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GIMP Animation Package for GIMP 2.0
Posted on Friday, January 30 @ 14:13:49 EST by stro

GIMP Anonymous George writes "A first pre-release of the GIMP Animation Package for GIMP-2.0 has been made available on

GIMP-GAP is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP-2.0 that extends GIMP for creation of animations based on a series of frame images. GIMP-GAP is the next development step of the Video Menu that once was part of gimp-1.2.

Here is a short overview whats new in GIMP-GAP-1.3.25:
- new bluebox plug-in makes selected color transparent.
- new features for the "MovePath" plug-in
- animated perspective transformations
- optional respect selected areas of the moving source object (with animated adjustable feather_radius)
- integrated bluebox filter can be applied to the moving source object
- tracelayer creation
collects all scenes from start to current frame in one tracelayer.
- tween processing for fast moving objects.
collects scenes between 2 frames in the tweenlayer.
- grab controlpoints from current GIMP-path
- dynamic resize of the preview to follow current windowsize.
- optional instant apply for the preview
- playback for video frames to give a motionpreview
in thumbnail quality. On linux the playback has audiosupport to play a wavefile synchron with the videoframes.
- the onionskin plug-ins are now integrated to gimp-gap.
onionskin layer(s) usually do show previous (or next) frame(s) of the video in the current frame.
- new features in "frames to multilayer image" plug-in
optional respect selection(s) in the sourceframes
- new features in "frames modify" plug-in
- new functions to
set/delete/invert selection
and set/delete/apply layermasks
in all handled frames
- renumber plug-in for renaming frames (on disk)
you can set a new starting number for the first frame
and define how much digits (leading zeroes)
to use for the framenumber part.
- change framedensity
useful for changing the framerate without changing the playback speed. duplicates frames to get higher density or deletes frames to reduce density.
- render filename (or just the number part) to layer
- support of the open thumbnail standard
(thumbnailfiles in png fileformat in $HOME/.thumbnails that allows better quality than the old .xvpics thumbnail standard)
- filtermacro scriptfiles
assemble filtermacro scriptfiles by picking filtercalls from the current session and execute them later all together at one drawable.
- gimp-gap now uses the preferences value save always/only on changes (gimprc keyword "trust-dirty-flag") for unconditional/conditional implicite save operations when stepping from frame to frame.
- vcr-navigator internal changes
(now handles unlimited number of frames)
- some minor layout changes.
- internal reorganisations/cleanup of the sourcecode
including porting to new GIMP-2.0 and GTK+2.2 api.
- Video Layer Plug-ins.
those plug-ins do call GIMP-Tools in a way that automatic usage on layers in many frames (or filtering all layers of an image) becomes possible without writing scripts."



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Re: GIMP Animation Package for GIMP 2.0 (Score: 1)
by Anonymous George on Friday, January 30 @ 20:55:54 EST
this will be awesome..

i know ill be using it alot more than i did its predecessor in 1.2

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Re: GIMP Animation Package for GIMP 2.0 (Score: 1)
by Anonymous George on Friday, January 30 @ 22:59:11 EST
im probably going to get modded down for asking this but could somebody post a screenshot to give me a feel of what this thing can do ?


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Separate Applications not project (Score: 1, Insightful)
by Anonymous George on Saturday, January 31 @ 03:46:45 EST
Isn't better one app to edit image and other to edit video?

Well, gimp is a big package, a lot of code, and many people only wants edit image, why add more code (tests, bugs, etc.) in the same program for other thinks that never will use.

I think have 2 well comunicated apps to do this.


Sorry for my english speech :(


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Re: GIMP Animation Package for GIMP 2.0 (Score: 1, Interesting)
by Anonymous George on Saturday, January 31 @ 09:33:44 EST
Now if only GIMP could be more like Paint Shop Pro in terms of usability (PSP 7.0 not after)

Doing pixel graphics in gimp sucks bigtime.

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Re: GIMP Animation Package for GIMP 2.0 (Score: 1, Interesting)
by Anonymous George on Saturday, January 31 @ 10:00:38 EST
This is a welcomed development. If this functionality along with the power of film gimp and the multi colour channel support indicated in ver 3 beta make it into version 3 then we're certainly looking at an improved product.

Usability is an issue, but lets get the power feature set right first before overhauling the interface in 4 to make gimp not just a photoshop killer but also an invaluable tool in the motion picture industry.

Watching with keen interest.

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Link Down (Score: 0)
by Anonymous George on Saturday, January 31 @ 11:19:52 EST
The link is down.

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Gimp Gap - GIMP Animation Package for GIMP 2.0 (Score: 1)
by horkana on Saturday, January 31 @ 22:57:38 EST
(User Info | Send a Message)
so that is GIMP GIMP Animation Package?

How about shortening it to GIMP Animation?

If you could call also the package gimp-anim (or somthing along those lines) it would be much easier for people looking at a long list of packages in thier distribution to quickly guess at a glance what it was for.

Does the GIMP Animation Package have a website of its own? I was hoping there might be
or something like that and I searched Google and had a good rummage through the GIMP website including the mmmaybe Beta site but didn't find much.
I was hoping that maybe I would find tutorials, examples and sample animations all gathered in one place.

I think that if Jasc (makers of Paint Shop Pro) can actually make money selling an Animation shop then the GIMP could make a much bigger deal out of this nice piece of functionality.

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GIF support? (Score: 0)
by Anonymous George on Sunday, February 01 @ 12:52:56 EST
Would it be possible to have an "Encode to animated GIF" option as part of this?

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Re: GIMP Animation Package for GIMP 2.0 (Score: 0)
by Anonymous George on Monday, February 02 @ 09:07:56 EST
One doubt...

will save this animatitions in gifs or mpg?

if gifs, it is a great plugin for webmasters
if mpg, it is a amazing toon , a new level of compatibile with many programs

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