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Alpha Phi Omega

Board Meeting Minutes
7 October 1967

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The Executive Committee consists of the President, the three Vice Presidents, the Treasurer, the immediate Past President and the Executive Director. All were present for the session except the Director, who was ill and could not attend.

The Executive Committee of the National Executive Board is meeting Saturday, October 7, at the Chase Park Plaza hotel in St. Louis.

The committee is headed by the National President, Brother E. Ross Forman, and includes the three National Vice Presidents, Dr. Glen T. Nygreen, Aubrey B. Hamilton and Robert J. Hilliard; the National Treasurer, Gerald M. Plessner; the immediate Past National President, Dr. Tom T. Galt, and the National Executive Director, Joseph Scanlon.

The agenda includes the Constitutional Convention of 1967, Tribute Fund Dinners, Alpha Phi Omega's finances, and reports and recommendations of various committees.

Preliminary drafts of Constitutional Convention position papers will be studied and reviewed and a deadline set on when final drafts must be completed and sent to chapters.

The committee will consider ways and means to insure a smooth functioning convention at Norman. The details are enormous. The Fraternity must accomplish in minimum time a maximum achievement. No effort will be spared to insure its success.

The 1966 National Convention held in Minneapolis was the largest and best attended to date. More than 1,000 Brothers, representing 210 chapters, participated.

December of 1968 may seem far off, but it's only fifteen months away. Since the last Convention, 51 new chapters have been chartered, and many more will be added to the list before we meet in Washington. It promises to be a record breaker in every respect.