Gregory by Cloth Ears

Gregory is a gorgeous little bear designed by Helen West. Sewn from dark brown mohair, he has the sweetest of faces. Once complete he stands 30.5cm (12") tall and would make a charming addition to any collection.

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You Will Need

  • A fat quarter of mohair
  • 7mm glass eyes
  • 5 pairs of hardboard joints
  • Polyester filling
  • Suede or ultrasuede for paw pad fabric
  • Perle cotton

Step by step

  1. Transfer the pattern pieces on to thin card and be careful to match all the markings as you go. Don't forget that you will need to reverse some of these pieces. Draw around them with a sharp pencil and carefully cut them out.

  2. Begin with the head, which is no doubt the part you can't wait to see complete! Stitch together the chin of the head marked A to B, then set in the head gusset from A to C. Stuff until firm and insert the neck joint securing with strong thread.

  3. Join body pieces from D to E and turn right sides out. Join the neck joint to the head.

  4. Place a leg piece right sides together and stitch together from F to G then from H to I leaving an opening for stuffing later. Carefully stitch the foot pad into the foot space between F and I. Try to keep the footpad smooth as you fit it in place. Turn the legs right sides out. Repeat for the other leg.

  5. Place the arm pieces right sides together and stitch from J to K leaving an opening for stuffing. Turn the arms right sides out.

  6. Attach the joints to the arms through into the body and repeat with jointing the legs.

  7. Stuff the arms and ladder stitch the seam opening closed. Repeat for the legs and body.

  8. Experiment with the eye positions using headed pins until you achieve the desired expression. When satisfied replace the pins with the point of your needle threaded up with a glass eye. Pull through to the back and knot. Repeat with the second eye.

  9. Trim the muzzle and embroider the nose and mouth. Stitch both ears from L to M and position with pins until pleased with the overall expression then stitch the ears firmly in place.

  10. Finally, give all your bear's seams a good brush.

Bear Facts

For more details on Cloth Ears teddies call Helen West on 020 8898 2389.