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January 12, 2003

Fan Fiction Forum Writing Contest Results! Kahn - 2:21AM EST

Strange being here updating this, but I (and many others) can no longer take it that TDL doesn't seem to be getting addressed anymore. I don't have very much time to work here (at least without that database they were discussing and some help), but it was promised to the winners of the last Fan Fiction Forum Contest that they'd have their works immortalized here. So shall it be. Just click the new picture on the front page to be warped to the results, or you could always click here. Adieu for now.


November 6, 2002

Update -- Staff

Things are taking longer than anticipated, but we're in the process of mailing all of the job applicants now.  There were 77 people interested in the position. Kahn has agreed to stay on the TDL staff, but he doesn't have time to run everything himself, so we're going to be selecting two others to assist him.  Apologies in advance to the 97.4% of applicants who are not being selected.

The database is still being worked on, and once it's functional we'll take a few days to convert all existing stories to the new format, including submissions we've received over the last couple of months, but have not posted yet. You can go ahead and submit something now if you like; we'll just save it until the new technology is ready. If you're dying for some new D2 fiction, check out the ongoing activity in the FFF, or Flux's Halloween story, which will be added to TDL once the database is online.

Expect a lot of changes, improvements, and a much busier TDL in the coming months, once the new staff settles in.  We have a lot of ideas for more site features, contests, theme submissions, and more.  Suggestions for things you'd like to see on the site are always welcome


October 9, 2002

Staff Opening and Site Improvements -- Staff

Due to time constraints, Kahn has had to call an end to his time updating TDL.  Never fear though, the site will live on. We are looking for a new site webmaster, and will be making some improvements to the site layout at the same time.

A database is being designed that will replace the normal HTML organization of the story archives now.  You will be able to sort all posted stories by author or date or score, making for much easier browsing. Score?  Yes, we'll be implementing a reader rating system, where stories will be graded from 1-10, and we'll be adding a comments option as well, where readers can provide instant feedback to the authors.

These additional features will make webmastering this site easier, since you will not have to HTML stories and sort them in the archives.  The new webmaster will just need to paste submissions into the database entry form, and the script will handle things from there.  Posting news will also be automated with a news script.

This means that there will be no technical requirements to running this site; if you can operate a browser and post in a forum, you can run TDL.  Therefore our criteria for selecting a new webmaster are scholarly ones.  We're looking for someone enthusiastic about fiction and fantasy, with some writing and editing ability.  You do not need to edit submissions, but you must be able to read and write well enough to tell if a submission is suitable for posting. Site guidelines will be discussed in more detail with the selected webmaster.

if you are interested, email us at  Be sure to list your qualifications in the email.  You must mail us by October 24th, and we'll be announcing the new webmaster by Halloween.

More information on the job opening can be seen in this Fan Fiction Forum post.


August 11, 2002

Story Updates Kahn - 11:39AM EST

Uploaded new chapters to two stories for this update. Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12 of the brilliant story Fulcrum have been put up. We continue to follow the assassin An'yee on her adventures and exploits. Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 of Bane: Hero of the North have also been uploaded. In these updates, we continue to follow the well-written adventures of the barbarian Bane as he continues on his travels.


July 29, 2002

So long, farewell, I hate to say adieu - l33t - 5:09PM EST

Changes in my life, both real and imagined, make it now impossible with me to even keep up with this small little duty of uploading and light editing. I'd like to thank Kahn and the rest of the site staff for letting me waste their bandwidth with my vanity projects, the intelligent TDL readership for insightful and brilliant mail, and the dumb TDL readership for those semi-coherent emails that I copied and pasted to the forums so that you could be an object of public ridicule. This will be my last update. Characteristically, there'll be no content. I'll still do my own designs and my own writing when I can find a place for them to fit in. I've looked under chairs, looked under tables, searching for the deed of a hundred million fables. Thanks for telling me a few of them. Goodbye. I now turn this session over to Kahn's looking for a replacement.


July 18, 2002

Story Updates Kahn - 6:39PM EST

Five new updates for you tonight. Chapter 1 has been added to the story A Brother's Vengeance. Chapters 2 has been added to the story Terror's End. Chapter 3 has been added to the story the Return of Lies and Sins. Chapter 22 has been added to the Chronicles of Diablo II, and Guthren sends word that this story is heading into its last few chapters and soon will be finished. Finally, for tonight we have a new story called Rain which was penned by DurfBarian of O/T Forum fame. Definitely check that one out. Anyways, time to return to my busy and currently very melodramatic life.


July 10, 2002

Characters Up and Solicited l33t - 4:29PM EST

Four new characters up that ought to be in Diablo II but were sadly rejected due to copyright issues. Well, not really, but they're good anyway. One uses bugs, another uses slugs (John Woo-style, of course). One makes a religion out of magic, rather than a magic out of a religion, and the other makes magic out of atheism. It's a nicely rounded set over at the old character concept place. Lastly, two requests. Keep drowning me in your e-mail solicitations to appear in Non Serviam,'s latest multi-author writing project. A 2 page submission sometime by the end of the month to prove your chops, and you might be writing with the great ones. Or at least the best I could manage to find. And don't complain about the try out requirement. It makes the story better, and one of you tried it anyway. I don't think person will ever write again. The other is for a legionnaire character, sent to my or Kahn's email sometime in late May to early June. I liked it, and yet somehow managed to never forward it to myself at my parents' computer, where I'm slumming for the summer. It really was TDL material, and I'm sorry about not putting it up earlier. Ciao, Sleepers is on cable.


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