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I heve tried to make the data and reasoning for why I believe dietary factors are a major player in MS as widely available as possible(see have agreed with my reasoning and have adopted diet revision whereas others have disagreed and have continued to eat their normal North American diets.Presently we have no idea which group has made the right choice.
To me the most important thing that needs to be done now is for proper research to test the diet hypothesis.Many PwMS will not follow the suggested diet until research demonstrates that such a dietary regime is effective in halting or slowing MS progression.The only way this will be determined is through a proper clinical trial.
My efforts are now focussed on trying to get such a clinical trial going.The big MS charities do not seem to be interested in such research and your guess is as good as mine why these charities do not want to test a plausible cause of MS.They certainly have no evidence that the diet hypothesis is not valid.It would appear the societies are too closely tied to drugs to want to test the diet hypothesis.
Consequently a number of families who are directly affected by MS have recently established a registered charity,DIRECT-MS,which stands for DIet REsearch into the Cause and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.The sole purpose of this charity is to raise sufficient money to fund a proper clinical trail which tests the diet hypothesis.
We have already got committments from both neurological and nutritional researchers to conduct the necessary clinical trial once sufficient funds are raised.This clinical trail will settle the issue once and for all.One group will eat a "Paleolithic" diet for at least one year and a matched control group will eat their normal North American diet.MRIs at the start and finish will provide objective data whether or not the diet has a beneficial effect or not.
We expect it may take a few years to raise enough money but we are sure if we don't do it it will never get done and PwMS will be left in that terrible dilemma of to diet or not to diet.If anyone on this forum would like to help to raise funds in their area please contact me by email.I would emphasize that 100% of all donations will go the research fund.My wife and I are covering the minor overhead expenses.No salaries are paid and all volunteers are people directly affected by MS.This compares with about 15% of the NMSS and MSSC donations going to research.
Also all donations are tax deductible in Canada and the USA.If you want to donate to the charity please make out a cheque to DIRECT-MS and send it to 5119 Brockington Rd NW,Calgary,Alberta,Canada,T2L 1R7.A tax receipt will be sent to you promptly.
If anyone has any questions regarding the charity or the relationship between MS and dietary factors please contact me.

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