Source of members names: From 1930 until 1990 members' names were published in the Society journal as they joined or became fellows. These sources are shown as a journal abbreviation followed by the year in which the person entered the Society, e.g., ER 1942. (ER = Eugenics Review; Bulletin of the Eugenics Society; B&S; = Biology and Society). The Eugenics Review at times listed all the officers and members of the council. These sources are also shown as a journal abbreviation followed by a date. The Society is a corporation and its directors are listed in its annual reports deposited in Company House (CH). In 1937 the Society published a list of members in its Annual Report (ESAR 1937). In 1957 the Society published a list of members in the Eugenics Review (ER 1957). A list of members compiled in 1977 was deposited in the Welcome Archives (1977 list). Deaths of members were sometimes noted in obituaries in the Society journals (Obit + journal abbreviation and date). Other sources are as specified.

D'Arcy, Mr. F.M. BA

Eugenics Society Member 1983
Source: B&S; 1984
D'Arcy, Bishop
Bishop of Belfast, Belfast, N. Ireland
Eugenics Society V.P. 1916
Source: ER 1916
Dakin, Prof. W.J. DSc., FLS
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Dalrymple White, Sir Godfrey, Bart.
95 Eaton Sq., London SW1, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Daman, Mr. G.W.
29 Great St. Helen's St., Bishopsgate, London EC3, 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1933, 1937
Source: ER 1933, ESAR 1937
Daman, Mrs. Henry
Eugenics Society Member 1938
Source: ER 1938
Daniels, Miss E.S.
115 Tottenham Lane, London N8, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Dansie, Dr. A. Marion MB, BS
Hillside, Welwyn, Herts 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1932, 1937
Personal: nee Freeman; MRCS, LRCP 1920; MB 1921; MO, Welwyn Cott. Hosp. and Infant Welfare Center 1937; Chas Brandon Dansie, same address Med Dir 1937, Med Ref., Prudential Assurance Co. Source: ER 1932, ESAR 1937; Med Dir 1937
Darbyshire, Mr. J.K. ACIS
Eugenics Society Member 1985
Source: B&S; 1986
Daresbury, Lady
Walton Hall, Warrington 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Darker, Mr. John
Kettering, Northants
Eugenics Society Member 1944, 1957
Source: ER 1944, 1957
Darlington, Prof. C.D. PhD, DSc, FRS
Dept. of Botany, Oxford Univ., Oxford
Eugenics Society Fellow 1952, 1957, 1977 V.P. 1960
Professor, Dept. of Botany, Oxford (1957-70); Cytologist
Personal: Director, John Innes Horticultural Institution; Hon Assoc., Rationalist Press Assn. 1943-73
1939 The Evolution of Genetic Systems; The Facts of Life. 1953; "The Control of Evolution in Man", the Woodhull Lecture 1958 (Woodhull lectures "are devoted to a study of various aspects of eugenics and the improvement of the racial qualities in future generations", ER 1958 p. 143); "The Origins of Darwinism", Scientific American, May 1959, p. 60; Darwin's Place in History. 1959 (Oxford, Blackwell); Genetics and Man. 1953, 1964 (rev. ed. 1969); The Evolution of Man and Society 1969; The Little Universe of Man. 1978, Unwin
Source: ER 1952, 1957, 1960; CH; Truth Will Out by Mrs. Haldane; 1977 list
"utter variety and absolute determinism are the twin pegs on which genetics hangs and on which natural selection and evolution proceed. None of these allows for any genuine and abiding equality"
"... (from) the Megalithic movement...(and from) the Aryan expansion ... there has been one steady stream, which has brought civilization ... (to Europe)..."
"... Different social classes have always arisen from different racial origins ... these classes are necessary for the maintenance by breeding of people having capacities for learning, knowing and doing the different things that societies need ... which is the best?... Europeans, Indians or Chinese... (their) skilled classes have taken 300 generations to evolve and it is their absence or rarity which distinguishes the backward from the advanced societies.* (note) Africans in general do worse in the available intelligence tests than Europeans, Chinese or Indians*" (see Cyril Burt q.v., ed. note)
Useless Bread Gobblers:
"... people have different contributions to make to society as individuals and breeders. As individuals the unskilled workers... are not much use to us ... the old settled aristocracies and old unsettled gypsies of Europe were two more such useless groups. At the top and at the bottom of society waste materials accumulate." all quotes from "Race, Class and Culture", the Herbert Spencer Lectures in Biology and the Human Sciences, Oxford 1970
Dart, Prof. Thurston MA, BSc
Eugenics Society Member 1963
Source: ER 1963
Dartmouth, Countess of
Patshull House, Wolverhampton
Eugenics Society Member 1937, 1957
Personal: wife of 7th Earl 1957; Lady Wynn-Carrington; daughter of 1st and last Marquess of Lincolnshire; 1937 address: Godmersham Park, Canterbury; d. 1963; family name, Legge
7th Earl of Dartmouth; William; (William; b. 1881; m. Lady Wynn-Carrington; Lord Great Chamberlain 1928-36; son killed at El' Alamein)
- succ. by brother, Humphrey
(Humphrey Legge, 8th Earl of Dartmouth; CVO, DSO; Viscount Lewisham; b. 1888; d. 1962; succ. brother 1958; Royal Navy; Deputy Lieut. Governor, Staffordshire 1927-39; Chief Constable, Berks 1932-53; Grand Officer, Order of the Orange, Netherlands; m. Roma Horlick)
(Roma Horlick; b. 1903; daughter of Earnest Burford Horlick, 2nd Bt. (Horlick's)
- 8th Earl's daughter m. 3rd Baron Herschell
- son; 9th Earl; (9th Earl; Chmn., Anglo-Brazilian division of Rea Bros. Inc.; m. Raine McCorquodale, the daughter of Alexander George McCorquodale (see Countess of Limerick, Lord Rayleigh) (Raine McCorquodale; divorced 1976; she married Earl Spencer; Princess of Wales' stepmother); Dartmouth family connections in South Africa, Malaysian rubber, Coldstream Guards
- Viscount Lewisham; (Viscount Lewisham; b. 1949; contested Stockport South 1974 (C)).
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957, Debretts 1988, WWW, WSW 1990
Darwin, The Hon. Lady
The Orchard, Cambridge 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Darwin, Lady
Newnham Grange, Cambridge 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1925, Life Fellow 1937
Central Committee for Mental Welfare; widow of Sir George Howard Darwin; see Margaret and Ruth Darwin under Sir Charles Galton Darwin q.v.
Source: ESAR 1937; ER 1947 p. 187; OBIT ER 1947, p. 23
Darwin, Mrs. Bernard
Gorringes Downe, Kent 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Darwin, Sir Charles Galton KBE, FRS, DSc, MC
Newnham Grange, Cambridge
Eugenics Society Director 1939 VP 1939 Life Fellow 1930, 1937, 1957 President 1953-59 Council 1960
Personal: b. 1887; d. 1962; Tait Prof. of Physics, Edinburgh University 1923-36; Master, Christ's College, Cambridge University 1936-38; Director, National Physical Laboratory Middlesex 1939-1945; Chmn., Promising Families, a Eugenics Society committee
- son of George Howard Darwin
- grandson of Charles Darwin
- brother of Margaret Darwin who married Geoffrey Keynes (see John Maynard Keynes q.v., William Milo Keynes q.v.)
- son, Henry Galton Darwin
(Henry Galton Darwin, is an expert on international law)
"Positive Eugenic Policy", ER, April, p. 13-22, Galton Lecture 1939; The Next Million Years.1952 ("the essential argument is, of course, Malthus brought up to date", from a review in Around the World News of Population and Birth Control, Oct. 1952); Advisory editor, Mankind Quarterly.196X
Source: CH; ER 1957; ER Vol. 60 ASP's Hist; ER 1960; WWW; WSW 1990; Mankind Quarterly; ER Obit 1963
Eugenics and Racism:
"We welcome a new journal ... the Mankind Quarterly", from ER October 1960, p. 135; Charles Galton Darwin wrote for this vicious, racist journal while a Council member of the Eugenics Society
Darwin, Major Leonard
Cripps Corner, Forest Row, Sussex 1937
Eugenics Society President 1911-1928 Hon. Pres. 1928-43 Subscriber 1926 Life Fellow 1937
Personal: b. 1850; d. 1943; son of Charles Darwin; Royal Engineers; War Office, Intelligence Dept.; Pres., Royal Geographic Society; Bedford College for Women; see also biography of Erasmus Darwin by Desmond King-Hale 1977; Charles Darwin.1921 Leonard Huxley; Charles Darwin: a companion.1978; Period Piece.Gwen Raverat (a Darwin relative) 1952
- (Dr. Francis Darwin MB, FRS; son of Charles Darwin; brother of Leonard Darwin; "Francis Galton, 1822 1911", Galton Lecture 1914; First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee; Source: Problems in Eugenics`1912 (repr.))
"The Cost of Degeneracy", ER, v. 5, 1913 14, p. 93; "Heredity and Environment", ER, July 1916, p. 93-122; 1916 17 "Quality, not Quantity", ER, v. 8, p. 297; The Need for Eugenic Reform.1926; What is Eugenics?1928; "The Society's Coming of Age: the Growth of the Eugenic Movement", ER, 1929-30, v. 21, p. 9, Galton Lecture 1929; Bimetallism; "Analysis of the Brock Report", ER, 1934-35; 1924 (reprinted1968) "The Future of Our Race: Heredity and Social Progress", ER, v. 60, p. 99
Source: ESAR 1937; CH; Men Behind Hitler., p. 87; ER; WWW; Obit ER 1942-43, 34, 109; Periodical Index
On Compulsion: " ... permanent detention of all confirmed habitual criminals... To save the race compulsion would be necessary in many cases... compulsion should only be employed to enforce imprisonment or segregation; the latter term meaning confinement in comfort. Compulsion is now permitted if applying to criminals, lunatics, and mental defectives; and this principle must be extended to all who, by having offspring, would seriously damage future generations." from "Race Deterioration and Practical Politics", ER, 1925-26
On confinement or sterilisation of the undesirables: Leonard Darwin's niece was Ruth Darwin who was on the Brock Committee (see Brock q.v.), which recommended sterilisation for the undesirables
- (Ruth Darwin; daughter of Horace Darwin (see also Nora Barlow under Sir J.A.N. Barlow q.v.; m. William Rees Thomas 1948; d. 1972)
- (William Rees Thomas; MB 1909; DPM 1914; Dept. Supt., East Sussex Mental Hosp.; Med. Supt., Rampton State Institute; Hon. Physician to King 1944-47; Board of Control (which enforced the Fee bleMinded Control Act), (Hon. Comm. 1921-31; Comm. 1931; Senr. Comm. 1939-49); Prefrontal Leucotomy in 1,000 Cases HMSO 1947; d. 1978)
The Undesirables:
"I believed less than (Leonard Darwin) did that eugenically desirable qualities were segregated in social classes." from obit of Leonard Darwin by C.P. Blacker q.v. in ER 1943-44, p. 112
'Voluntary' Coercive Consent to Sterilisation:
"The State to be given power to exercise a limited amount of pressure in order to insure that such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld." from An outline of practical eugenic policy. by Leonard Darwin 1926
Darwin, Mrs. Leonard
Cripps Corner, Forest Row, Sussex 1937
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1937, 1940
Personal: related to Leonard Darwin
Source: ESAR 1937; Obit ER Jan. 1941, p. 135
Daunt, Dr. Francis Eldon MRCS, LRCP
59 Springfield Rd., St. Leonards on Sea 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1934, 1937
Personal: MRCS, LRCP 1913; MB 1913; RAMC 1914-19; Surg., ENT Dept., Sussex Hosp., Hastings 1937, 1946; see Elizabeth Daunt Knowles q.v. (?? related??)
Source: ESAR 1937; ER 1934, Medical Directory 1937, 1946
Davenport, Dr. Charles B.
New York, NY, USA
Eugenics Society Vice President 1931 First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee; Vice President
Personal: American; Director (1904-34), Cold Spring Harbor Experimental Biology Station, New York of the Carnegie Institution, Washington, DC; during the 1920's Cold Spring Harbor and the Eugenic Record Office were renamed The Dept. of Genetics, Carnegie Institution; Pres., International Federation of Eugenical Organizations (IFEO); Pres., Eugenical Research Association; opposed birth control because he was afraid that it would be practised by the upper classes
Eugenics. 1910; Heredity in Negro White Crosses. 1913; Race Crossing in Jamaica. 1929; editor, Eugenical News, USA which was the official organ of the International Federation of Eugenical Organizations (IFEO)
Source: ER 1931; WWWIA; Problems in Eugenics 1912 (repr.)
Racism: "While the darker types have the reputation of being unreliable, those of lighter skin color are as efficient as the average unskilled white. The finest quality of the real black Negro was his attachment to his master and master's family" from The Negro in American Civilisation by Charles H. Johnson, as reviewed by C.B. Davenport in Eugenics Review July 1931, p. 161
Davey, Prof. Thomas Herbert OBE, MD, DTM
Tropical School of Medicine, University of Liverpool, Liverpool
Eugenics Society Fellow 1951, 1957
Personal: b. 1899; d. 1978; MB, BCh 1925; MD Belfast 1934; Doctor of Tropical Medicine, Liverpool 1930; Prof. of Tropical Diseases of Africa, Liverpool 1938 and Director, Alfred Lewis Jones Research Laboratory, Freetown, Sierra Leone 1938; Prof. of Tropical Hygiene, Liverpool Univ. 1958
"Colonial Medical Policy in Relation to Population Growth", ER 1951 Jan. p. 190 ff; article in 1954 IPPF news stated that the spread of preventive medicine necessitates the spread of birth control measures (Around the World News of Population and Birth Control, Feb. 1954); Blacklock and Southwell's Guide to Human Parasitology. 1957; Control of Disease in the Tropics. 1958
Source: ER 1951, 1957, Medical Directory 1958, WWW
David, Dr. T. J. MB, BCh, PhD
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Source: 1977 list
Davidson, Dr. J.A. MD, MB, ChB
11 Montpelier Ave., Ealing, London W5, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1934, 1937
Personal: MB, BCh 1907; MD 1909; Surg., Hanwell Cott. Hosp. 1937; Med. Referee, MIn. of Pensions and Ment. Treatment Act 1930
Source: ER 1934, ESAR 1937; Med Dir 1937
Davies, Mr. A.K. BA, MI Biol
Tamworth, Staffs
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Personal: Member, Institute of Biology
Source: 1977 list
Davies, Miss Linda MSc
Eugenics Society Member 1985
Source: B&S; 1986
Davies, Mr. M.J.
Eugenics Society Member 1952
Source: ER 1952
Davies, Mrs. Margaret D. BA
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Source: ER 1977
Davies, Mr. W. Twiston
Caernavon, Wales
Eugenics Society Fellow 1938, 1957
Personal: b. 1891; m. 2nd time Kathleen Margaret Collis
Source: ER 1938, 1957, Burke's
Davis, Dr. C. Noel MD, BS, DPH
Dor Knap, Broadway, Worcestershire 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1932, 1937
Personal: MRCS, LRCP 1903; MB 1906; DPH 1907; MD 1913; DTM and Hy 1913; by 1937 was ex Comm Public Health, Shanghai, China
"Observations on Beri-beri in Shanghai", Hong Kong Medical Congress 1912 Source: ER 1932, ESAR 1937; Med Dir 1937
Davis, Miss K.F.
Eugenics Society Member 1931
Source: ER 1931
Davis, Mr. Ralph N.
Eugenics Society Member 1959
Source: ER 1959
Davis, Mrs. V.M.
12 Upper Hamilton Terrace, London NW8, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Davy, Dr. B.W. MB, BS
Eugenics Society Member 1946
Source: ER 1946
Davy, D.J. Com (NZ)
Wellington Polytechnic, Private Bag, Wellington, New Zealand
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Pubns: "An analysis of gestation period patterns of women having live births registered in New Zealand during the two calendar years 1962 and 1963", 1967, ER, v. 59, p. 106
Source: ER 1977
Dawnay, Mrs. Cecil
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ER 1937
Dawson, Lord MD, GCVO, KCB, KCMG, PRCP
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1937
Personal: regicide; killed King George by euthanasia; Lord Dawson of Penn; MB 1890; MD 1893; Phys. in Ord to HM the King 1937; RCP (Pres.); 32 Wimpole St., LOndon 1937
"100 Years and After", BMJ 1932; Med. and Statesmanship", Atlantic Monthly 1931 Source: ESAR 1937; Med Dir 1937
Dawson, S.L.A.
Eugenics Society Fellow 1966
Source: ER 1966
Dayton, Dr. Neil A. MD
American Association on Mental Deficiency, Willamantic, Connecticut, USA
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1957
Personal: associate of Kallmann q.v (see Expanding Goals in Psychiatry.); American Association on Mental Deficiency, Willamantic, CT, USA was the first group which worked to cure mental deficiency by getting rid of the "unfit" (Men Behind Hitler)
Source: ER 1957, Expanding Goals in Psychiatry, Men Behind Hitler
Dean, Mr. G.A.
101 Dulwich Village, London SE21, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ER 1937, ESAR 1937
Dedman, Dr. James Baillie MB, DPM
Cornwall Mental Hospital, Bodmin 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1936, 1937
Personal: MB, BCh (Ed.) 1927; DPM 1930; Ass't MO, Cornwall Ment. Hosp. 1937
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937; Med Dir 1937
Deeping, Dr. G. Warwick MA, MB
Eastlands, Weybridge 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
delaHaye, Mons. Jousselin Lic de Droit
Eugenics Society Member 1985
Source: B&S; 1986
Delahaye, Dr. E.
Eugenics Society Member 1938
Source: ER 1938
Delaney, Pte. N.M.
Eugenics Society Member 1944
Source: ER 1944
DeLooze, Mr. John C.
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ER 1937
Dempster, Prof. Everett R. PhD
Genetics Dept., University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
Eugenics Society Member 1954, 1977
Personal: Prof., Genetics Dept. at Berkeley (1957-77); see AES list
Source: ER 1954, 1977 list, AES list
Demuth, Miss Constance
158 Coleherne Court, London SW5, 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Denison, Mr. Norman W.
Eugenics Society Member 1946
Source: ER 1946
Denman, The Lady Gertrude Mary GBE, CBE
Balcombe Pl., Balcombe, Surrey 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937 Council 1938-43
Chairman, Family Planning Association (FPA); 1930 helped found National Birth Control Council which became the FPA and held office till death in 1954 when she was succeeded by Margaret Pyke q.v.
Personal: b. 1884; d. 1954; Gertrude Mary Pearson; daughter of 1st Viscount Cowdray; m. 3rd Baron Denman 1903; Women's Institute leader; Hon. Dir., Women's Land Army 1939-45 (while on Eugenic Society Council); Life Trustee Carnegie UK Trust
- 3rd Baron Denman GCMG, KCVO; b. 1874; d. 1954; succ. great uncle 1894; soldier in South Africa and World War I; Gov. General of Australia 1911-14; Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords
- his sister, Anna Maria Heywood
(Anna Maria Heywood; married Sir John Emmott Barlow 1895; died 1965)
his brother Richard Denman
(Richard Denman; b. 1876; Chmn., National Labour Org. 1943-44; Chmn., Marine and General Mutual Life Assurance Society 1939-44; m. 1904 Helen Christian Sutherland, daughter of Sir Thomas Sutherland)
- daughter, Anne Judith
(Anne Judith; OBE 1947; m. 1931 Sir Walter Burrell, 8th Bt. CBE; FPA v.p.) Armytage, Macaulay and Starkie (see E.W. Barnes) relatives; see Greenwood q.v.
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1938-43, Debretts 1988, WWW, Burke's, CH
Dennis, Prof. K.J. FRCS, FRCOG
Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton, Southampton
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Source: 1977 list
Dennis, Dr. N.R. MB, MRCP
Eugenics Society Member 1984
Source: B&S; 1985
Desai, Mr. M.M.
Eugenics Society Member 1948-49
Source: ER 1948-49
Deuchar, Mr.
Eugenics Society Member 1946
Source: ER 1946
Dev, Mr. G.N.
Eugenics Society Member 1961, 1977
Source: ER 1961, 1977 list
Devaux, Mr. E.
45 Hornton St., London W8, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Deys, Dr. Caroline Merula MB, BS, DO
8 Langbourne Ave. London N6
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977, 1993
Personal: MB 1962; Langbourne Ave address same as D.M. Potts q.v. in Sixties; DM Potts first wife
Social Aspects of Contraception Source: ER 1977; Med Dir 1993
Dick, Prof. Dr. George W.A. MD, FRCP
Dept. of Microbiology, Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Eugenics Society Member 1965
Personal: George William Auchinvole; b. 1914; BSc (Ed.) 1939; MD 1949; MPH Johns Hopkins 1949; FRCP (Ed.) 1955; ex Scientific Staff, MRC; Research Fellow in Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins; Yellow Fever Research Institute, Entebbe, Uganda 1950; Emeritus Prof. Path., London Univ. 1993
Immunology of Infectious Diseases. 1979; Immunisation. 1978; "Zika virus", Trans. Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1952; "Uganda S. Virus", Trans. Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 1952
Source: ER 1965, Medical Directory 1956, 1993
Dickens, Prof. B.M. PhD
Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Source: ER 1977
Dickson, Dr. Kenneth Bruce MB, MRCS, LRCP
46 Queen Anne St., London W1, 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Personal: RAMC 1914-19; MB, BCh 1917; FRSM; MO, Scott., Prov. and other Assur. Soc. 1937, 1947; CMO, Martins and Hambro Banks 1937, 1947; MO Inns of Court 1937
"The influence of change in diseases on life assurance", Trans. Assure. Med. Soc. 1933 Source: ESAR 1937; Med Dir 1937, 1947
Diggory, Dr. Peter Lionel Carr MB, BS, BSc, FRCS, FRCOG
The Welbeck Hosp., 27 Welbeck St., London
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977, 1993 V.P. 1979, 1989 Council 1993 Pres. 1994 Trustee, Birth Control Trust 1994
Abortionist: did 1000 abortions, many before the 1967 Act and wrote them up afterward in medical journals; see Abortion Law Reformed by Madeline Simms q.v.
Personal: BSc London 1942; MB 1950; D Obst RCOG (Univ. College Hosp.); Cons. Gyn., Royal Marsden Hosp.; Chmn., International Family Health, London; Cons., WHO (Maternal and Chgild Health); Abortion Law Reform Association (Advisory Council); Birth Control Campaign; Pro Choice Alliance; Director, Old Court Nursing Home 1979-81. At the time of the Lane Commission (1973) this was an abortion facility which the Committee visited); Dept. of Ob-Gyn, Kingston Hospital, Kingston 1980
- in Lane Commission Report:
"Some Experiences of Therapeutic Abortion" Lancet 1:873,1969; "Preliminary Assessment of the 1967 Abortion Act in Practice" w/ D.M. Potts q.v., Lancet 1:287, 1970; Oral evidence to Lane Cttee.
- Other Pubns:
Abortion. 1977 w/ Potts and Peel; Textbook of Contraceptive Practice. w/ Potts q.v., 2nd ed. 1983; Day Care Abortion and the NHS.(Introduction by Peter Diggory) from the Birth Control Trust, 27-35 Mortimer St.; "Long Term Effects upon the Child of Perinatal Events", Galton Lecture 1980; Changing Patterns of Child Bearing and Child Rearing.w/ Margaret Sutherland q.v. 1980; Natural Human Fertility: Social and Biological Determinants.,(ed. w/ Sue Teper q.v. and D.M. Potts q.v.), Eugenics Society Symposium; "Stress as an Evolutionary Mecha nism", Galton Institute Symposium 1994
- Journals: Editorial Board, Journal of Biosocial Sciences 1981
Source: Medical Directory 1958, CH, Lane Report, ER, 1977 list, Galton Institute Annual Report 1993; Abortion Law Reformed by Madeline Simms q.v.
Abortion Decision Making as a Social Game:
"Ingram concluded 'the concealed function of all abortion games is to abolish or minimize personal responsibility for decisions made for or against termination, whether by patient, doctor or society'. In ethical terms it is hard to decide if this is a serious condemnation of the British Abortion Act, or merely a reflection of those who operate it at all levels." from Abortion. by Diggory et al, 1977, p. 307
The Selling of the Abortion Act:
"The outside campaigners and advisers had also been crucial. Vera Houghton q.v., Diane Munday and Peter Diggory q.v. being in almost constant attendance in addition to Alastair Service. Their marshalling of opinion polls, professional bodies and MPs and peers was a marvel to behold." David Steel on the Abortion Act 1967 in Against Goliath., p. 54; (see also Dugald Baird q.v.)
Still More Abortion:
"Kingston Hospital pioneered the involvement of G.P.'s in day care abortion services in 1974", from a review by Vera Houghton of Day Care Abortion and the NHS. in Bulletin ofthe Eugenics Society Sept. 1980
Dillon, Dr. Frederick M.D.
Beaconsfield, 22 Marine Parade, Hythe, Kent
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937 1946 Fellow 1957
Personal: MB, BCh 1909; MD (Edinburgh) 1920; 1937 address: Northumberland House, Green Lanes, Finsbury Park, London N4; Director, Institute for Scientific Treatment of Delinquency 1946; Private Wing, Univ. Coll. Hosp. 1956; Cons., Dept of Psy. Medicine, Univ. College Hosp.; ex Physician in Charge, Dept. of Psych. Medicine, Univ. College Hosp. 1956; Lect. in Mental Disease, Univ. College Hosp.
Neurosis in War. (Contrib.) 1940
Source: ER 1936, 1957, ESAR 1937, Medical Directory 1946, 1958
Dixon, Mr. John
Eugenics Society Member 1947
Source: ER 1947
Dixon, Dr. John Hardy MB, BCh, DA
Eugenics Society Member 1949
Personal: MB, BCh 1934; MA (Camb) 1938; Diploma in Anesthesia 1942; Cons. Anesthetist, Chelmsford and Essex Hosp. 1956; ex Res. Anesthetist, Royal Infirmary, Newcastle
Source: ER 1949, Medical Directory 1946, 1956
Dixon, Dr. Montague MD, MRCS, LRCP
Melton Mowbray, Leics 1937, 1957
Eugenics Society Member 1937, 1957
Personal: MB (Hons. Obst. Med.) 1897; MD London 1898; Med. Supt., Melton Mowbray Ortho. Clinic 1937; Med. Ref., Ministry of Pensions 1937; Ministry of Health rep on Leicester Health Insurance Commission 1946; ex radiologist, Melton Mowbray Hospital 1958
"Purpura Treated by Injection of Human Blood" BMJ 1923; "Desensitization by peptone before laparotomy", BMJ 1927
Source: ER 1957, ESAR 1937, Medical Directory 1937, 1946, 1958
Dodd, Mr. A.
Eugenics Society Member 1941
Source: ER 1941
Dodds, Prof. Sir Charles MVO, MD, FRCP, FRS
The Courtauld Institute, Middlesex Hospital, London
Eugenics Society Fellow 1951; Council 1952-53, 1960; Vice President
The Courtauld Institute, Middlesex Hosp., 1927-65 (Dir. by 1937)
Personal: b. 1888; d. 1973; DSc 1924; PhD 1925; MD 1926; Courtauld Prof. of Biochemistry, Univ. of London 1958; Pres., Royal College of Physicians (RCP) 1962-66; Distinguished, many lectures and gold medals; Subscriber to Journal of Endocrinology Ltd. 1939 (Registered address, Courtauld Institute 1939)

Chemical and Physical Properties of Internal Secretions; Harvey Lect., NYU; Goulst. Lect., RCP; Lane Lect., Stanford Univ.; The Laboratory in Surgical Practice.
Source: ER 1951, 1957, WWW, Medical Directory 1937, 1958, Debretts 1990, CH
Courtauld Institute
Samuel Courtauld was a manufacturer of Huguenot background. Like the Duponts, he transformed his silk textile firm into a manufacturer of synthetics such as rayon. He was a generous donor. He was a subscriber to the articles of the Marriage Guidance Council in 1945. His address in 1945 was 12 Audley St., London.
- His daughter, Sydney Elizabeth, married R.A. Butler. She was a director of the Marriage Guidance Council in 1953.
- Her son, Adam Courtauld Butler, was in the Northern Ireland Office 1981-84
- her son Richard Clive is a director of the National Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Society 1985-
Internal Secretions {i.e., hormones]:
"... The internal secretions...control human nature, and whoever controls them controls human nature." said by Margaret Sanger in Pivot of Civilization. quoted in Margaret Sanger. by Droghin, p. 61
Domingues, Prof. Octavio
Eugenics Society Member 1932
Source: ER 1932
Donelly, Miss E.
Eugenics Society Member 1938
Source: ER 1938
Donkin, Sir Bryan H. MD
Eugenics Society Member 1933
Source: ER 1933
Donkin, Sir H. Bryan
Eugenics Society V.P. 1911
Source: ER 1911
Dooley, Mrs.
Eugenics Society Fellow 1938
Source: ER 1938
Dormor, Miss E.D.M.
25 Devonshire Terrace, Lancaster Gate, London W2, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Dorset, Mrs. I.R.
Barnet, Herts
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Source: 1977 list
Douglas, Dr. James W. Bruce BA, BSc, MB, BCh
Dept. of Public Health and Social Medicine, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957
Personal: BA, Oxford Univ.; MB, BCh 1939; Senr. Lect. in Public Health and Social Medicine, Univ. of Edinburgh 1958; ex-Medical Officer, St. Marleybone West Gen. Disp.
Director, Maternity Survey, RCOG; Dir., National Survey of Health and Development of Children; "Social class differences in health and survival", Lancet 1951
Source: ER 1957, Medical Directory 1958
Douglas, Dr. A.C. MB
Eugenics Society Member 1933
Source: ER 1933
Dow, Mr. Leslie
Brook Cottage, Newbourne, Suffolk 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ER 1937, ESAR 1937
Draper, Mrs. A.M.
Eugenics Society Member 1950, 1957
Source: ER 1950, 1957
Dreschfield, Mrs.
Ladies Carlton Club, 5 Grosvenor Pl., London SW1, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Dreibelbis, Mr. Walter W.
Eugenics Society Member 1963
Source: ER 1963
Drysdale, Mrs.
Derek Corner, Kingsway, Hove 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Personal: related to C. V. Drysdale q.v.
Source: ESAR 1937
Drysdale, Mr. C.V. CB, OBE, DSc London
Eugenics Society Fellow 1921, 1937 Council 1931-32 Fellow 1957
Personal: Hon. Secretary of the Malthusian League and editor of the 'Malthusian' 1907-1916; President, Malthusian League; supporter of Margaret Sanger; Pres., InternationalNeo-Malthusian Conferences 1921, 1925; Admiralty Experiment Station 1918-34, Teddington; 1937 address Dereck Corner, Kingsway, Hove
Heredity in Relation to Eugenics. 1911; The Small Family System: Is it injurious or immoral?1913
Catholic Church: from a review by Drysdale of Roman Catholic Methods of Birth Control. by Marie Stopes.
"(The Catholic Church) ... can therefore only count on the support of the ignorant Irish Catholics, and not even them if birth control information penetrates to them ... Rome has made no concessions ... the State cannot lawfully forbid the marriage of the poor or the physically or mentally defective. Sterilisation is absolutely forbidden, and even segregation for the purpose of preventing marriage ... Rome is fundamentally and unalterably opposed to eugenics." ER Oct. 1933, p. 190
But the anti Rome party of Charles Curran and Co. supported eugenics from the sixties onward. They adopted the situation ethics of Joseph Fletcher of the American Eugenics Society. Then they defined situations in terms of "new conditions". These "new conditions" were defined by demographers, psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists who were members of the American and English eugenics societies or their intellectual disciples. See, for example,Family Planning in an Exploding Population1968 by Fr. John A. O'Brien of Notre Dame; Human Sexuality: New Directions in American Catholic Thought by Kosnick el, Paulist Press, 1977 (e.g. the statement: "We have given particular attention to magisterial statements regarding sexuality; but where new knowledge and insights have rendered traditional under standing and formulations inadequate we have not hesitated to suggest new directions ... not ... dissent but rather development ..." in Human Sexuality: New Directions in American Catholic Thought by Kosnick el, Paulist Press, 1977 p. 240 and p. 129 ff shows the magisterium condemning eugenic sterilization while Kosnick et al clear away this obstacle to the onward march of eugenics.); Bioethics (ed.) Thomas A. Shannon, Paulist Press 1976; the writings of Daniel Callahan in Commonweal
Source: Articles of Association, 1926, WWW, ER 1931-32, 1957, ESAR 1937; ER Obit 1961
Duff, Col. C.E. CB
Eugenics Society Fellow 1933
Source: ER 1933
Dukes, Dr. Cuthbert MD, MSc, DPH OBE
1 Queen Anne St., Cavendish Sq., London W1, 1937, 1947
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Personal: MB BCh 1914; MD 1918; DPH 1920; MSc 1924; Path., St. Peter's Hosp.; Dir. Res. Lab., St. Mark's Hosp. 1937, 1947; Lect., Bacteriol., King's Coll. Women; RAMC

Surg. Path. of Rectal Cancer., Proc. Royal Soc Med. 1944; Factors which influence renal function tests. Proc. Royal Soc. Med. 1937; Bacteriol. of Food. 1925 Source: ESAR 1937; Med Dir 1937, 1947
Dukes, Dr. Ethel LRCS, LRCP
1 Queen Anne St., London 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Personal: See Cuthbert Dukes' address; LRCP 1916; MO i/c Dartford Dist AnteNatal and Infant Welfare Clinics 1937; Hon. Med. Dir., London Marriage Guidance Center 1947; Vice-Chmn., Nat. Marriage Guidance Council 1947; Medical Director, Institute of Child Psychology, 26 Warwick Ave., London W9, 1937, 1947
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937; Med Dir 1937, 1947
Dunbar, Prof. R.I.M. PhD
Eugenics Society Member 1987 Council 1993
Personal: Ethologist; theorized that language began as female pongid "gossip"
Source: B&S; 1988, Galton Institute Annual Report 1993
Dunlop, Dr. Binnie MB
20 Glenalmond House, Manor Fields, Putney Hill, London SW15, 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Personal: MB BCh (Glas.) 1898; Civil Surg., South Africa; ret. by 1937; Malthusian League (Hon. Sec. 1915-21; v.p. 1937)
"National Happiness Under Individualism", Malthusian Essay 1910; arts. in Reports of International Brith Control Confs. 1922 and 1926
Source: ESAR 1937
Dunlop, Mr. W.R.
Eugenics Society Member 1938
Source: ER 1938
Durand-Wever, Dr. Anne Marie
Eugenics Society Member 1956
Personal: Founding member, International Planned Parenthood Federation Governing body. 1953-1960; Berlin physician 1952; v.p., German Committee on Planned Parenthood 1952
German editor, International Journal of Sexology (Bombay) 1952
Source: ER 1957, Around the World News of Population and Birth Control (March and September) 1952, 1953
Durham, Rt. Reverend Lord Bishop DD
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Durbin, Mr. Leslie MVO
Eugenics Society Member 1959
Source: ER 1959
Duvernoy, Mr. L.
Eugenics Society Member 1989
Source: B&S; 1989
Dykes, Mr. J.H.
Eugenics Society Member 1967
Source: ER 1967
Dykes, Mr. R.M.
Eugenics Society Council 1952-53
Source: ER 1952-53