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17th August 2004
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Actor: Marisa warrington
Character: Sindi Watts
Your questions from the messageboard
Laura-Rose: What was it like having to date someone like Rocco who looks nearly twice your age?
Marisa: Robert, who plays Rocco is a lovely guy, so it was fine. However, I must confess, when I was about 24 I briefly dated a man who was in his 40s and I have to say that it did look a bit wrong! He looked like my uncle!
Luke: Now that there are two Marisas on the cast what does everyone call you?
Marisa: You're right, it can get confusing at times, so Marisa Siketa (Summer) is called little Marisa and I'm called big Marisa, even though I am quite little too!
Fez2K4: What do you like to do when you're not working and what are you, Ryan (Toadie) and Robert (Rocco) like with each other off screen?
Marisa: When I'm not working I like to spend time with my partner and hang out with my friends. I also like to read and do yoga and at the moment I'm trying to learn how to meditate. Off-screen Ryan and Robert are really nice guys. I don't really see them outside of work though.
Dave: We've seen many different sides to Sindi. Which do you most enjoy playing?
Marisa: I liked playing Sindi when she was naughty and trying to break up Toadie and Dee with Darcy. They have taken away my evil gene and replaced it with a slightly dippy gene. The current Sindi character is incredibly sweet and honest, she has a lot of good points.
Kutekestrel: In real life, do you get on with your housemates - Scott and Susan?
Marisa: Because Sindi is not related to anyone in the street she has no real reason to be there. However, the characters of Susan and Stingray makes it easier for her to feel wanted.
In real life Jackie and Ben are incredibly wonderful to work with. At one end of the scale Jackie has been there for 10 years and at the other Ben is new to TV. I learn a lot from them both.
I consider Ben to be one of my good friends at work and it's truly a joy to be in the same scene with him.
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