Source of members names: From 1930 until 1990 members' names were published in the Society journal as they joined or became fellows. These sources are shown as a journal abbreviation followed by the year in which the person entered the Society, e.g., ER 1942. (ER = Eugenics Review; Bulletin of the Eugenics Society; B&S; = Biology and Society). The Eugenics Review at times listed all the officers and members of the council. These sources are also shown as a journal abbreviation followed by a date. The Society is a corporation and its directors are listed in its annual reports deposited in Company House (CH). In 1937 the Society published a list of members in its Annual Report (ESAR 1937). In 1957 the Society published a list of members in the Eugenics Review (ER 1957). A list of members compiled in 1977 was deposited in the Welcome Archives (1977 list). Deaths of members were sometimes noted in obituaries in the Society journals (Obit + journal abbreviation and date). Other sources are as specified.

Talbot, Dr. H. MRCS, LRCP, MB

Union Bld., Top Floor Hong Kong 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1934, 1937
Source: ER 1934, ESAR 1937
Tan, Mr. S.H.
9 Hallifax Rd., Singapore, Straits Settlement 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1935, 1937
Source: ER 1935, ESAR 1937
Tan, Mr.
S.H. Marden Company, Singapore
Eugenics Society Member 1952
Source: ER 1952
Tanner, Prof. James Mourilyan MD, PhD, DSc, FRCP, FRC Psych, DPM
Dept. of Growth and Development, Institute of Child Health, Hospital for Sick Children, London
Eugenics Society Member 1947 Council 1948-49 Secretary 1961-62 Fellow 1957, 1977 Editorial Bd., ER 1968
Developed method of injecting hormones from brains of corpses into very short children to make them grow. As a result several of these children had developed Jacob Creuzfeld syndrome by 1992 (see Michael Preece q.v.)
Personal: MB 1944; DPM 1946; PhD 1953; Psychiatrist; Rockefeller Foundation supported study into genetic basis of constitutional differences in physiology, i.e. growth; Institute of Child Health (1957-77, Professor of Child Health and Growth 1977; see M. Preece q.v.); Rockefeller Fellow to study at Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania; Mem: Society for the Study of Human Biology 1977, American Eugenic Society, Biometric Society, Physiological Society
Discussions on Child Development. Vol. 1-4. WHO study group on psychobiological development of the child. 1953-56; Prospects in Psychiatric Research. (ed.) 1953; Growth at Adolescence. 1955; Education and Physical Growth. 1961; Growth at Adolescence. 1962; "Galtonian Eugenics and the Study of Growth: the relation of body size, intelligence test score, and social circumstances in children and adults", Galton Lecture 1966 by Dr. Tanner, reviewed in ER 1966, p. 117 "the relationship between stature and intelligence ... Dr. Tanner establishes that the association is a real one." ER 1966, p. 117 (ed. bolded), (see Dugald Baird on the women he aborted; Dr. Martin Cole q.v. and his study of long legs in women as a correlate and predictor of intelligence; Arthur Jensen on long legs and deep pockets in men as a correlate of IQ); "Earlier Maturation in Man", Scientific American, 1968; "Growing Up", Scientific American, Sept. 1973, p. 34; Human Growth. (ed.) 1978; A History of the Study of Human Growth.1981
Source: ER 1947, 1957, 1977 list, WWW, Medical Directory 1977
Genetic Advisory Centres 1983
- North East Thames Regional Health Authority Genetic Clinic, Institute of Child Health, Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormonde St., London
Tate, Capt. C.T.
Rosehill Lodge, London 1957
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937, 1957
Personal: 1937 address 82c Queens Rd., London W2, 1937
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957
Tatham, Mrs. Noelle
Eugenics Society Member 1945
Source: ER 1943-45
Tayler, Dr. J. Lionel MRCS, LRCP
Eugenics Society Council 1909-11
Source: ER 1909-11
Taylor, Lord of Harlow MD, BSc, FRCP, FRCGP, LLD
Haywards Heath, Sussex
Eugenics Society Member 1984
Source: B&S; 1985, WSW 1990
Taylor, Mr. Kenneth H.
Eugenics Society Member 1948
Source: ER 1948-49
Taylor, Dr. Moore OBE, MD, DPH
Eugenics Society Fellow 1953
Personal: Diploma in Public Health; Officer, Order of the British Empire
Source: ER 1953
Taylor, Mr. P.J.
Eugenics Society Member 1947
Source: ER 1947
Taylor, Dr. P.J. BSc, MB, BS, MRCP
RAF Hospital, Akrotiri, Cyprus
Eugenics Society Overseas Member 1957
Source: ER 1957
Taylor, Dr. S.
Eugenics Society Member 1989
Source: B&S; 1989
Taylor, Mr. Wallis BSc (Econ), PhD
Dept. of Economic and Social Statistics
Manchester Univ., Manchester
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Source: 1977 list
Teeluck, Sir Lecraz CBE, MB, ChB, DTM, LM
Mauritius Commission London
Eugenics Society Member 1958, 1977
Personal: Doyen of the London Diplomatic Corps and Senior High Commissioner, Mauritius 1979; Commander of the Order of the British Empire; MB ChB Edinburgh 1937; Doctor of Tropical Medicine (Liverpool) 1939; Licentiate in Midwifery; see D. Speed q.v.; (Dr. Bodhun Teeluck, High Commissioner for Mauritius since 1989, is not Lecraz Teeluck's son.)
Source: ER 1958, 1977 list, Medical Directory 1977, London Diplomatic List 1980, WSW 1990, Medical Directory 1991
Telling, Dr. W.H. Maxwell MD, BS, FRCP
29 Park Square, Leeds 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Tennant, Mr. W.A.
Orford House, Ugley, Bishops Stortford 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1932, Fellow 1937
Personal: d. 1942
Source: ESAR 1937, Obit ER 1942 p. 40
Teper, Mrs. A. BSc (Econ)
MRC Medical Sociology Unit, Institute of Medical Sociology, Aberdeen University
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Pubns: see Illsey q.v.
Source: 1977 list
Teper, Ms. Susan
Eugenics Society Member 1965 V.P. 1983
"Patterns of Fertility in Greater London", Dept. of Statistics, London School of Economics. Grant from Greater London Council Research and Intelligence Unit. (see Bernard Benjamin q.v.) Occasional Paper, no. 1, 1968; Editorial Bd., Biology and Society 1985; Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology, v. 11, 1989, w/ P. Diggory q.v.
Source: ER 1965, CH, B&S; 1985
The Library, University College of Wales
Aberystwyth, Wales
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937, 1957
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957
Theobalds, Mr. D.
Eugenics Society Member 1989
Source: B&S; 1989
Thoday, Prof. J.M. BSc, PhD, ScD, FRS
Dept. of Genetics, Cambridge Univ., Cambridge
Eugenics Society Member 1947 Fellow 1957, 1977 V.P. 1966 Director 1975 Council 1989
Director, OECD project for reform of secondary school biology teaching, 1962
Personal: b. 30 Aug. 1916; Univ. of Sheffield (Asst Lectr, then Lectr. for Cytogenetics, Depts. of Botany and Zoology 1947-54, Head of Dept. of Genetics 1954-59); Cambridge Univ. (Arthur Balfour Professor of Genetics 1959-83, now Prof. Emeritus); Chmn., UK National Cttee for Biology 1982-88; Pres., Genetical Society 1975-78
"Causes and functions of genetic variety", ER 1962-63, v. 54, p. 195; "Geneticism and Environmentalism" in Biological Aspects of Social Problems. 1965 Meade q.v. and Parkes q.v.; "Genetic and environmental factors in human ability", ER 1967, v. 59, p. 216 (C); Genetic and Environmental Influences of Behaviour. w/ AS Parkes q.v. 1968; Quantitative Genetics. 1979 w/ J.N. Thompson
Source: ER 1947, 1957, WSW 1990, CH, 1977 list
Thomas, Miss M.A.
26 Woodstock Rd. London W4, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Thomason, Miss Doreen
Eugenics Society Member 1947
Source: ER 1947
Thompson, Miss Barbara
MRC Medical Sociology Unit Centre for Social Studies, Aberdeen
Eugenics Society V.P. 1971 Fellow 1977
Personal: Ethel Dorothy Barbara Thompson; MRC Medical Sociology Unit 1971,1977; see R. Illsey q.v.
1989 Having a First Baby: experiences in 1951 and 1981 compared: two social, obstetric and dietary studies of married primagavidae in Aberdeen. (a comparison w/ Dugarld Baird's study, see D. Baird q.v.
Source: CH, 1977 list
Invaluable information on millions of deaths, especially in ethnic upper classes:
"Tietze has once again provided an invaluable factbook on induced abortion ... Estimates range from 30 to 55 million per year ... rates tended to increase with average income for each ethnic group ... In India in the early seventies about half the women having an abortion were also sterilised ... Reports of adverse side effects ... are controversial" Review by B. Thompson of Induced Abortion. by C. Tietze q.v. in Bulletin of the Eugenic Society, June 1980
Thompson, Mrs. Gilchrist
Eugenics Society Member 1931
Source: ER 1931
Thompson, Dr. J.D. MD
Eugenics Society Member 1944
Source: ER 1943-45
Thompson, Prof. McLean
Eugenics Society Member 1924
Source: ER 1923-24 p. 643
Thompson, Mr. Norman Arthur
c/o Lloyds Foreign Bank
43 Blvd. des Capucines, Paris, France 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937 Overseas Member 1957
Personal: Paris 1937, 1957
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957
Thompson, Mr. R.D.
Eugenics Society Member 1931
Source: ER 1931
Thompson, Dr. R.H.S. MB, MA
Eugenics Society Member 1939
Source: ER 1938-39
Thomson, Dr. Angus MB, BCh, DPH
Eugenics Society Fellow 1959
Personal: Diploma in Public Health
Source: ER 1959
Thomson, Mrs. Douglas
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ER 1937
Thomson, Prof. Godfrey H. DSc, PhD
Edinburgh University 1937
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1937 Fellow 1937
"The Trend of National Intelligence", Galton Lecture 1946
Source: ESAR 1937
Thomson, Prof. J.A. MA
Eugenics Society V.P. 1910-11 Council 1916 First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee
Darwinism and Human Life. 1910 (advocates a "rational social selection" according to the ER 1910, p. 150); "Eugenics and War", Galton Lecture, ER 1915 16, v. 7, p. 1; Man in the Light of Evolution. 1926; What to Read on Evolution. 1928; Outlines of General Biology. 2 vol. 1931; "Warnings from nature: or seven red flags from biology", Galton Lecture, 1931, ER 1931-32, v. 23, p. 7; Darwinism and Human Life. 1946
Source: ER 1910-11, 1916, Men Behind Hitler, p. 87; Problems in Eugenics. 1912 (repr.)
Thomson, Mr. T.R.
1 Suffolk St., Pall Mall, London SW1, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1935 Fellow 1936, 1937
Source: ER 1935, 1936, ESAR 1937
Thornley, Dr. R.L. MD, BCh, MRCP
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ER 1937
Thornton, Miss E.R.
Eugenics Society Member 1931
Source: ER 1931
Thornton, Lt. Col. F.R.
Eugenics Society Member 1948
Personal: IMS (Ret'd.)
Source: ER 1948-49
Thornton, Sir Gerald DSc, FRS
St. Albans, Herts
Eugenics Society Hon. Life Fellow 1962, 1977 V.P. 1966
Personal: b. 1892; d. 6 Feb., 1977; s. of Francis Hugh Thornton, Northampton; educ. Oxford; Rothamstead 1919-57 (Head of Dept. of Soil Biology); Foreign Secretary, Royal Society 1955-60
- son Peter Kai Thornton (Peter Thornton; b. 1925; Curator, Sir John Soane Museum; Peter Jay, m. 1. dau of James Callaghan 1961-86 and then m. 2. daughter of Peter Kai Thornton 1986
- (Peter Jay; son of Baron Jay
(Baron Jay; who married J.C. Maxwell Garnett's daughter; Times; Economic Secretary to Treasury 1947-50; see E.B. Poulton q.v.);
(Pter Jay) Treasury 1961-67; Economics Editor, The Times 1967-77; Assoc. ed., Times Business News 1969-77; Dir., Economist Intelligence Unit 1979-83; Chief of Staff to Robert Maxwell 1986 to at least 1990; The Budget. 1972; The Crisis of Western Political Economy and other Essays. 1984; Supervising Editor, Banking World))
(and see Clive Ian Thornton
(Clive Ian Thornton; Abbey National; Chmn., Mirror Gp. Papers 1984; Chmn. of The Universe (Catholic paper) since 1986; C.I. Thornton was briefly connected with Maxwell during the struggle over the Daily Mirror.)
Pubns: research on nitrogen fixing bacteria; arts. in Proc. of Royal Society, Journal of Agricultural Science
Source: ER 1962, 1966, 1977 list, WSW 1990, CH, WWW
Thornton, Mr. H.G. MA, DSc
Hall Place St. Albans, Herts 1937
Eugenics Society Council 1933, 1938-39 Fellow 1937
Source: ER 1933, 1938-39, ESAR 1937
Thurstone, Prof. L.L.
Psychometric Laboratory, North Carolina Univ., Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1957
Personal: American; Arthur Jensen dedicatedStraight Talk About Mental Tests. 1980 to Thurstone among others. Like The Bell Curve, this book purported to show that African-Americans are genetically inferior in intelligence to Caucasians.
Source: ER 1957
Thwaites, Mr. Earnest J.
Eugenics Society Fellow 1940
Source: ER 1939-41
Tietze, Dr. Christopher MD
2532 Holmes Run Dr., Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Population Council
Eugenics Society Member 1948, 1957, 1977
Holocaust Betrayer:
"Legal Abortion in Eastern Europe" was cited by Blackmun to show safety of abortion; thus
Tietze is partly responsible for the deaths of 30,000,000 Americans though he himself was a Jewish refugee from Hitler, (see Felix Tietze for possible reasoning for continued association with eugenics); Division of Functional Intelligence, US State Department 1949-57; wrote report on Barbados "It is recommended that Family Planning Clinics should be set up and operated directly by the Government" (ER 1957-58, p. 123 and International Encyclopedia of Population "Barbados")
International Planned Parenthood; US citizen; Jewish Refugee from Hitler; Division of Functional Intelligence, US State Department 1949-57; demographer for Rockefeller dominated Population Council; set up Association of the Study of Abortion in 1964 with Alan Guttmacher in USA which is what Bernard Nathanson joined; wrote for (ES) A.P. Pillay's "Marriage Hygiene" in 1930; related to Sarah Lewitt
Correspondence from abroad in ER "Christopher Teitze from Austria" ER Index, p. 171;
Bibliography of Fertility Control 1950-65. New York, 1965. National Committee on Maternal Health
Cited six times by Lane Commission; "Report to Population Council on Joint Program for the Study of Abortion" Studies in Family Planning 3, 6, June 1972
Documented Black Genocide:
"Legal Abortion in the United States: Rates and Ratios by Race and Age, 1972-74" Family Planning Perspectives, Jan. Feb. 1977 (Vol. 9, no. 1) (1/4 of babies aborted were black though blacks are only twelve percent of the US population)
"The Pill and Mortality from Cardiovascular Disease - Another Look", Family Planning Perspectives Vol. 11, No. 2, March/ April 1979 (in answer to Vessey's evidence that the steroid contraceptive pill causes cardiovascular disease; for use see FPA Annual Report)
IUD: 1970 "Evaluation of Intra uterine devices: ninth report of the Cooperative Statistical Program" w/ Sarah Lewitt, in Studies In family Planning, no. 55
Source: ER 1948, 1957, 1977 list, ER Index, Felix Tietze q.v.; Aborting America., Annual Obituary 1984
Tietze, Mr. Felix Ferdinand MD, LLD
25 Castellain Rd., London W.9
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1957
Holocaust Betrayer
Austrian career
LLD Vienna 1907; MD Vienna 1919; Medical Jurist
- m. Hertha Tietze (Hertha Tietze; MD Vienna 1918; ex Assistant Medical Officer (MO) City of Plymouth; Surgical Officer, Newcastle 1957)
1934 Austrian rep to the International Federation of Eugenic Organizations (IFEO); defendant in Graz Sterilization Trials, found guilty 1934;
England from 1939;
MRCS, LRCP 1942; ex Assistant Medical Officer (MO) Plymouth Mental Hospital 1957; Medical Officer of Health and School Medical Officer of Health Jarrow 1957; (see Ursula Philip)
Pubns: "The Graz Sterilization Trial" ER Oct. 1934 p. 213; "Eugenic Measures in the Third Reich" ER 1939 (asserted that Hitler does not represent international eugenics therefore it is all right, even for Jews, to continue to support eugenics despite the obvious social disaster which was the German regime. Maintained this position even after the war.)
Source: ER 1957, Medical Directory 1957
Tietze, Dr. J.W.
School of Education, New York University, New York, NY, USA
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1957
Personal: see Willystine Goodsell on American Eugenic Society list, also at NYU
Source: ER 1957
Tills, Mr. D. FIMLT, LI
Biol. Dept. of Anthropology British Museum, London
Eugenics Society Fellow 1967, 1977
Personal: Fellow, Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology
Source: ER 1967, 1977 list
Timberlake, Mr. R.S. DPA
Wimborne, Dorset
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Personal: Diploma in Public Administration
Source: 1977 list
Timson, Mr. John
Dept. of Medical Genetics, Manchester Univ., Manchester
Eugenics Society Fellow 1967, 1977 Pres. 1974 Director 1977 V.P. 1979 Council 1989, 1993
Personal: Lect., Dept. of Medical Genetics, Royal Infirmary, Manchester 1974, 1979
Source: ER 1967, 1977 list, CH, Galton Institute Annual Report 1993,Genetic Prophecy.
Genetic Advisory Centres 1983
- North West Regional Health Authority, University Dept. of Medical Genetics, Manchester Royal Infirmary, Oxford Rd., Manchester
DNA fingerprinting:
"Alec Jeffreys of Leicester University who was one of the originators of DNA fingerprinting..." from "DNA fingerprints or fools rush in..." in Galton Newsletter, Sept. 1991 p. 3 by Timson; articles Timson cites to prove worth of SLP and MLP fingerprinting: Jeffreys et al, American Journal of Human Genetics v. 48, p. 824, 1991; Budowle et al, American Journal Human Genetics v. 48, p. 841 1991; These articles make it plain that DNA fingerprinting is more like identikit than like a fingerprint; see also the controversy in Science, Dec. 1991 involving R.C. Lewontin (AES), and Kenneth Kidd (AES); (see Kallmann q.v. for origin of American Journal of Human Genetics) This controversy hovered in the background of the O. J. Simpson trial.
Tipping, Mrs.
17 High St. , Quorn, Leicestershire 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1935, 1937
Source: ER 1935, ESAR 1937
Titley, Miss Mabel
Beechwood, Four Oaks, nr. Birmingham 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Titmuss, Prof. Richard M.
Social Administration London School of Economics
Eugenics Society Member 1937 Editor, ER 1942 Council 1942-43, 1966 Fellow 1957
*****"high priest of the welfare state"; Prof of Social Administration, London School of Economics 1950-73 *****
Personal: influenced a whole generation of students on social administration; "... he established the academic respectability of social administration and taught it to a generation of university teachers, administrators and social workers from New York to Toronto to Mauritius and Tanganyika." (from Dictionary of National Biography); worked in County Fire Insurance Company in Thirties; wrote history of Health Ministry during World War II (a history which did not emphasize the significance of the decline in the incidence of spina bifida during World War II with the result that hundreds of thousands of preventable cases have occurred since then); developed "critical social accounting"
Ed., Eugenics Review; "Eugenics and Poverty" w/ F. Lafitte q.v., ER 1941-42, v. 33, Ja, 106-12; Poverty and Population. 1938; Our Food Problem: a study of national security. 1939; Parents' Revolt. 1942 w/ Kathleen Titmuss; The Cost of the National Health Service in England and Wales. w/ Brian Abel Smith 1956; Essays on the Welfare State. 1958; Social Policies and Population Growth in Mauritius. w/ Brian Abel Smith 1961, London; Choice and the Welfare State. 1967; major influence on Finer Report on One Parent Families
Source: ER 1937, 1957, ER Vol. 60 Index p. 170, 1942-43; Finer Report, DNB, WWW
History and Spina Bifida
Anencephaly and spina bifida declined in England during World War II due to better nutrition for pregnant mothers either caused by equitable rationing or by healthier eating patterns. "Secular Changes in the Incidence of Malformations of the Central Nervous System" Brit. J. of Social Medicine 1951, 5, p. 254. Titmuss wrote the history of medicine from the point of view of the Dept. of Health during World War II. No attention was paid in this history to this fact about spina bifida. As a result spina bifida continues to be prevalent in Ireland and China and is frequently cited as a reason for introducing abortion and eugenic laws in those places. (see Norman Nevin q.v)
Empire and Population:
"Can we maintain our present attitudes in India when we decline in numbers and increase in age concurrently?" from Parent's Revolt. by R. and K. Titmuss quoted in Founders of the Welfare State. 1984, p. 115
"Titmuss... whose writings on social policy shaped the outlook of a whole generation" Finer Report
Tizard, Prof. Dr. John Peter Mills MA, MB, FRCP, DCH
Dept. of Pediatrics, Oxford Univ., Oxford
Eugenics Society Fellow 1950, 1957, 1977
Personal: b. 1 April 1916; son of Sir Henry Thomas Tizard; MA, MB, BS (Oxf.) 1941; Reader in Child Health, Institute of Child Health, London; Nuffield Fellow in Child Health; Prof. of Pediatrics, Univ. of Oxford 1972-83; Prof. of Pediatrics, Institute of Child Health, Royal Free Postgraduate Medical School, Univ. of London 1964-72; Neonatal Society 1959-83 (Pres. 1977)
Medical Care of Newborn Babies. 1972 (jtly.); Editorial Bd., ER 1952; "Congenital Deformities and Practical Procedures", chp. in Garrod et al, Diseases of Children. ; "Future of Infantile Hemiplegics", Proc. Royal Society of Medicine 1953; "Dr. Gee's Pediatrics", Jl. Royal Society of Physicians, London, 1973
Source: ER 1950, 1957, 1977 list, WWW
Tobey, Mr. W.B.
Kingsbridge, Devon
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Source: 1977 list
Todd, Dr. J.N. MB, BS, FFCM
Eugenics Society Member 1985
Personal: Fellow, Faculty of Community Medicine
Source: B&S; 1986
Todd, Ms. Jean BSc (Econ)
Eugenics Society Member 1985
Personal: Economics
Source: B&S; 1986
Tomlin, Mr. Edgar MA
Eugenics Society Fellow 1951
Source: ER 1951
Tomlinson, Mr. C.G. MA
Banbury District Hospitals Management Committee, Horton General Hospital, Banbury, Oxon
Eugenics Society Member 1948, 1952, 1957
Source: ER Vol. 44, p. 128, ER 1948, 1957
Tottenham, Miss L.E.
Ballycurry, Ashford, Co. Wicklow, Eire 1937, 1957
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1937, 1957
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957
Townsend, Dr. A.H. BSc, MB, ChB, Dip Obst.
Rotorua, New Zealand
Eugenics Society Member 1965, 1977
Source: ER 1965, 1977 list
Townsend, Dr. C.G. MB, BCh, MA
Mowbray, Beaconsfield, Bucks 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Tracey, Mr. S.
Thornhill, Bramber, Sussex
Eugenics Society Member 1957
Source: ER 1957
Tredgold, Dr. A.F. LRCP, MRCS
Eugenics Society Council 1911, 1916 First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee
Personal: On Brock Committee (Sterilization) (see Lawrence Brock q.v.)
"The Feebleminded - A Social Danger" ER, Vol. 1, 1909; "Mental Disease in Relation to Eugenics" Galton Lecture 1927, ER 1927-28, v. 19, p. 1; A Textbook of Mental Deficiency (amentia). (8th ed. 1952 assisted by R.F. Tredgold q.v.)
Source: ER 1911, 1916; Men Behind Hitler., p. 87; Brock Report; Problems in Eugenics 1912 (repr.)
"What is wanted is not equality of opportunity, but education adapted to individual potentiality; and if the time and money now spent in the fruitless attempt to make silk purses out of sows' ears were devoted to the higher education of children of good natural capacity, it would contribute enormously to national efficiency." A.F. Tredgold quoted by Margaret Sanger, The Pivot of Civilization., p. 92 (note resemblance to theories of Arthur Jensen)
Degenerates a Social Threat:
"... in the animal world or in a primitive state of human society these degenerate members would very soon be extinguished ... our modern legislation ... is actually tending to breed degenerates", from "The FeebleMinded, A Social Danger", A.F. Tredgold, ER 1909, p. 101
Tredgold, Dr. Roger Francis MD, MA, DPM, MRCP, MB
Old Common, Cross in Hand, Sussex
Eugenics Society Member 1954 Fellow 1957
Personal: MB, BS 1937; MA (Cambridge Univ.) 1939; MD 1947; Hon. Consulting Psychiatrist to Army at Home; Regional Psychiatrist, S.E. Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board 1957
University College Handbook of Psychiatry: for students and general practitioners. 1975; Psychiatry in General Practice. 1970; Mental Retardation. (11th ed. of Textbook of Mental Deficiency., see A.F. Tredgold q.v.); Manual of Psychological Medicine. (jt.), 3rd ed., 1953; "Food, Famine and the Future", ER 1953-54, v. 45, p. 67 (C)
Source: ER 1954, 1957, Medical Directory 1957
Tremellen, Mr. W.J.
Eugenics Society Member 1932
Source: ER 1932
Trench, Miss
Eugenics Society Education Cttee 1916
Source: ER 1916
Tressider, Dr. G.C. MB, BS, FRCS
Eugenics Society Fellow 1963
Source: ER 1963
Trevor, Mr. J.C. BSc, MA, PhD
Eugenics Society Member 1937 Fellow 1938, 1957
Personal: Oxford diploma in anthropology 1933; study of craniology in England in medieval times; Commonwealth Fellow in Anthropology, Northwestern University, USA (research on new world negro) 1934-36; Darwin Research Student of the Eugenics Society 1936-37 (Race Crossing. published in 1953 was based on this work, ER 1954-55 p. 60); Galton Laboratory 1937; 1937 address 35 Leinster Square, London W2 Pubns: Race Crossing in Man: the analysis of metrical characters. 1953, Galton Laboratory (skeletal measurements of mixed blood Indians, Asians.; the same kind of thing Mengele did but a different conclusion); "Some anthropological characteristics of hybrid populations" ER 1938-39, v. 30, p. 21 and "Anthropological characteristics of hybrid populations", ER 1938-39, v. 30, p. 156 (C)
Source: ER 1937, 1938, 1957, ESAR 1937
Trevor-Roper, Mr. P.D. FRCS
Eugenics Society Fellow 1955
Personal: Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons
Source: ER 1955
Trouncer, Mr. H.O.
PO Box 364, Umtali, Southern Rhodesia
Eugenics Society Fellow 1946, 1957 Fellow 1957
Source: ER 1945-46, 1957
Trueman, Mr. A.H.
Bank of Montreal, Lindsay, Ont., Canada
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957
Source: ER 1957
Tulett, Mrs. Jessie
Harleston, Norfolk
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Source: 1977 list
Turnadge, Mr. C.S.
Eugenics Society Member 1931
Source: ER 1931
Turnbull, Mrs.
Eugenics Society Fellow 1933
Source: ER 1933
Turner, Mr. Clive J. BSc, MI Biol
Dept. of Human Biology and Health, University of Surrey, Guildford, Kent
Eugenics Society Fellow 1955, 1957, 1977 Director 1988 V.P. 1979, 1989 Council 1993
spearheading rehabilitation of Cyril Burt q.v. in 1991 Galton Newsletter; The Biology of Human Intelligence. 1983, 20th ES Symposium
Source: ER 1955, 1957, CH, 1977 list, Galton Institute Newsletter 1991, Galton Institute Annual Report 1993 Quotes:
Rehabilitation of Cyril Burt q.v.:"In the case of Cyril Burt's work, however, the judgement ... (on his work by his fellow scientists, ed. note) ... appears not yet to be definitive ... Burt's ideas ...were fundamental to the formulation of the 1944 Education Act and the establishment of selective secondary education based on the testing of intelligence as a constitutional characteristic ... By the mid-1970's, ... times had changed ... Edward Wilson was criticised ... for asserting that human behaviour had an evolutionary and therefore a genetic basis, Jensen and Eysenck were attacked for what was perceived as racism and elitism, and Burt was accused of fraud ... It is not difficult to imply that social convictions mould a researcher worker's output rather than follow it. Oliver Gillie ... notes carefully that Burt 'knew ... Francis Galton q.v., ... Burt is also charged with 'coming under the influence of Sir Ronald Fisher' and of basing calculations of heritability on Fisher's methods. Gillie draws here on work by Bernard Norton on Fisher and Burt's involvement with the early eugenic movement, ..." all quotes on Burt from "Science and Social Commitment" by Clive Turner, Galton Institute Newsletter Sept. 1991 p. 4-5
Burt, Fisher and Turner were in the Eugenics Society in 1957 so it is somewhat disingenuous to speak of the "early eugenic movement" as if the Thirties were the period of Burt's involvement. Furthermore, Von Verschuer, Josef Mengele's co-researcher at Auschwitz, was in the American Eugenics Society in 1956. So eugenics had not progressed very far from the Thirties.
Turner, Miss G.M.
37b Woodstock Rd., London W4, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1931, 1937
Source: ER 1931, ESAR 1937
Tweedie, Mrs. Alec FRCS, FRCI
Devonshire House, Mayfair, London 1937
Eugenics Society Council 1911, 1916, Life Fellow 1937 First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee
An Adventurous Journey. (A trip through China in 1925. "In Canton superfluous babies are ... thrown into the river ... Mrs. Tweedie ... regards it as merciful" (from a review in ER 1929, p. 228)
Source: ER 1911, 1916; Men Behind Hitler, p. 87; ESAR 1937; Problems in Eugenics. 1912 (repr.)
Twitchin, Mr. E.E.
c/o Standard Bank of South Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
Eugenics Society Hon. Member 1940, 1957, 1977
Personal: 1977 address c/o B.E. Twitchin, 34 Strathmore Dr., Tokoroa, New Zealand
Source: ER 1940, 1957, 1977 list
After World War I the Eugenic Society "... finances depended largely on an annual gift from a friend of (Leonard Darwin) ... Mr. (Henry) Twitchin ... Mr. Twitchin's legacy ... suddenly made us rich." (ER 1942-43 p. 109, 112.) Details on this legacy are published in the Eugenics Review in the years 1939, 1940 as the list of blue chip stocks from which Society income is derived.
Note the heavy investment all over the world in railroads, tea plantations, paper mills and other colonial developments. These developments displaced native agriculture and native peoples leaving them hungry. South Africa under apartheid was the most recent egregious example of this action; but it was not the only one. The eugenicists as UN population controllers have categorized this hunger as a consequence of overpopulation and offered a Pill to the starving. "They have no bread? Why do they not take the Pill?" The sale of this Pill also directly benefitted the Eugenic Society. (see Marie Stopes entry)
Tylden, Dr. Elizabeth MA, MRCS, LRCP, MRCPsych
Eugenics Society Member 1955, 1957 Fellow 1977
Personal: Mrs. G.D. Morgan; BA (Camb.) 1939; MB, BS 1943; MRCPsych 1971; Psychiatric Assistant, Obstetric Unit, University College Hospital; Mem: Commission on Welfare of Children in Hospital (see Lord Platt), Commission on Health and Welfare of Hospital Staff
"Pregnancy, Labour and Puerperium: a psychological study", Nursing Times 1951; "Psychology and the Maternal Unit", Lancet 1952; "Effects of Maternal Drug Abuse on Foetus and Infant", Adverse Drug Reaction Bulletin 1973
Source: ER 1955, 1957, 1977 list, Medical Directory 1957, 1977
Tyler, Dr. J.E.
Eugenics Society Member 1986
Source: B&S; 1988
Tyssen-Gee, Mrs.
Fairways, Colley Manor, Reigate, Surrey 1937, 1957
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937, 1957
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957