The History of the origins of the Noble House of Vassallo


In Sicily and Malta
Prepared by Charles Said Vassallo
9 July 2000.

The Research was originally carried out by the Great Marquis Paul Vassallo de Vedra



We are told by V. Spreti, in his “Enciclopedia Storico Nobiliare Italiana” (1981 edition), Vol V, page 833 and by G.B Crollolanza, in his “ Dizionario Storico Balsonico” (1977 edition), Vol, that the Vassallo of Sicily (which also calls itself Vassallo-Paleologo) claim to be descended from the Emperor Michale VIII Paleologus of the Byzantine Empire.


The claim is that, the family Palaeologus , settled in Sicily on two separate occasions.


The first settlement of the Imperial Palaeologus in Sicily had taken place in 1332, when one Giacomo Palaeologus, had settled in the city of Noto, Sicily, changing his name to Vassallo, on settling in Sicily. It is also claimed that this branch became extinct in the 15th Century.


The second settlement in Sicily took place in 1429, when one Niccolo Palaeologus, was ordered by his kinsmen, Constantine (The future Emperor), the Despot of Morea, to go to Siciliy, and assume the name of Vassallo, which he did, and we are also told there is a diplomia of King Alfonso V of Aragon-Naples-Sicily-Malta, stating this, which is registered in the Royal Sicilian Chancery dated 1439, Fol.455. We are also told that Vassallo of Sicily are descendants of this Niccolo Vassallo, the so-called Palaeologus.


The historians mentioned above, mentioned that Muscia in his “Sicilia Nobile”, on page 8, that one Giacomo Vassallo, was the father of one Vassallo de Vassallo, which gentlemen was the Barone di Bavuso, in Sicily, in 1296, thus the year earlier than the supposed settlement of the Palaeologus family in Sicily. However, these historians do not trouble themselves to explain the contradiction. Also , they never mention that one Roberto de Vassallo, had long been settled in Sicily, who had years before been made a Judge in Cefalu in Sicily, and was still living on 19 April 1284, when he received a letter from the Secreto of Sicily, in which he addressed him as ‘Giudice’.



If it was true that the first Vassallo, to settle in Sicily was Giacomo Palaeologus, who changed his name to Vassallo in 1332, how is it that we have Roberto, Giacomo and Vassallo de Vassallo living , years before the year 1332 ?


V. Spreti, and G.B Crollolanza, and many others, only record the claim put forward by the Vassallo of Sicily in the 13th Century, and also claim that the family only came to Sicily in 1332 and in 1429.

Giacomo who settled in Sicily, was not a Palaeologo, but a scion of the Counts of Vercelli, of the House of the MANFREDINGI. Muscia is wrong in making Baron Vassallo of Bavuso a son of Giacomo, he was the son of Judge Roberto (Bartolomeo) and thus Giacomo’s grandson, not his son.


(See the Genealogical data of the Vassallo family-further down below)



From the Genealogical tables kindly provided by the Director of the ‘Archivio di Stao di Vercelli’, from the Microfilm of the work of T.Arborio Mella, “Genealogie di Antiche Famiglie Vercellesi, Biellesi e di Piemontesi”, togther with proofs of Nobility of Fra. Carlo Guiseppe Bernezzo-Vassallo, A.O.M.4030, (1708); and the work of Professor Ferdinand Gabotto., and others, such as Vittorio Spreti, G.Crollolanza, Muscia, and other Italian works, we are now able to contruct the early pedigree of the Family name Vassallo, ca 1127-1130, at Vercelli, to Sicily and Malta.

Exactly, four hundred years after the Vassallo family settled in the village of Mosta in 1525, when Bartolomeo Vassallo, married the Noble Joanne Cumbo, and went to live in the village of Mosta on the properties he received as dowry from her father, the noble Andrea Cumbo, the Lord of the Fortified ‘Tower Cumbo”, a weathly noblemen related to the Catalan Noble family, who became Barons di Buonalbergo.

 Some of the branches of the Manfredingi did not adopt family names until 1127, and some of them like the branch which adopted the family name ‘RADICATI’, did so from one of its Lordships, they did this in 1178.

Another branch, which adopted as their family ‘GUASCO’ did so about 1120, when Count Scipione’ detto Guasco’ (from his nicknae ‘Guasco’)

The Family name of VASSALLO came into being in the same manner. Auberto 1 ‘detto Vassallo’, ie: Auberto the Vassal, the first signor of Lavino, Riseria, and Cassina della Valo, on the outskirts of Vercelli, adopted his family name of Vassallo from his nickname of ‘The Vassal’, he had been nicknamed possibly from his status as a vassal lord of his elder  brother Bongiovanni II , and also of the Count-Bishop Ardizzone of Vercelli, when in 1127, his brother Bongiovanni II, exchanged the rule of Count, by the agreement he made with Bishop Ardizzone, and was made the Advocate of the Church of Vercelli and adopted as the family name of AVOGADRO in 1127.

The ancestry of the Counts of Vercelli go back to the dark ages of the Dukes of Bavaria, and the Kings of Alamanni in the 4th and 5th centuries. Almost from the beginning of history as settlers in Vindilicia, we find the Bavarians under the leadership of the Ducal house of the Agilofings who were of Franco-Salian origin.

 However, the Bavarians  themselves appear to have been a Suevic tribe who had wandered into the old Roman province then lying desolate and unoccupied as a sort of no-man’s land, and , they settled there on or about 420.AD.

 From the beginning of their Danubian settlement they seem to have been subject to the Merovingian Kings, who were the kinsmen of the Agilolfings. It had been a peaceful arrangement as they did not have to pay tribute.

 As their dukes were called Agilofings, the Aponym of their House, had to be called Agilulf. However, he has been lost to History, and we not in a position to know as to when he lived. We therefore , shall start the pedigree of the Vassallo family with:-

Hunno Velphio: King of the Alamanni, born ca: 385, not sure of the date of death. The Alamanni were the fiercest of all the western German tribles. It is stated that the Alamanni were offshoots of the Swabian, Branch of the west Germans, from which they were constituted.


Adalger 1: King of the Bavarians (    - 508). Born ca: 415 and died in 508. He was elected King of the Bavarians, but at a later date, he renounced the title of King and renounced the title of King and called himself ‘Duke’ of the Bavarians. On his death, he was succeeded by his son.


Teodo I: duke of the Bavarians (r08-12). He was also called Gihuld, married Regnaburga, from whose name we have the city of Ratisbona, in Alamannia, Swabia. She is also called Reginpirga. They had two sons Uto ‘The warrior’ and Teodo II, who succeeded to Bavaria.


Teodo II: Duke of Bavaria (512-37). He was born in ca: 465, and died 537. married to Lucile the daughter of Aubert, the first Lord of Alsace, and by his wife they had three sons, Teodo, Otto and Teodovald. On his death, the tow elder sons, divided Bavaria between them, and both took the title of Duke.One the death of Otto in 545, his Brother Teodovald succeeded as the Duke of Upper Bavaria. From him is descended the noble House of Vassallo.


Teodo III: Duke of Lower Bavaria (r 537-65). Born ca:515, and died 584., he had succeeded to lower Bavaria on the death of father, while his second brother Ottone took Upper Bavaria. Married and was succeeded by his son Teodobert I.



Teodobert I: Duke of Lower Bavaria (565-84). He died in his seventies and was succeeded by his son Garibald.


Garibald I: duke of Lower Bavaria (584-92). Born ca: 540, and died 592. married to the Princess Waldrade of Waccho I , king of Lombardy (ca:510-540)

She was married twice before, her first husband was King Theudebald I, of Austrasia, and King Clothair I of all Frank, who devorced her soon after their marriage, when she married Gariblad, as her third husband, by whom she had her only children.

We are told by ‘Paulus the deacon’, the historian of the Lombardians, who was born in 725, tht Waldrade was ‘uni ex suis qui dicebatur Garibald’, which goes to descibe Garibald I , as being the kinsmen of her two previous husbands. Also the Merovingian Kings Clothair II, and Clovis II, were being described Queen Gundeberga, Garibald’s granddaughter as being their Kinswomen. They had a son, Gundwald and two daughters. Teudelinda, married King Authari of the Lombards and on his death in 591, married his successor King Agilulf (591-616), the other daughter married Euin, Duke of Trient.



Gundwald I: Duke of Lower Bavaria (592)

Shortly after succeeding as the Duke of Lower Bavaria, his cousin Tassilo I, duke of Upper Bavaria, attacked him and forced Gundwald to flee to Italy. He went to his sister Teudelinda, who was Queen of King Aripert, was elected King of Lombardy in Italy, on death of his cousin’s husband.


Aripert I: King of Lombardy in Italy (r 656-61).

He was elected KING OF THE LOMBARDS,in 656, when his cousin Gundeberba’s husband , King Rodoald was assassinated. King Aripert was a Christian of the Catholic faith, he built a Church dedicated to our Saviors, at Pavia. An unnamed daughter, married Grimwald, Duke of Benevento, he also had two sons. Perctarit and Godebert. The brothers ruled as joint Kings, but they soon quarrelled and Godebert called in his brother in law, Duke Grimwald to help him, Grimwald had him killed.



Godebert I: joint King of Lombards in Italy (r 661-62). He reign jointly with his brother Perctarit., Being assassinated by his brother in law Grimwald, the Duke of Benevento, whom he called for help against his brother Perctarit from Italy, when they had quarreled in 662 Grimwald then chased Perctarit from Italy and usurped the throne from 662 to 673, when Perctarit returned to the throne and ruled until his death in 689. Godebert had a son named Reginbert.


Reginbert 1: King of the Lombards in Italy (r 700). He was Duke of Turin before succeeding as King. On the death of his cousin, King Cunnincpert I in 700, he rose in rebellion and marched eastward with a strong army and meet Ansprnad, the guardian of the Boy King Luitpert on the plain of Novara and defeated Ansprand and his allies and won the crown. Howver he dies three months later, he had two sons- Aripert and Gumbert.


Gumbert, Prince of the Lombards .Born circa: 665, and died in France in Exile in 700, at an unknown date. On the death of their father in 700, Gumbert’s elder brother Aripert II succeeded to the throne, but he had to fight Anspand and his allies for the throne and Aripert being Victoriious, Ansprnd fled, leaving his family behind. King Aripert II in revenge , mutilated Ansprand’s wife and one of their Daughters.


Ansprand returned with an army in 712, and was Victorious, and Aripert II was advised by his supporters to flee to France and raise an army to fight for his throne, however he drowned crossing the river tecino.

 Gumbert made it successfully to France with his three sons, he fled to France with his children as he feared that Ansparna would take revenge on his sons, in revenge for what his brother Aripert had done to his wife and daughter.

 It was his great grandson Manfred III, Comte de Orleans, who in 834 returned to Italy on the request of his nephew, King Lothaire I, King of Italy (Future Emperor).

 We learnt from historians of the Lombards, Paulus the deacon, that one of Gumberts sons, Reginbert, became Comte de Orleansin France, the second Manfred became the ancestor of the Manfredingi, Counts of Toule, Metz, Orleans, and Verdun in France, and Manfreingi of Italy , whose descendants finally finished in Sicily and in Malta.





Manfred I: Prince of the Lombards


Born in Italy about 690, and dying in Mainz, a city in West Germany, on the river Rhine in 756. He went to live in the diocese of Magonza and died there.

Married in 713 to the daughter of Pepn II de heristal, Duke of the Franks, and Mayor of the palace of Anastrasia, to the Merovingian Kings. She is given as having been a Carolingian, but that name did not come into being until PepinII, assumed the throne from the Franks, she should really be a ‘Pepian’



Manfred II, Prince of Lombards.

Born in Germant about 715, we also are ignorant of what title he held, except that he was a prince of Blood royal. He is given by the Chroniclers of that time as having been of Blood Royal, this blood royal , referred to his descent of the Lombards.



Guagenfred I, Comte de Verdun.

Born in Germany/France about 740, still living about 795. It is not know weather he was created Count of Verdun, or whether he had succeeded to Verdun on the death of his father. As we do know if his father had been Count of Verdun himself, married in 765, Princess Theudelinda, a daughter of Ethelbert II, King of Kent, In 795. he made two donations to the abbey of Gorze.



Manfred III, Comte de Orleans (c 800-34)

Born in Verdun, France ca:770, dying in Italy in 836, succeeded to Orleans on the extinction of the line of Reginbert, the elder brother of Manfred I.

Married about 815 to Princess Theodrada or Hiltrude, one of the young daughters of the Emperor Charlemagne, by his third wife Fastrada, an East Frank. Thus husband and wife were both the great grand children of Duke Pepin II.

When the sons of the Emperor Louis I, fought their father, Manfred was a partisan of Louis I, fought their father, Louis was also the King of Italy and took Manfred III with him to Italy, where he was granted large territories in 834. Their sons Alberico, Ethelbert,

When in 834, Manfred III, went to Italy, with his nephew King, and gave up Orleans, and king Louis I, made him Duke of Neustria d’Italia, Duke of Tusia, and Marquis di Valtellina, and Count di Lucca.


Alberic I , Conte di Milan and Seprio (c 845-80)

 Born in Orleans and was created Count of Milian and Seprio


Manfredo IV, Conte di Lodi (c 879-96)

Count of the Sacred Palace of Italy (888-96), Marquis of Lombardy and of Biella and Novarese in 878.

Born in Piedmont, Italy and was beheaded for rebellion in 896 by the orders of Emperor Lambert I.

Manfred V, Conte di Lodi

Born in Italy, dying in Piedmont about 975

At the time his father was being beheaded for rebellion, Manfred was blinded, on the orders of the same Emperor Lambert.


Aimone I, Conte di Vercelli (c 950)

He had also received from the Emperor Otto II in 976, Montiglio, Moncucco, Vestigne, Verrua, and part of Moncestrino.

Married and had at least two sons, Uberto and Ariberto. This Ariberto the ancestor of the family Guasco, the Radicata, and others.

Aimone, born in 905, dying after 976.



Uberto I, Conte di Vercelli, Vestigne….

Very little is know about Uberto, apart from his succession.



Obizzo I,. Conte di Vercelli.

Born about 955. As the other territories are not mentioned as forming part of his territories, Obizzo I, must have had other brothers, who received the territories of Vestigne, Verrua, and Moncestino.


Guala I,Conte di Vercelli (c 1055-60)

Born about  990, and died 1060.

His elder brother Uberto II, succeeded their father , as Count of Vercelli and on his death he was succeeded by his son Uberto III, who died without issue. When he was succeeded by his younger Brother Adalberto I, who too died without issue about 1055.

On the death of Adalberto I, his uncle Guala, then succeeded to Vercelli.


Bongiovanni I, Conte di Vercelli (c 1060-95).

Born in Vercelli, Italy about 1025, he succeeded to Vercelli on the death of his father Guala I.

By his unnamed wife, he had a son Guala, who died before him, leaving a two small sons.

On the death of his son , Bongiovanni, dismembered the lands of Lavino, Riseria, and Cassina della Valo from his demesne, to create a separate Lordship for his younger grandson, which were to be inherited on his death. These lands were adjoining of Vercelli, where the River Vassalla, crosses.



Auberto I, 1st Signor di Lavino, Riseria and Cassina della Valo, on the outshirts of Vercelli itself. He succeeded to the lordship , on the death of his grandfather, Count Bongiovanni I about 1090. His elder brother succeeded to the Countship of Vercelli, and its lands. In 1127, Bongivanni  II, exchanged the rule of count for the Adovacy of the Church of Vercelli, by agreement he had made with the Bishop Ardizzone of Vercelli, and adopted the family name of Avogadro.

Auberto I’detto Vassallo’  had been given the nickname of Vassallo, and Vassallo came into being as the family name of the Lords of Lavino, Riseria and Cassino della Valo.



Vassallo de Vassallo, 2nd Signor…..


Succeeded as Signor on the death of his father, not much else is know



Auberto II de Vassallo, 3rd Signor


Born in Vercelli, about 1145, and married and had issue, Rejnerius, Filippo , Antonio, and Vassallo.

The eldest son  was Vassallo.



Vassallo de Vassallo, 4TH signor


Born in Vercelli about 1175, and succeeded to the lorship on the death of his father , had several sons, Antonio, Giacomo and Vassallo.



Giacomo de Vassallo,


Born about 1210 in Vercelli, his elder brother succeeded as the 5th Signor , his great great great great Grandson, Lord Girolamo Vassallo, sold most of the Lordship to purchase the lordship of Favris and its castle in the early part of 1577, and in the month of December 1577, the Emperor created HIM Count of Favria. However , on the death of his grandson COUNT Carlo Girolamo, the Countship of Favria passed to his daughter Francesca Faustina, who married Francesco Birago, Marchese di Roccaglione, on 12 June 1666, and the Countship passed out of the Vassallo family


Giacomo had two sons, Roberto and Giacomo, who were born in Sicily, Giacomo settled in the island of Sicily about 1235.


 See lineages of the Sicilian and Maltese Vassallo’s.



The Ancient and Noble House of Vassallo.



This tree is very compiled, though not fully researched with all descendants. If you may connect, this tree can be updated at your request  (only in a male line and female connections only)



This research has been carried out by Charles Said Vassallo-20th of April, 2000.

All works have been researched from various resources, one may consult or view at the bottom of this research of a list of references.





1. Noble Vassallo de Vassallo (c1175) 4th Signore di Lavino, Riseria, Cassina della Valo in Milan., married Sofie ( Agnes)di Savoie, daughter of  Humberto III, Conte di Savioe (d.1189)

1.1. Noble Antonio de Vassallo (c 1208) , 5th Signore di Lavino, Riseria, Cassina della Valo in Milan , His descendants were created Counts of Favria in 1537, and moved out the Vassallon family in 1666. The Milianese Vassallo still survived today.

1.2. Nobile Giacomo de Vassallo (c1210) Moved to Sicily about 1235., married to Constance d'Este, daughter of Rainauld I, Margrave d'Este

1.2.1. Judge Roberto de Vassallo (c1240)., married Donna Margherita Grasso, dughter of the Conte di Malta Noble Vassallo de Vassallo (cr 1269) Baron di Bavuso in Sicily., married Donna Eleanor di Antiochi, daughter of Conrad di Antioch, Conte di Capizzi and Donna Corella Ruffo Roberto de Vassallo, 2nd Baron di Bavuso (c1290-1337) Giacomo de Vassallo, 3rd Baron di Bauvso (c 1320-59) Roberto II de Vassallo, 4th Baron di Bauvso (c 1345-91) Giacomo II de Vassallo, 5th Baron di Bauvso (c 1365-1400), dsp.illegit. Vassallo II de Vassallo, 6th Baron di Bauvso (c1347-1409) Roberto III de Vassallo, 7th Baron di Bauvso (c1370-1429) Vassallo III de Vassallo, 8th Baron di Bauvso (c1400-59) Giacomo III de Vassallo, 9th Baron di Bauvso (c1421-71) Vassallo IV de Vassallo, 10th Baron di Bauvso (died 1476) Roberto de Vassallo, 11th Baron di Bauvso  (died 1480) dunm. Giacomo IV de Vassallo, 12th Baron di Bauvso  (died 1485), dunm. Nobile Roberto de Vassallo (died 1458) Nobile Roberto de Vassallo (died 1479) Nobile Roberto V de Vassallo , 13th Baron di Bauvso  ,died 1499. Roberto VI de Vassallo,14th Baron di Bauvso  (c 1498-1571) Nobile Andrea de Vassallo, died 1465 Nobile Roberto Vassallo (c 1455-1521) Nobile Andrea Vassallo (died 1539) Nobile Christopher Vassallo (c 1498-1561) Nobile Roberto VII Vassallo 15th Baron di Bauvso  (c 1525-75), dunm. Nobile Andrea Vassallo (c 1530-90) Giacomo V Vassallo 16th Baron di Bauvso (c 1560-1625) Andrea I Vassallo, 17th Baron di Bauvso  (c 1610-95) Andrea II Vassallo, 18th Baron di Bauvso  (c 1650-1728) Giacomo VI Vassallo, 19th Baron di Bauvso  (c 1690-1730) dunm.ilegit. Roberto VIII Vassallo , 20th Baron di Bauvso  (died 1739), dunm. Andrea III Vassallo, 21st Baron di Bauvso (died 1751) Vassallo Vassallo V, 22nd Baron di Bauvso  (c1720-1818 Palermo) dunm,ilegit. Noble Graziano de Vassallo (C 1295), Moved to Malta about 1320., married  Donna Constance de Aragona, daughter of Joannes de Aragona, Duca di Athens, Conte di Malta (r1342-48)   Nobile Marco de Vassallo ., married Donna Malitda d'Aragona, , daughter of Louis d'Aragona, Count of   Salonia Nobile Bartolomeo de Vassallo (c 1375)., married Donna Cesara de Caro, daughter of the Baron Giovanni de Caro  Judge Simone de Vassallo (c1459-69)., married Donna Eleanore del Caretto Nobile Paolo de Vassallo "Priest" Nobile Stefano de Vassallo "Priest" Notary Leonardo de Vassallo (c 1478)., married Donna Agnes Inguanez, daughter of Baron Antonio Ingaunez, and Baroness Imperia Gatto     Nobile Guiliano de Vassallo (c 1465-1535) Bishop of Malta , Buried at Mdina.    Judge Bartolomeo Vassallo (c 1470-1554), 9th Baron di Ghajn Rihani e Delimara, in right of his wife., married Caterina de Nava, daughter of Baron di Marsa Nobile Bartolomeo Vassallo (c 1500-40) , 10th Baron di Ghajn Rihani e Delimara ., married Noble Joanna Cumbo Nobile Andrea Vassallo (c 1526-94) 11th Baron di Ghajn Rihani e Delimara., married Helena Mifsud-Cumbo Nobile Mariano Vassallo , 12th Baron di Ghajn Rihani e Delimara, married firstly to Marietta Mifsud, secondly to Matteola d'Armenia dei Baroni della Baccari.......issue in male line became extinct. Nobile Michele Vassallo, married 1589 to Marietta Gatto Nobile Domenico Vassallo, married 1626 to Catherine Sammut Nobile Simon Vassallo, 15th Baron di Delimara., married Petronilla Schembri Nobile Saviour Vassallo, 16th Baron di Delimara, married . Nobile Johannes Vassallo, 17th Barone di Delimara, married firstly 1746 to Caterina Muscat, secondly 1791 to Marie Cesal, with issue from 2nd marriage. Charles Vassallo, 18th Barone di Delimara, married 1811 tp Cornelia Bezzina, with issue. Saviour Vassallo dei baroni della Delimara., married 1814 to Marie Calleja, with issue. Simon Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara., married 1746 to Marie Mifsud Nobile John Dominic Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara., married 1727 to Grace Fenech Lawrence Vassallo., married 1756 to Theresia de Guevara  Paul Vassallo., married 1785 to Joanna Camilleri John Vassallo., married 1821 to Marie Buhagiar, with issue. Saviour Vassallo., married 1792 to Caterina Galea. with issue. Saviour Vassallo., married 1770 to Rose Chetcuti, with issue. Nobile Francis Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara., married in 1727 to Antonia Galea, with issue Nobile Maria Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara., married Andrea dei Baroni Pace. Nobile Dominic Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara Nobile Clementine Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara., married Pedro Aguis Nobile Marietta Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara., married Bernardo Azopardi Nobile Grace Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara., married Andrea dei Baroni Pace. Nobile Domenica Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara., married Roberto Camilleri Nobile Maria Vassallo dei Baroni della Delimara., married Don. Simon Sayd-Dingli, Principe di Sayd e Bibino Magno. Nobile Philip Vassallo., married 1632 to Giovannella Vella, with issue Nobile Grace Vassallo., married .... Nobile Biagio Vassallo., married Angela Galea Nobile Gio Paolo Vassallo., married 1626 to Agnese Galea Nobile Domenico Vassallo, 15th Barone di Ghajn Rihani., married Maddalena Taliano  Nobile AntonioVassallo, 16th Barone di Ghajn Rihani., married Gerolama Xicluna Domenico Vassallo, 17th Barone di Ghajn Rihani, dunm. Nobile Eugenia Vassallo, 18th Baroness di Ghajn Riahni, married 1702 Lawrence Bugeja, with issue Nobile John Battista Vassallo., married 1679 to Marie Tonna Nobile Anthony Mark Vassallo., married 1705 to Theodora Mizzi Nobile Victor Vassallo, married 1730 to Anne Bugeja dei Baroni della Ghajn Rihani, with issue Nobile John Battista Vassallo, married 1731 to Caterina Caruana, with issue Nobile Paul Vassallo, married 1737 to Constance Borg Nobile Anthony Vassallo., married 1759 to Grace Azopardi, with issue. Nobile Joseph Vassallo., married 1762 to Theresia Muscat, with issue. Nobile Francis Vassallo, married 1741 to Anne Dimech, with issue Nobile Caterina Vassallo, married 1734 to Michele Vella. Nobile Domenico Vassallo., married 1707 to Caterina Portelli, with issue. Nobile Angelica Vassallo., married Nicholas dei Conti Greco of Sicily Nobile Margherita Vassallo , married Pedro Cuschieri Nobile Cornelia Vassallo, married 1655 to Dr Gio Antonio Tabone. Nobile Salvatore Vassallo., married Marie Farrugia Nobile Gio Paolo Vassallo, married firstly 1712 to Spernaza Mangion, secondly  1727 to Gratzia de Guevara, with issue from both marriages. (first marriage) Nobile Saviour Vassallo., married 1736 to Caterina Sant Nobile Michael Angelo Vassallo., married 1764 to Anne Xicluna Nobile Saveria Vassallo., married 1793 to Antonio Aguis (second marriage) Nobile Bartolomeo Vassallo (Claimed the Ancient Barony of Bauvso in 1819) as the 23rd Barone di Bauvso., married 1779 Donna Evanglista dei Principe Sayd-Dingli Nobile Guiseppe Vassallo.,24th Barone di Bauvso married 1817 to Marie Xuereb-Sant. Nobile Bartolomeo Vassallo, 25th Barone di Bauvso., married 1848 to Catherine Muscat. Nobile Giovanni Maria Vassallo, 26th Barone di Bauvso., married 1881 to Theresia dei Baroni Abela-Testaferrata. Nobile Bartolomeo Vassallo, 27th Barone di Bauvso.,married firstly .....dsp, secondly 1926 to Marianna Sammut-Castelletti, Baronessa di Frigenuini, she died 1939. Nobile Giovanni Maria Vassallo, 28th Barone di Bauvso, 10th Baron di Frigenuini ( 1927-97), married and dsp. Nobile Pedro Vassallo (c 1929-76)., married 1951 to Sylvia Schembri Nobile Robert XI Vassallo ,28th Barone di Bauvso (c 1962- , married Grace Buhagiar Nobile Peter Vassallo (c 1987- Nobile Vanessa Vassallo (c1988- Nobile Robert Vassallo (c 1989- Nobile Mark Vassallo (c 1990- Nobile Cameron Vassallo (c 1992- Nobile Nobile Nobile Katlyn Vassallo (c 1998- Nobile John Vassallo (c 1965-.,married 1989 to Doreen Grima, with issue Matthew Vassallo Gabriella Vassallo Nobile Peter Vassallo (c 1970 Nobile Mary Doris Vassallo (c 1953-.,married 1970 to Principe Guiseppe Said Testaferrata Nobile Josephine Vassallo (c 1959-., married 1984 Louis Zanelli Nobile Josephine Vassallo (c 1931-., married Gaetano Tabone Nobile Marianna Vassallo , died 1970., married Chev. Guiseppe Schembri Kt. Nobile Philip Vassallo. Nobile Paulo Vassallo., married 1885 to Angela Galea Nobile Guiseppe Vassallo., married 1916 Contessa Marianna Bugeja, 31st Baroness di Ghajn Rihani, 16th Signorina di Migiarro Nobile Maria Vassallo (c 1926-91) 32nd Baroness di Ghajn Rihani, 17th Signornina di Mugiarro .,married 1947 to Principe Carmelo Said Testaferrata Nobile Teresa Vassallo (c1936-85)., married Carmelo Sammut Nobile Carmelo Vassallo Nobile Angelo Vassallo Nobile Pio Vassallo MP ., married firstly , secondly to with issue from both marriages. (First Marriage) Nobile Austin Vassallo (c 1950-.,married and div. Nobile Paulo Vassallo (1933-., married Carmen Grech, with issue Nobile Mary Vassallo (c 1956-., married Pio Vella Nobile Josephine Vassallo (c 1958-., married John Grech Nobile Francis Vassallo (c 1960- Nobile Gino Vassallo (c 1962-., married Gina Schembri Nobile Giovanni Maria Vassallo., married 1717 to Domenica Chetcuti Nobile Saviour Vassallo., married 1759 to Maria Galea  Nobile Gio Maria Vassallo , married 1792 Marie Camilleri Nobile Paolo Vassallo., married 1831 to Marie Vella Nobile Gio Marie Vassallo., married 1855 to Anna Grech-Testaferrata Nobile Paolo Vassallo., married 1882 to Rose Zammit Nobile Gio Maria Vassallo., married 1910 to Margherita Grech Marquis Paul Vassallo de Vedra (c 1916-., married 1953 to Olive Eunice Jaggard. Marquis Paul Dominic Vassallo (c 1959- Nobile Margherita Vassallo (c 1957-., married 1986 to Paul Stacey Nobile Pacifico Vassallo Nobile Maria Vassallo Nobile Aloisio Vassallo Nobile Salvatore Vassallo Nobile Gioavnni Vassallo Noble Eugenia Vassallo Noble Domenica Vassallo Nobile Bartolomeo Vassallo., married Grace... Nobile Guiseppe Vassallo., married 1715 to Evangelista Mangion Nobile Mario Vassallo., married 1749 to Michaelina Mifsud, with issue. Nobile Theresia Vassallo., married Gregory Galea Nobile Vincent Vassallo., married Caterina... Nobile Salvo Vassallo ( 1530-69) ., married Nobile Agnes Vassallo, daughter of Francesco, with issue Nobile Caterina Vassallo (c 1531-1609)., married Francesco di Mont'Alto Nobile Antonio Vassallo , died 1571, Knight of Malta., married Angela Cuschieri Nobile Bartolomeo Vassallo (c 1528-75), Knight of Malta, dunm.  Nobile Guiliano Vassallo (c 1530-1608), Bishop of Malta, dunm.  Nobile Antonio Vassallo (c 1533-1624), Knight of Malta, married firstly  1550's to Isabella de Laimo, secondly  1570's to Paolina de Baroni Modica (Second marriage) Nobile Marco Vassallo., married 1611 to Imperia Xiberras Nobile Giovanni Maria Vassallo (Deacon of the Catheral of Mdina)., married 1642 to Filomena Bezzina Nobile Domenico Vassallo, Nobile Imperia Vassallo. married Giovanni Bezzina, with issue. Nobile Antonio Vassallo., married 1642 to Agata Attard Nobile Guiseppe Vassallo., married 1664 to Noble Grazia dei Baroni Pace Nobile Maria Vassallo., married 1694 to Matteo Camilleri  Nobile Agnes Vassallo., marrieed Pietro dei Baroni Laimo Nobile Graziano de Vassallo., married Noble Vittoria Falca  Nobile Angelo Vassallo (c1442)., married Agnes de Guevara, daughter of  Baron Giovanni.   Nobile Stefano Vassallo ., married Caterina Xcicluna  Nobile Stefano Vassallo (c 1500)., married Agata dei Baroni Pace Nobile Stefano Vassallo (c 1535)., married 1568 Margherita Borg Nobile Gaspare Vassallo , married 1602 to Caterina Zimech Nobile Agata Vassallo, married 1639 to Gio Batta Constanzo Nobile Domenica Vassallo,married 1633 to Alessandro Pisani Nobile Giovanni Vassallo ., married 1573 to Margherita Dingli Nobile Caterina Vassallo., married Domenico Zammit Nobile Louise Vassallo (c 1534-), married Notary Giovanni Maria Dolonto Nobile Agnes Vassallo., married Notary Pietro Cassia  Nobile Giovannni Vassallo, married 1469 to Nobile Imperia Falsone Notary Matteo Vassallo., married Francesca Laureri  Notary Francesco Vassallo., married 1520 to Nobile Agata Cassia, daughter of  Nobile Agnes Vassallo Notary Matteo Vassallo., married to Nobile Agata Testaferrata Nobile Pietro Vassallo., married Louise de Laimo Nobile Tommaso Vassallo., married Nobile Caterina Falsone Nobile Tommaso Vassallo, married Caterina Attard Nobile Gio Pietro Vassallo., married Argentia Ghaxaq Nobile Pietro Paolo Vassallo, married Flaminea Cammenzuil Nobile Maria Vassallo., married Gio Domenico Calleja Nobile Antonio Vassallo., married Carmela Tabone Nobile Ferdinand Vassallo., married Caterina Micallef Nobile Pietro Paolo Vassallo., married Maddalena Castelletti Nobile Aloisea Vassallo-Castelletti., married 1711 to Gio Domenico Azopardi Notary Graziano Vassallo., married Noble Paola … Nobile Antonella Vassallo married Nobile Gerolamo Surdo (Second Cousin) Noble Salvatore de Vassallo , Constable of Mdina., married Noble Malitda de Vassallo, daughter of Nobile Marco de Vassallo Nobile Bartolomeo Vassallo, Bishop of Messina, dunm. Nobile Marco Vassallo, Priest in Malta, dunm. Nobile Matilda Vassallo., married Giovanni Surdo 'Tesoriere" Noble Stefano de Vassallo "Priest in Malta" Nobile Marco de Vassallo ., married Maria de Vassallo, daughter of Nobile Graziano de Vassallo   Nobile Matilda de Vassallo., married Nobile Salvatore Vassallo Nobile Marco de Vassallo (c 1400-76) ., married Noble Giacoma de Baroni Vaccaro Noble Marco Vassallo (c 1440-79), married Noble Cesarea Vassallo, daughter of Nobile Michele Noble Marco Vassallo (c 1465-1517), married Louise de Caumont. Noble Cesarea Vassallo (c 1506-75), married Baron Leonor de Caumont of France. Noble Michele Vassallo (c 1466-79)dunm. Noble Cesarea Vassallo (c 1469-1535)., married Renee de Coefme III, Seigneur de Luce.  Noble Maria Vassallo ., married Giacomo de Vaccaro, 3rd Barone di Culeja Sir Giovanni Maria de Vassallo Kt, Knight by King Edward IV of England, lived in England and then followed John de La Pole, till retirement, in Palermo, Sicily (c 1449-1531), married  Lady Eleanore de La Pole, daughter of John , Duke of Suffolk, The title only recognised in Sicily and in Spain. Noble Marco de Vassallo (c 1503-79), Archbishop of Palermo, dunm. Noble Anne de Vassallo (c 1508-98), married Fabrizio Dolonto Nobile Constanza de Vassallo (c 1402-)., married Giovanni de Vaccaro, 2nd Barone di Benuarrat    Nobile Salvatore de Vassallo., married Donna Giacoma de Spataforo Nobile Johannes de Vassallo Noblie Ansaldinu de Vassallo Nobile Antonio de Vassallo Nobile Theuma de Vassallo, believed to fathered several children who took the surname of Theuma. This may be the connection to the Noble house of Theuma (Teuma)    Nobile Bartolomeo de Vassallo., married Donna Antonia de Spataforno Nobile Giacomo de Vassallo Nobile Pinu de Vassallo Nobile Paolo de Vassallo Nobile Salvo de Vassallo Nobile Theuma de Vassallo Nobile Nardu de Vassallo, possible Father of the surname of Naudi. Nobile Theuma de Vassallo, possible Father of the surname of Theuma.    Nobile Graziano de Vassallo., married Donna Theresia de Spataforno Nobile Maria de Vassallo., married Nobile Marco de Vassallo Nobile Michele de Vassallo, went to Sicily Nobile Aloysio de Vassallo, went to Sicily Nobile Randino de Vassallo (c 1412) Noted Soldier in Sicily.

1.2.2.   Nobile Giacomo de Vassallo , died 1259, Bishop of Messina, fathered a son Nobile Giacomo de Vassallo (c 1234-1303) Bishop of Messina, and Archbishop of Palermo, Conte (cr1291 Sicily), and Cardinal . fathered children by Donna Eva d'Orsini. Giacomo de Vassallo (1259-1331), Bishop of Messina. Dunm. Carmelo de Vassallo (c 1262-1317) Bishop of Reggio. Dunm. Donna Constanza de Vassallo, (died c1351)., married Don Maziotto de Spataforno, with issue. Nobile Giacomo de Vassallo Nobile Marco de Vassallo , soldier at the Royal court at Palermo. Noble Giacomo de Vassallo

1.3. Noble Vassallo de Vassallo (Crusader in the first crusades, died in Tripoli), married Doleta d'lbelin

1.3.1. Noble Giovanni de Vassallo, Kt (c 1257-98)., married Philippa de Beisan Nobile Vassallo de Vassallo Kt (c 1275-1315) Nobile Ricardo de Vassallo 'Councillor to Emperors Michael IX and Andronicus II' Created a  Hereditary Count  (c1278-1329) marrie Anne de Zaccaria-Paleologo Count Giovanni de Vassallo-Paleologo, Councillor to Emperor Andronicus III Palaeologos (1328-1341), to Emperor John V Palaeologos (1341-1391),to Emperor John VI  Cantacuzenos (1347-1354) And to Emperor Andronicus IV Paleologus (1376-1379)(Created Count 1349, by John VI Cantacuzanus (c 1312-95), married Francesca Sanudo dei Duchi Naxos Riccardo de Vassallo-Paleologo,Councillor to the Lords of Lesbos,(Recognised by the Lords of Lesbos as a Count)      nat. c. 1345,obt. 1386. Married to Margherita de Lloria Count Antonio de Vassallo-Paleologo,Councillor to Emperor John VII Paleologos (1390)and to Emperor Manuel II Palaeolgos (1391-1425)(Created a Cyprian Count in 1405)(c1370-1426). married Marie de Lusignan Niccolo’ de Vassallo-Paleologo,Councillor to Emperor John VIII Palaeologos (1425-1448)and to Constantine XI (XII) as Despot of Morea;eventually settled in Sicily, 1436, where he was recognised as being of imperial blood by King Alphonso  I (Created Conte Vassallo-Paleologos 1455 in Sicily) (c1409-71)., married Christine de Navarre Pietro de Vassallo-Paleologo,   married at Palermo, 1460 Isabella d’Agostino Count Francesco de Vassallo-Paleologo.,married Palermo 1510 to Antonello Afflitto Flavia Commena Palaeologina, Princess Imperial of Trebizond Principe "Conte Gaspare Vassallo-Paleologos., married at Palermo 1544 to Chiara Barberi dei Baroni Risabea Rassudi   Ludovico de Vassallo-Paleologo, married at Palermo 1570 to Leonora Corvera Count Matteo de Vassallo-Paleologo,Settled on the island of Malta, 1602 (c1577-1651)., married 1611 to Caterina de Rinaldi Conte Ludovico Vassallo-Paleologos,(Moved back to Sicily) Contessa Margherita Vassallo-Paleologos, married 1640 Publio dei Baroni Inguanez Conte Gaspare Vassallo-Paleologo      (1572-1643)    Conte Edoardo Vassallo-Paleologo      (1572-1627)     "Principe Conte Stefano Vassallo-Paleologos      Senator in Sicily 1525 and 1532 "Principe Conte Giovanni Vassallo-Paleologos Senator in Sicily 1538., married Leonara Calinelli Conte Giovanni Matteo Vassallo-Paleologos., married Francesca Coruera Conte Vincenzo Vassallo-Paleologos, married Theresia Lampugnano Antonio Vassallo-Paleologos      , died 1652. Conte Ludovico Vassallo-Paleologos., married 1610  Maria Cernellon Conte Tommaso Vassallo-Paleologo married 1650 Susanna Diane….   Conte Mariano Vassallo-Paleologos, married Paola Micciche Contessa Eleanore Vassallo-Paleologos, married 1590 to Orazio Vanni


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