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15th August 2004
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Angela Wynter
Angela Wynter as Yolande Trueman
She's a home-loving lady
Find out who Angela thinks wears the trousers in Patrick and Yolande's relationship.
What was it like filming Patrick and Yolande's wedding?
It was really nice, we had a lovely day with nice weather. The nicest part was the choir we had singing for us at the end, it was really emotional. When I hear beautiful voices, it just gets me in my stomach.
Would you like to have a wedding like Yolande's?
Patrick and Yolande
No, I'd like to have a bigger wedding than that! Their wedding was very simple, because they've both been married before. I'd like to get married somewhere very beautiful and peaceful. I wouldn't want to have my wedding reception in the Vic!
How has Yolande managed to tame Patrick?
With her charm and her toughness. Yolande's vulnerable, but she's principled. He has the same principles. To please her, he'll try not to stray too far away from those principles.
Have you had a lot of input into Yolande's character?
Patrick and Yolande
I think so. They gave me the remit that she's bubbly and positive. Ultimately, you have to build the character. Even though the character's upbeat, there have to be other aspects to her.
Yolande's very home-loving, are you like that too?
Too much so, I think. I'm a real homey, I like my own company. I'm equally happy in my own company as in other people's.
Would you like to see Yolande out and about a bit more?
It would be good to see the other sides to her and to see how she deals with young people. I wish that they had more guests in the B&B to see how they interacted. I only did one scene with Dudley Sutton (Wilfred).

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