Source of members names: From 1930 until 1990 members' names were published in the Society journal as they joined or became fellows. These sources are shown as a journal abbreviation followed by the year in which the person entered the Society, e.g., ER 1942. (ER = Eugenics Review; Bulletin of the Eugenics Society; B&S; = Biology and Society). The Eugenics Review at times listed all the officers and members of the council. These sources are also shown as a journal abbreviation followed by a date. The Society is a corporation and its directors are listed in its annual reports deposited in Company House (CH). In 1937 the Society published a list of members in its Annual Report (ESAR 1937). In 1957 the Society published a list of members in the Eugenics Review (ER 1957). A list of members compiled in 1977 was deposited in the Welcome Archives (1977 list). Deaths of members were sometimes noted in obituaries in the Society journals (Obit + journal abbreviation and date). Other sources are as specified.

Namenyi, Dr. L. MD

Budapest, Hungary
Eugenics Society Member 1938
Source: ER 1938
Natesa Aiyar Rao Bahadur - See under Rao Bahadur

Nash, Mrs. Ingrid SRN

Eugenics Society Member 1977
Personal: State Registered Nurse
Source: 1977 list
Neff, F/O (RCAF) D.A.
Eugenics Society Fellow 1944
Personal: Flying Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force
Source: ER 1944
Nelson, Mr. G.A.
Long Mile, Old Avenue, St. George's Hill, Weybridge 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Nettlefold, Mrs.
Carlisle House, 27 Devonshire Terrace London W2, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Personal: d. 1942
Source: ESAR 1937, Obit, ER 1942, p. 40
Nevile, Mrs.Woodington
Romsey, Hants 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1933, 1937
Personal: related to Mr. Gervais C. Nevile q.v.
Source: ER 1933, ESAR 1937
Nevile, Mr. Gervais C.
Woodington , nr. Romsey, Hants 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Neville Rolfe, Mrs. Sybil Katharine OBE
5 Tite St., London SW 3
Eugenics Society Hon. Sec. 1908-1920 Member 1926 Council 1931-32 Director 1936, 1939, Fellow 1937 First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee (Hon. Secretary)
Personal: Mrs. Neville Rolfe = Mrs Gotto q.v.; widowed at 20; married Mr. Neville Rolfe in 1917; d. 1955; daughter of Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Cecil Burney; related by marriage to tea and rubber planter, Charles Wm. Neville Rolfe 1917;Secretary General, British Social Hygiene Council, Tavistock House South, Tavistock Sq., London 1939, (1937 address, British Social Hygiene Council, Carteret House, Carteret St., Westminster, London SW1)
Pubns: Publisher of the magazine "Health and Empire" for the British Social Hygiene Council
Source: CH, Articles of Association, 1926; ER 1931-32, Obit ER 1954-56, ESAR 1937, Burke's 105th ed.
Nevin, Dr. Norman C. BSc, BCh, MD, BAO, MRCP (Edinburgh)
Dept. of Medical Statistics, Institute of Clinical Science, Belfast, N. Ireland
Eugenics Society Fellow 1966, 1977 Council 1989
Personal: Belfast City Hospital, Lisburn Rd., Belfast 1990; Prof. of Medical Genetics, Queens University, Belfast; Cons., Medical Genetics, Eastern Health and Social Services Board, N. Ireland; V.P., Clinical Genetics Society; MRC Fellow in Clinical Genetics, Institute of Child Health, London
"Third International Congress of Human Genetics", ER, v. 58, p. 182; Lancet, i, 183, 1973, Cited by Lane Report, Appendix J. (developing method of prenatal diagnosis of spina bifida for purposes of abortion); Illustrated Guide to Malformations of CNS at Birth.1983; 1990 "Vitamins during pregnancy and neural tube defects", w/others, incl. Joe L. Simpson (AES), A. Milunsky, in JAMA, v. 263, May 23, p. 2747; 1993 "Creutz Jeghers syndrome" w/ P.J. Morrison, NEJM, v. 329, Sept. 9, p. 774
Source: ER 1966, 1977 list, CH, Medical Directory 1991, Genetic Prophecy. 1983
Prenatal Diagnosis:
"Research has been, and is being, undertaken into the antenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormalities, but it is as yet possible to diagnose only a small number of these abnormalities early enough in pregnancy to perform an abortion. With advances in the techniques of amniotic cell culture and of examination of the chromosomes and biochemical properties of the cells, it is hoped that more of these conditions will be detected at an earlier stage." Lane Report, para 210
Genetic Advisory Centres 1983- North East Thames Regional Health Authority Genetic Clinic, Institute of Child Health, Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormonde St., London
- Northern Ireland Dept. of Medical Genetics, Institute of Clinical Science, Grosvenor Rd., Belfast
Spina Bifida:
In the 1990's it was found that spina bifida could be prevented in most cases by a diet containing enough folic acid.
Newbold, Mrs. Esther S.
Irvine Post Office, Warren Co., Pennsylvania, USA 1937, 1957
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1937, 1957
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957
Newcastle Literary & Philosophical Society
Westgate Rd., Newcastle on Tyne 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Newell, Mr. A.N.
Eugenics Society Member 1931
Source: ER 1931
Newfield, Dr. Maurice MRCS, LRCP
Eugenics Society Council 1931 Editor, ER 1933-49
Personal: Medical adviser on publicity to Glaxo Labs (McCorquodale, birth control); pseudonym Michael Fielding; ER of Oct. 1949 had twenty two people, not necessarily all members of the Eugenics Society, expressing sorrow over Newfield's death. One of these was Abraham Stone; another was "Michael Heseltine" (not the secretary of the environment, who was a young man in 1949)
Eugenics Review; Parenthood: Design or Accident.
Source: ER Vol. 60, ASP's Hist., Obit ER 1949, p. 103-16
Newfield, Mrs. Sigrid
Eugenics Society Member 1949
Personal: wife of Maurice Newfield q.v.
Source: ER 1949, p. 115, ER 1949
Newfield, Mrs. S.
c/o Mrs. Holmes, Eastwood Park Ave., South Harrogate, Yorks
Eugenics Society Fellow 1952, 1957, 1977
Source: ER 1952, 1957, 1977 list
Newfield, Mr. J.G.H. London
Eugenics Society Member 1938-39, 1953, 1957
Source: ER 1938-39, 1953, 1957
Newman, Mr. Henry
Eugenics Society Member 1931
Source: ER 1931
Newnham, Mr. Henry
87 Victoria St., London SW1, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Newman, Mr. T. Buchey
Eugenics Society Member 1982
Source: Bulletin of the Eugenic Society 1983
Newth, Dr. A.A.E. MB, BS, LMSSA, DPH
Green Gates, Lucknow Dr., Nottingham 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Newton, Mr. N.
1 Rose Villas, Fydell St., Boston, Lincs 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Ney, Major Fred J. MC
43 George St , Toronto, Canada 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1931, 1937
Personal: National Council of Education 1937
Source: ER 1931, ESAR 1937
Nicholson, Dr. Wilmot MB, DPH
Eugenics Society Member 1939
Personal: Mrs. Wilmot Nicholson; Diploma in Public Health
Source: ER 1939
Nisbet, Mr. John D. MA, B Ed
Dept. of Education, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
Eugenics Society Member 1951, 1957
Personal: Lect. in Education, University of Aberdeen 1954; Intelligence officer, RAF
Family Environment., Eugenics Society Occ. Paper; 1957-58 "Intelligence and Family Size", ER, v. 49, p. 201
Source: ER 1951, 1957, ER 1954-55, p. 202
Nixon, Prof. W.C.W. FRCOG
Obstetric Hospital, University College Hospital, London
Eugenics Society Member 1949 Consultative Council 1957
called himself "the abortionist of Gower St." before 1967 Abortion Act, according to Abortion Law Reformed. by Madeline Simms q.v.
Personal: Prof. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of London 1946-66; Examiner in Obstetrics, London, Cambridge, Durham
A Guide to Obstetrics in General Practice. 1954; Childbirth. 1962
Source: ER 1949, 1957, WWW, Abortion Law Reformed.
Noad, Mr. T.W.
Queen Anne's Mansions, St. James Park, London SW1, 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Noble, Mr. Robert
Eugenics Society Member 1941
Source: ER 1939-41
Noel-Buxton, Lord
Eugenics Society Member 1951
Source: ER 1951
Norman, Dr. Hubert J. MB
Camberwell House, Peckham Rd., London SE5, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Norris, Dr. D.C. MD, FRCS
55 Portland Pl., London 1957
Eugenics Society Fellow 1931, 1937, 1957
Co-founder, British Council for Rehabilitation of the Disabled
Personal: Tutor and Lecturer, Insurance Institute for 15 years; Medical referee for insurance company; 1937 address 14 City Rd., Finsbury Sq., London, EC1
Pubns: A Red Cross Unit in Serbia. 1916; article on "Malingering" in British Encyclopedia of Medical Practice1937, 1951; Physically Handicapped Persons and Employment. 1942
Source: ER 1931, ESAR 1937, ER 1957, WWW
North Kensington Marriage Welfare Center
12 Telford Rd., Ladbroke Grove, London
Eugenics Society Member 1954, 1957
Now called North Kensington Branch of the Family Planning Association; see Helena Wright q.v.; Freda Parker, former chairman of the Family Planning Association, began work here; Helena Wright q.v. worked here
Source: ER 1954, 1957, FPA Annual Report 1981-1982
Economic Motivation:" ... ten years on and with family planning integrated into the NHS as a free service, the benefits far outweigh the costs. In 1982 public sector benefits were as much as 500 pounds for every 100 invested in family planning provision." from review of Family Planning: The Benefits and the Costs by Wm. Laing. Funded by the FPA and published by the Policy Studies Institute, this book revisits the territory covered by The Costs and Benefits of Family Planning, 1972 by the same author and comes to the same conclusion." (FPA Annual Report 1982-83) Ed. Note: But what would he say in 1992 with family breakdown and teenage pregnancy soaring? Is it still good economics?
Government Support:
200,000 British pounds from Government to fund information for parents; to improve family planning services; to provide family planning in the workplace (N. Standard 4/12/91)
Northey, Mr. W.C.
Eugenics Society Member 1947
Source: ER 1947
Norton, Mrs. Marion S.
174 Prospect Ave. Princeton, New Jersey, USA 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Personal: New Jersey Sterilization League = Birthright; Human Betterment League; American; very important in USA
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Norton, Mr. R.G.
Cronkbourne House, Douglas, Isle of Man
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957
Source: ER 1957
Nussey, Miss Helen G.
The Ivy House, Chislehurst, Kent 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Nye, Dr. L.J.J. CBE, MD, ChM, FRACP
Brisbane Clinic, Brisbane, Australia
Eugenics Society Fellow 1963, 1977
Personal: Master of Surgery; Commander of the Order of the British Empire; Fellow, Royal Australian College of Physicians
Source: ER 1963, 1977 list