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Xbox / News / Xbox Outsold by PS one in Japan
Xbox Outsold by PS one in Japan
News by: Funky Zealot
Posted: 07/23/04

Media Create released its latest weekly hardware sales figures for Japan, showing the continual dominance of the PlayStation 2, and relatively lower sales for the GameCube. The Xbox is selling worse than the PS one despite a price point lower than the PlayStation 2, showing the difficulties that Microsoft face in breaking into the Japanese market.

Here's the sales figures for the week ending July 18, 2004.

  • PlayStation 2: 37,871 units
  • Game Boy Advance SP: 30,217 units
  • GameCube: 4,684 units
  • Game Boy Advance: 1,891 units
  • PS one: 276 units
  • Xbox: 272 units
  • Wonder Swan Crystal: 57 units

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