherent to the implementation and management of device-networking applications.

Today Smartmatic develops embedded and enterprise software that links many kinds of devices from a wide range of existing networks, allowing thousands of devices to suddenly connect and simultaneously execute millions of tasks, irrespective of their complexity level.

Smartmatic solutions are currently operating in several vertical markets. In the securities market, SmartBank is yielding optimal results in over 500 branches of the Santander-Serfin Bank, one of Mexico's three largest financial institutions.

In the electoral market, Smartmatic's Automated Electoral Solution (SAES) recently won an open bid for the automation of electoral processes in Venezuela, with the support of Bitza, a software consultant, and CANTV, the most important telecommunications company in Venezuela.

Smartmatic products have achieved international acknowledgement from leading organizations in the world of technology. In 2000 we were named one of Microsoft's "Top-Five Packaged Application Partner of the Year," and have been awarded the Securities Industry Association's "Industry Finest" award.

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