Source of members names: From 1930 until 1990 members' names were published in the Society journal as they joined or became fellows. These sources are shown as a journal abbreviation followed by the year in which the person entered the Society, e.g., ER 1942. (ER = Eugenics Review; Bulletin of the Eugenics Society; B&S; = Biology and Society). The Eugenics Review at times listed all the officers and members of the council. These sources are also shown as a journal abbreviation followed by a date. The Society is a corporation and its directors are listed in its annual reports deposited in Company House (CH). In 1937 the Society published a list of members in its Annual Report (ESAR 1937). In 1957 the Society published a list of members in the Eugenics Review (ER 1957). A list of members compiled in 1977 was deposited in the Welcome Archives (1977 list). Deaths of members were sometimes noted in obituaries in the Society journals (Obit + journal abbreviation and date). Other sources are as specified.

Sachs, Dr. Leonard MD

36/37 Koedoe Blds., Pretorius St. Pretoria, South Africa 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Sainsbury, Mr. Alan
Eugenics Society Fellow 1939
Source: ER 1939, WSW 1990
Salaman, Dr. Redcliffe N. MD, BCh, MRCS, LRCP
Homestall, Barley, nr. Royston, Herts 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Saleeby, Dr. Caleb W. MD, FRSE
Eugenics Society Council 1909
Personal: Fellow, Royal Society of Edinburgh
Individualism and Collectivism. 1909; Parenthood and Race Culture: An Outline of Eugenics. 1909; The Methods of Race Regeneration. 1911; The Progress of Eugenics. 1914; The Whole Armour of Man. 1919; The Eugenic Prospect: National and Racial. 1921
Source: ER 1909
Salveson, Rt. Hon. Lord Edward T. KC, LLD
Dean Park, Edinburgh 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1923, 1937 Director 1930
Personal: Chmn., Royal Scots Benevolent Fund, 1930; b. 1880; d. 1940; Privy Council; Pres., Scottish Zoological Society
Source: CH, Obit, ER July 1942, p. 27, ESAR 1937
Samuel, Mrs.
8 Montagu Square, London W1, 1937
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Samuel, Miss Sylvester
Cadogan House, Sloan Square, London SW, 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Samuel, T.J. MA
Eugenics Society Member 1965
"Social factors affecting fertility in India", ER 1965, v. 57, p. 5; "Population Control in Japan: lessons for India", ER 1966, v. 58, p. 15
Source: ER 1965
Sandars, Miss M.F.
Eugenics Society Member 1931
Source: ER 1931
Sandell, Dr. D.H. MCPS, MD, FRCS
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ER 1937
Sanderson, Mr. A.L.
Eugenics Society Member 1950
Source: ER 1950
Sanderson, Dr. Robert MD
Little Houghton, North Lancing, Sussex
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Sandon, Mr. Frank MA (Cantab), FIMA, FIS, FSS, ABPsS
142 Rotten Park Rd., Edgbaston, Birmingham 1957
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937, 1957, 1977
Personal: 1977 address, North Chingford, London; 1937 address: 11 De Vere Crescent, Compton, Plymouth; Fellow, Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications; Fellow, Institute of Statistics; Fellow, Royal Statistical Society; British Psychological Society
"Twins in the School Population", British Journal of Statistical Psychology 1959, 12, 2
Source: ER 1957, 1977 list
Sandon, Mr. Harold MA, PhD
Eugenics Society Member 1933, 1937
Personal: Dept. of Zoology, University of Cape Town, Rodebosch, South Africa 1937; Prof. of Zoology, Univ. of Khartoum 1959
Source: ER 1933, ESAR 1937, ER Jan. 1959, p. 247
Sanger (Slee) Margaret Higgins
65 Sierra Vista Dr., Tucson, Arizona, USA
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1937, 1957
Personal: b. Irish; baptized Catholic; d. 1966 eugenic elitist; 1937 address: 104 Fifth Ave., New York City, USA
1. Wm. Sanger 1902 (div.)
2. J. Noah Slee, South African born founder of Three in One Oil (he funded much of Sanger's work)
Havelock Ellis' partner in toilet joy (see Havelock Ellis); spiritualist after death of her daughter; Demerol addict
Eugenic Achievements:
opened first birth control clinic in USA, advocating mercury and lysol douches; organized First World Population Conference 1926, Geneva; attended round table discussions on German sterilization laws in 1936; estab. Margaret Sanger Research Bureau; financed Dr. Ernst Graefenburg and his "ring" (the IUD); Founder, Planned Parenthood of America 1942; financed development of the Pill; Hon. Pres. International Planned Parenthood, 1953; Member, American Eugenics Society, Eugenics Society (England)
Media Icon's Life, Loves and Death:
The "front" woman for the men of the Eugenic Society, Sanger led a miserable life. Slee was an old man when she married him. The sexuality of Havelock Ellis, her supposed lover, was based on drinking urine. After his death letters were published which indicated he did not love Margaret Sanger and she saw these letters. She was useful to the eugenic societies as a sort of icon. She had money and young male 'lovers' and Demerol till she died. Is she an example to women?
editor, Woman Rebel (magazine) 1914 which advocated or publicized bombing, presidential assassination and birth control; edited Birth Control Review (magazine) 1917-38 which supported the Nazi Hereditary Courts; The Pivot of Civilization. 1922; Happiness in Marriage. 1926 (a thing she knew nothing about)
Good Breeding -
"More children from the fit, less from the unfit - that is the chief aim of birth control" (Birth Control Review, May 1919, Vol. III, no. 5)
- "Birth Control: to create a race of thoroughbreds", (Birth Control Review, Nov. 1921, Vol. 5, no.11)
- from a review by B. Dunlop q.v. of My Fight for Birth Control. by Margaret Sanger:
"... wherever contraception is spreading the only hope for eugenics is to make abortion and voluntary sterilisation freely available to ... (the poorest classes)" (ER April 1932, p. 38)
"Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, (free medical care for the poor) tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant.", The Pivot of Civilization., p. 177
"The Machine age very shortly and decisively exploded the simple belief that 'all men are born free and equal' ", The Pivot of Civilization.
Catholic Church as enemy:
"The Catholic Church has sown, cultivated and reaped a crop of bodily and mental diseases and developed a society congenitally and almost hopelessly unbalanced." from The Pivot of Civilization. quoted in Margaret Sanger. by Elsah Droghin, p. 57
Poor = Unfit:
"Everywhere we see poverty and large families going hand in hand. Those least fit to carry on the race are increasing most rapidly ... Funds that should be used to raise the standard of our civilization are diverted to maintenance of those who should never have been born.", from The Pivot of Civilization.
Source: ER 1957, ER Vol. 60, Obit ER 1966, 58, 179 (N); "Ernst Graefenburg and His Ring" by H. Lehfeldt, Mt. Sinai Journal of Medicine, vol. 42, no. 4, Jul-Aug. 1975; Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Civilization. Elsah Droghin; Grand Illusions. George Grant
Sanwal, Mrs. Hem
Eugenics Society Member 1952
Source: ER 1952
Sapsworth, Mr. A.D.
Eugenics Society Member 1947
Source: ER 1947
Saudek, Mr. Robert PhD
Eugenics Society Fellow 1932
Personal: established "graphology" as a branch of scientific psychology
editor, Character and Personality
Source: ER 1932, Obit, ER July 1935, p. 149
Saunders, Miss E.R.
Millington Rd., Cambridge 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1927, 1937
Personal: educ. Newnham College 1888; staff of Newnham for 36 years; collaborator of W. Bateson; Member, British Association (Pres., Botanical Section, 1920); Pres., Genetical Society 1937
"An inheritance of a mutation in the common foxglove (digitalis puerperae)", New Phyt. 10:47-63 1911; "On the occurrence, behaviour and origin of a smooth stemmed form of the common foxglove (digitalis puerperae)", Journal Genet., Cambridge, 7, 215-28, 1918
Source: Obit ER 1945, p. 72
"When students of other sciences ask us what is now currently believed about the origin of species we have no clear answer to give ... The conclusion in which we were brought up, that species are a product of summation of variations, ignored the chief aspect of species, that the product of their crosses is frequently sterile in great or less degree. Huxley very early in the debate pointed out this grave defect in the evidence, but before breeding researches had been made on a large scale no one felt the objection to be serious. Extended work might be trusted to supply the deficiency. It has not done so, and the significance of the negative evidence can no longer be denied." William Bateson in Nature Ap. 29, 1922, quoted in The Evolution Hoax Exposed., A. N. Field
Savill, Dr. Agnes MD, MRCP
7 Devonshire Pl., London W1, 1937, 1957
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1937, 1957
Source: ESAR 1937, ER 1957
Saw, Prof. Swee-Hock MA, PhD
College of Commerce, Nanyang University, Singapore
Eugenics Society Fellow 1965, 1977
Population Control for Zero Population Growth in Singapore. 1980, Singapore (documents indirect coercion in Singapore); see Goh Kok Kee q.v.
Source: ER 1965, 1977 list
Schachter, Dr. M.
Eugenics Society Member 1948
Source: ER 1948
Scheinfeld, Mr. Amram
Eugenics Society Fellow 1961
Personal: American
1952 The New You and Heredity.; 1964 Your Heredity and Environment; "Your Heredity and Environment", ER 1967, v. 59, p. 145 (C)
Source: ER 1961
Schick, Mr. S.M.
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Source: 1977 list
Schiller, Mr. F.C.S. DSc, MA
Eugenics Society V.P. 1909 Council 1910-11, 1916, 1936 Consultative Council 1936 First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee
Eugenics and Politics. 1926; Social Decay and Eugenical Reform. 1932; "The Ruin of Rome and Its Lessons for Us", Galton Lecture 1925
Source: ER 1909 -11, 1916; Men Behind Hitler, p. 87; Articles of Association, 1926; ER 1936, p. 58; Problems in Eugenics. 1912 (repr.)
Schlesinger, Mrs.
Eugenics Society Member 1940
Source: ER 1940
Schreiber, Mrs. A.
Eugenics Society Member 1940
Source: ER 1940
Schrijver, Mr. F.
12 Oostdam, Woerden, Holland 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1934, 1937
Source: ER 1934, ESAR 1937
Schuster, Prof. Arthur PhD, DSc, FRS
Eugenics Society V.P. 1910, 1916 Council 1916, 1920 First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee
Source: ER 1910, 1916, 1920, Men Behind Hitler., p. 87; Problems in Eugenics. 1912 (repr.)
Schuster, Dr. Edgar MA, DSC
Eugenics Society Council 1916, 1937 First International Eugenics Congress 1912 (General Committee; Delegate: Univ. of Oxford)
"The Inheritance of Ability", Galton Lab Memoirs 1909; Eugenics. 1913 Source: ER 1916, Men Behind Hitler, p. 87; ESAR 1937; Problems in Eugenics. 1912 (repr.)
Schuster, Mrs. Earnest
23 Albert Ct., London SW7, 1937
Eugenics Society Life Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Scoggins, Mrs. J.A. MA, PGCE
Maria Grey College of Education, Twickenham, Middlesex
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Source: 1977 list
Scott, Mr. A.H.
Fordingbridge, Hants
Eugenics Society Member 1940, 1957
Source: ER 1940, 1957
Scott, Mrs. Beatrice
Belvedere, Kent
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Source: 1977 list
Scott, Miss Eileen M. MA, PhD
West Ferry, Dundee
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957
Personal: Psychologist, MRC Social Medicine Research Unit, Aberdeen 1953 (this became the MRC Obstetric Unit, then the MRC Medical Sociology Unit)
1956 "A psychological investigation of primigravidae II. Maternal social class, age, physique and intelligence", Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the British Empire, v. 63, p. 338; "Intelligence and family size in an adult sample", ER 1954-55, v. 46, p. 233
Source: ER 1957
Eugenic reasons for Aberdeen abortions; Baird hunts out individuals "... an efficient mother ... would be healthy ... would eat a good diet" (from "Intelligence and Child Bearing", by E. Scott, ER 1953, p. 139)
This article, "Intelligence and Child Bearing", has a separate section by Dugald Baird from which the following quotations are taken:
"There are fewer poor quality diets in Social Classes I, II, III than in IV and V ... there is a definite social gradient for height ... there is a negative correlation between intelligence and the size of family ... in a series of cases where pregnancy was terminated ... 42 per cent were small ... from a eugenic point of view ... children of such parents are less likely than average to be of high intelligence ... the poor environment makes it unlikely that they will be able to make full use of their limited abilities" (from "Intelligence and Child Bearing", Dugald Baird q.v., ER 1953; see also Barbara Thompson q.v.)
Scott, The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Sir Leslie KCMG, KC
20 Egerton Terrace, London SW3, 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1932, 1937
Personal: Lawyer; King's Counsel, Judge
Source: ER 1932, ESAR 1937
Scott, Mr. Philip
21 Devonshire Pl., London W1, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Scott, Mr. T.
Eugenics Society Member 1955
Source: ER 1955
Scott, Mrs. Ursula
Eugenics Society Member 1955
Source: ER 1955
Scott, Dr. William C.M. MD, LMSSA, DPM (London), LRCP, LMMC
Allan Memorial Institute, Montreal, P.Q., Canada
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957, 1977
Melanie Klein's first training analysand; Founding President, Canadian Psychoanalytic Society Personal: b. 1903 Canada; educ., Univ. of Toronto, MD 1927; Post Graduate, Johns Hopkins 1928-29; began qualifying as child and adult psychiatrist with Melanie Klein 1931; Staff, Maudsley Hosp. 1933-35; Post Graduate teacher (Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis) McGill Univ., Montreal, P.Q. Canada, 1945-; Mem., Cttee of Management, Institute of Psychiatry, London 1951-53 (Teacher 1948-54); Senior Psychotherapist, Bethlem and Maudsley Hosp. (1948-54); Consulting Psychiatrist, Montreal Children's Hospital 1990 Pubns: ex-asst. ed., Internat'l Journal of Psychoanalysis, Brit. Jl. Med. Psychology
Source: ER 1957, 1977 list, WSW 1990, Melanie Klein. by Phyllis Grosskurth (Hodder and Stoughton 1956)
"All through his analysis they (Klein and W.C.M. Scott) agreed, as he (W.C.M. Scott) says, 'to disagree' about primary narcissism, which he believed to have a biological basis." from Melanie Klein., p. 305
Seale, Dr. John R. MA, MD, MRCP
Eugenics Society Member 1962
Source: ER 1962
Searle, Mr. G.R. PhD (Cantab)
School of English and American Studies, Univ. of East Anglia, Norwich
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
"Eugenics and Class", in Biology, Medicine and Society. 1981, Cambridge by Charles Webster; "Eugenics and Politics in Britain in the 1930's", Annals of Science, Vol. 36, 1979, pp. 159-69; Eugenics and Politics in Britain 1900-1914. 1976; The Quest for National Efficiency. 1971, Oxford
Source: 1977 list, WSW 1990
Sedergreen, Miss R.C.
Eugenics Society Member 1957
Source: ER 1957
Selber, Mrs. Jane S. SRN
Eugenics Society Member 1982
Personal: State Registered Nurse
Source: Bulletin of the Eugenic Society 1983
Self, Sir Henry KCB
16 Vernon Terrace, Brighton
Eugenics Society Fellow 1954, 1957
Personal: Pres., Modern Churchmen's Union 1947-57
- two sons:
1. Peter John Otter Self
(Peter John Otter Self; b. 7 June 1919; Emeritus Professor of Public Administration, University of London; Visiting Fellow, Australian National University 1984-; Regionalism. 1949; The Problems of Urban Growth. 1957; Econocrats and the Policy Process. 1976; Planning the Urban Region. 1982)
2. Hugh Michael Self
(Hugh Michael Self; b. 19 March 1921; lawyer)
Quotes: "We .. have no right to let the human race degenerate", Henry Self, from Around the World News of Population and Birth Control 1954 Feb.
Source: ER 1954, 1957, WSW 1990
Seligman, Prof. Dr. C.G. MD, MRCP, FRS
Court Leys, Toot Baldon, Oxford 1937
Eugenics Society Council 1916 Consultative Council 1937 Fellow 1937 First International Eugenics Congress 1912 (General Committee; Delegate: Royal Anthropological Institute)
Personal: pathologist, anthropologist
Source: Problems in Eugenics. 1912 (repr.); ER 1916; Men Behind Hitler, p. 87; ESAR 1937; Obit, ER 1941, January p. 140
Seligman, Mr. G.C. MA
9-12 King William St., London EC4
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957 Treasurer 1961-63
Source: ER 1957
Sellon, Major (RM) D.D.
Bexhill on Sea, Sussex
Eugenics Society Member 1964, 1977
Personal: Royal Marines
Source: ER 1964, 1977 list
Selman, Mr. Peter F. BA (Oxon)
Dept. of Social Studies, Newcastle Univ., Newcastle upon Tyne
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Source: 1977 list
Senn, Mr. R.C. LCh
Eugenics Society Member 1950
Personal: Licentiate in Surgery
Source: ER 1950
Sergi, Prof. G.J.
Eugenics Society V.P. 1916 First International Eugenics Congress 1912, Vice President
Personal: President, Comitato Italiano per gli studi di Eugenica; Prof. of Anthropology, Rome 1912
Il Posto dell' uomo nella natura. 1929
Source: ER 1916, Men Behind Hitler, p. 87; Problems in Eugenics. 1912 (repr.)
Sethurajan, Dr. I.C. MB, BS, DCH
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Personal: Diploma in Child Health
Source: 1977 list
Seton Karr, Mr. H.W.
8 St. Paul's Mansions, Hammersmith, London W6, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Seward, Prof. FRS
Eugenics Society V.P. 1916
Personal: President, Cambridge Eugenics Society, 1916
Source: Men Behind Hitler., p. 87, ER 1916
Shapiro, Dr. Boris
110a Sivewright Ave., Doornfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Sharma, Dr. P.K.
Eugenics Society Member 1961
Source: ER 1961
Sharma, V.S. MA, LLD, FRES
Eugenics Society Member 1952
Personal: Doctor of Law; Fellow, Royal Entomological Society
Source: ER 1952
Sharp, Mr. James C. CA
Eugenics Society Member 1934
Personal: Chartered Accountant
Source: ER 1934
Sharpe, Miss D. Anderton
London W.1
Eugenics Society Fellow 1957
Source: ER 1957
Sharpe, Dr. Dorothy
92 Portland Pl., London W1, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1931 Fellow 1931, Life Fellow 1937
Source: ER 1931, ESAR 1937
Shattock, Lt. Cdr.(RN) O.H.
Glenalmond, Down End, Fareham, Hants 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1935, 1937
Personal: Royal Navy
Source: ER 1935, ESAR 1937
Shaw, Dr. Maurice E. MD, FRCP
The West London Hospital, London W1
Eugenics Society Consultative Council 1937
Personal: MB, BS 1921; MD (Oxford) 1923; Dean, Medical School of West London Hospital 1957; Chief Medical Officer, Canada Life Assurance 1957
Source: ESAR 1937, Medical Directory 1958
Shear, Mr. Daniel
Eugenics Society Member 1949
Source: ER 1949
Sheard, Maj. H. MacLennan
Eugenics Society Member 1945, 1960
Source: ER 1945, 1960
Shears, Mr. E.M.
Brixton, London
Eugenics Society Member 1955, 1957, 1977
Source: ER 1955, 1957, 1977 list
Shelesnyak, Prof. M.C. BA, PhD
1353 28th St. Washington DC, 20007 USA
Eugenics Society Fellow 1959, 1977
Source: ER 1959, 1977 list
Shepherd, Mr. G.
Eugenics Society Member 1946
Source: ER 1946
Shepherd, Dr. H.L. ChM, MB, MRCS, LRCP, FRCOG
Eugenics Society Fellow 1944
Personal: Fellow, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Source: ER 1944
Sherman, Mrs. SRN
Eugenics Society Member 1943-44
Personal: State Registered Nurse
Source: ER 1943-44
Sherrington, Prof. Sir Charles OM, GBE, FRS
Eugenics Society Member 1911 Consultative Council 1937
Personal: Nobel prize; important work on muscle; see A.F. Huxley under Julian Huxley entry
Source: ER 1911, ESAR 1937
Shields, Mr. James MA
Eugenics Society Member 1949, 1957 Fellow 1977
Schizophrenia, the epigenetic puzzle. 1982 w/ Irving Gottesman, American Eugenic Society, University of Minnesota, Dept. of Psychology; Schizophrenia and Genetics: a twin study vantage point. 1972 w/ Irving Gottesman; Man, Mind and Heredity: selected papers of Eliot Slater on psychiatry and genetics. 1971 ed. w/ Irving Gottesman; Monozygotic Twins brought up together and apart. 1962 (Twin study used by Arthur Jensen); "Personality Differences and Neurotic Traits in Normal Twin School Children: a study in psychiatric genetics.", Eugenics Review 1954, 45, 213; Psychotic and Neurotic Illnesses in twins. 1953 Eliot Slater w/ James Shields, MRC Special Report Series, No. 278, HMSO
Source: ER 1949, 1957, 1977 list
Background: Eliot Slater was trained by Rudin in Munich. He and Kallmann of the American Eugenics Society represent the "Munich school", that is, the school of Rudin, who was the architect of Hitler's race laws. Irving Gottesman has been a director of the American Eugenics Society.
Shine, Dr. Ian MA, MB
Eugenics Society Fellow 1963
Source: ER 1963
Short, Mrs. E.A.
Eugenics Society Member 1942
Source: ER 1942
Short, Mr. E.A.
Melton Mill, West Melton, Bridport, Dorset 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Short, Mr. G.A.
Eugenics Society Member 1932
Source: ER 1932
Shortt, Miss Lorraine
5 Marlborough Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1936, 1937
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Shotton, Mrs.
Eugenics Society Member 1943
Source: ER 1943
Shrubsall, Dr.
Eugenics Society Member 1924
Source: ER 1923-24, p. 643
Shultis, Mrs. Adam
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ER 1937
Sidhu, L.S. MSC
Eugenics Society Member 1966
Source: ER 1966
Siegel, Dr. Morris
546 Barton St., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1935, 1937
Population, Race and Eugenics. Ontario 1939
Source: ER 1935, ESAR 1937
Siggers, Dr. D.C. LRCP, MRCP
Eugenics Society Member 1966
Source: ER 1966
Signy, Sergt.
Eugenics Society Fellow 1943
Source: ER 1943
Sikes, Dr. A.W. MD MRCP, FRCS
Moat House, Langley, Bucks 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1931, 1937
Source: ER 1931, ESAR 1937
Silbiger, Dr. Benno
Eugenics Society Member 1940
Source: ER 1940
Silver, Mr. I.P. BSc
Eugenics Society Member 1985
Source: B&S; 1986
Simms, Mrs. Madeleine
Eugenics Society Fellow 1977
Personal: Abortion Law Reform Association; Company Director: Brook Advisory Center 1984-87, Pregnancy Advisory Service (resigned 1977)
- For Lane Commission:
Oral & Written Evidence; Br. Med. J., 4:176-177, 1972. (for Appendix E); "helpful suggestions" given to the Institute for Social Studies in Medical Care for Vol. 3, for Lane Committee; w/ Charlotte Ingham: "Study of Applicants for Abortion at the Royal Northern Hospital." Journal of Biosocial Science, 4, p. 351-
- Other Pubns:
"Abortion", ER, 1966, v. 58, p. 55 (C); "Abortion", ER 1966, v. 58, p. 240 (C); "How the Abortion lobby worked" Political Quarterly 1968, 39, 269 (showed that 1967 Abortion Act was vague enough to be loosely interpreted); "Pregnancy Advisory Service", Family Planning 1969; Abortion Law Reformed. w/ Keith Hindell; "Abortion Law Reform: How the Controversy Changed", The Criminal Law Review, Oct 1970, reprinted in Family Planning Vol 19, no. 4; "Report on Non Medical Counselling"; Teenage Mothers and Their Partners: A Survey of England and Wales. 1986 HMSO
Source: 1977 list, CH, Lane Report
Simon, Sir E.D.
Eugenics Society Fellow 1936, Life Fellow 1937
The Anti Slum Campaign. 1933
Source: ER 1936, ESAR 1937
Simon of Wythenshaw, Earnest Darwin
Broomcroft, Ford Lane, Didsbury, Manchester 1957
Eugenics Society Fellow 1955, 1957
Simon of Wythenshawe set up the Simon Population Trust which was the first to study sterilisation and conclude it was lawful with the arguments later used to legalise sterilisation; contributed to IPPF
Personal: 1st baron; cr. 1947; b. 1879; Engineer, Henry Simon Ltd.; Lord Mayor of Manchester 1921-22; MP Manchester 1923-24, 1929-31; Parl. Sec to Minister of Health, Sept. to Oct. 1931; Chmn., BBC 1947-52; d. 1960
two sons:
1. son, Roger Simon
(Roger Simon; b. 1913; succeeded him in 1960; lives Richmond, Surrey)
2. son, Brian Simon
(Brian Simon; b. 1915; Prof. of Education, Univ. of Leicester; Intelligence Testing and the Comprehensive School. 1953; Intelligence, Psychology and Education. 1971; The Rise of the Modern Educational System. 1987)
Pubns: "Some aspects of world population and food resources", ER 1954-55, v. 46, p. 91
Source: ER 1955, 1957, WSW 1990, Debretts 1988, 1990
Background: "Sterilisation for other than medical reasons was thought to be illegal until the Simon Population Trust in 1966 showed that this was not the case." from "The Changing Face of Family Planning" Margaret Jackson q.v., Brit. J. of Family Planning, 1980, 6, pp. 71-4
Simon, Sir Francis
Eugenics Society Fellow 1955
Source: ER 1954-55, p. 249
Simon, Dr. George MB, BCh, MRCS, LRCP
39 Wimpole St., London W1, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ESAR 1937
Simon, Lt. (RN) P.V.
Eugenics Society Member 1949
Personal: Royal Navy
Source: ER 1949
Simon, Mr. T.R.M. BA (Cantab)
Eugenics Society Member 1977
Source: 1977 list
Simpson, Mr. Alex M.
Hindhead, Surrey
Eugenics Society Member 1951, 1957
Source: ER 1951, 1957
Simpson, Mrs. C.E.
43 Manor Pl., Edinburgh 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1931, 1937
Source: ER 1931, ESAR 1937
Simpson, Mr. C.J.H. BSc
Eugenics Society Member 1949
Source: ER 1949
Simpson, Mr. Errol Reginald
PO Box 1757, Johannesburg, South Africa 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1934, 1937 Fellow 1938
Source: ER 1934, 1938, ESAR 1937
Simpson, Miss H.
Eugenics Society Member 1948
Source: ER 1948
Simson, Lady OBE
5 Belgrave Mews, West London SW1, 1937
Eugenics Society Fellow 1932, 1937
Source: ER 1932, ESAR 1937
Sinclair, Capt. A.F.
Eugenics Society Member 1934
Source: ER 1934
Sinclair, Mrs. G.
Eugenics Society Member 1965
Source: ER 1965
Sinha, Mr. P.C.
1451 Baranashighose St., Calcutta, India 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1937
Source: ER 1937, ESAR 1937
Sinha, Prof. R.N.
Eugenics Society Member 1949
Source: ER 1949
Skinner, Mrs.
28 Park Hill, Ealing, London W5, 1937
Eugenics Society Member 1932, 1937
Source: ER 1932, ESAR 1937
Skinner, Miss Carolynne BA, MSc
Eugenics Society Member 1981
Personal: b. 1943
The Elusive Mr. Right: the social and personal context of a young woman's use of contraception., London 1986, Carolina Pubns. (see North Carolina eugenicists)
Source: Bulletin of the Eugenic Society 1982
Slater, Dr. Eliot T. O. MD, MA, CBE, FRCP, DPM, DPH
Institute of Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital, London
Eugenics Society Member 1937 Fellow 1944, 1957-1977 Director 1972 Trained in Munich by Rudin, pioneer of the Third Reich racial policies, as a student; considered to be carrying on Rudin's psychiatric tradition (Harry Harris, Annals of Eugenics)
Eliot Trevor Oakeshott Slater; b. 1904; d. 15 May 1983; MB 1931; DPM 1934; Rockefeller Fellow in 1934-35; MA, MD (Cambridge Univ.) 1940; Phys. in Psychological Medicine, National Hospital, Queens Square 1946-59; Senior Lect., Institute of Psychiatry 1957; Director, MRC Psychiatric Genetic Research Unit, Maudsley Hospital 1959-65; Abortion Law Reform Association (Advisory Council); Family Planning Association, Vice President (1977, 1981, 1988); Birth Control Campaign (Advisory Council); a Vice President or Council member of the Eugenic Society almost continuously from 1944-78; Commander of the Order of the British Empire
"German Eugenics in Practice", ER, 1935-36, pp. 285-95; "On Manic Depressive Psychosis", Ztschrift. f.d. ges. Neur. u. Psych. 1938 163:1; An Introduction to Physical Methods of Treatment in Psychiatry. 1944 (w/ W. Sargent, 5th edn. 1972, covered frontal leucotomy and shock treatment); "A Heuristic Theory of Neurosis" (jt.) Jl. of Neurology and Psychiatry. 1944; Psychotic and Neurotic Illness in Twins. 1953 HM Stationary Office; Clinical Psychiatry. w/ W. Mayer Gross q.v.; "Galton's Heritage", Galton Lecture 1960; The Genetics of Mental Disorders. 1971 w/ Valerie Cowie q.v.; signed "A Plea for Voluntary Euthanasia 1971; editor, British Journal of Psychiatry 1972
Source: ER 1937, 1957; 1977 list, Medical Directory 1977, Men Behind Hitler.
Nazi Medicine:
"he joined the staff at Maudsley Hospital, where his thinking matured with exposure especially to the influence of the German School.", Obit Sept. 1983, Bulletin of the Eugenic Society by D.F. Roberts. The "German School" is Rudin of Munich, "meritorious pioneer of the racial laws of the Third Reich"
"As to the direction in which man might conceivably learn to influence his own evolution, it has been emphasized by some of our finest scholars that selection can be employed with foresight. In their opinion, with deleterious effects of most mutant genes 'diluted and postponed by an improved environment rather than obliterated,' satisfactory population policies call for birth selection, not death selection ... for criteria of health, intelligence or happiness, not just survival and fertility." quotation from Expanding Goals in Psychiatry. (ed.) F.J. Kallman, p. 251. In the bolded section, F.J. Kallmann is directly and indirectly quoting his fellow Munich student, Eliot Slater. Quotation is from "Galton's Heritage", ER 52: 91, 1960
The Nazi Connection:
Dr. Ernst Rudin taught Kallmann and Slater; they cannot be understood apart from him.
Dr. Ernst Rudin:
Dr. Ernst Rudin was a founder/member of the German Eugenics Society (Society for Racial Hygiene (Eugenics); Professor of Psychiatry, Munich University; Curator, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity Teaching and Eugenics; Director: The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography, Research Institute for Psychiatry. Rudin taught Josef Mengele of Auschwitz, F.J. Kallman of the American Society of Human Genetics q.v. and Slater of the British Journal of Psychiatry q.v.; his daughter, Edith Zerbin Rudin, was a member of the American Eugenics Society (Society for the Study of Social Biology) in 1974; Slater transmitted Rudin's ideas via his daughter by publishing her work and ideas
Nazi Connection:
Rudin was chief architect of Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Disease in Posterity passed July 1933 four months after Hitler came to power; claimed some responsibility for Nuremburg laws passed in 1935, "The Reich Law of Citizenship", which created two classes - subjects and citizens and "For the Protection of German Blood and German Honour" which made sex between Jews and Aryans a crime (Men Behind Hitler, p. 28-33)
Honors from Hitler for Rudin:
"... so just recently he [Rudin] received the Goethe Medal for Art and Science from the Fuhrer 'in recognition of his achievements in the development of German Racial Hygiene'. The Reichminister of the Interior, Dr. Frick, sent him the following telegram: 'To the indefatigable champion of racial hygiene and meritorious pioneer of the racial hygienic measures of the Third Reich I send my sincerest congratulations on his 65th birthday. May you be granted many more years to continue your research for the welfare of mankind. ( Men Behind Hitler, p. 18-19)
Planned Parenthood Connection:
Margaret Sanger's Birth Control Review published "Eugenic Sterilization: An Urgent Need" 1933 by Rudin; also "Selective Sterilisation" 1933 by Leon Whitney which defended the Nazi programs based on Rudin's laws. (Grand Illusions., p. 92)
Rockefeller Connection:
Rockefeller gave money for "Kaiser Wilhelm Institute" and subsidized Rudin (Men Behind Hitler., p. 76, Rockefeller Foundation Annual Reports 1928 1939); after WWII the Kaiser Wilhelm Institutes were all renamed "Max Planck" Institutes
Inferior Races:
"We should act without delay. Not only is it our task to prevent the multiplication of bad stocks; it is also to preserve the well endowed stocks and to increase the birth rate of the sound average population." (from Birth Control Review, "Eugenic Sterilization: an urgent need", Ernst Rudin, April, 1933, Vol. 17, no. 4)
Hitler on Poland and Byelorussia:
Soft Genocide
"In view of the large families of the native populations, it could only suit us if girls and women there had as many abortions as possible. Active trade in contraceptives ought to be actually encouraged in the Eastern territories, as we could not possibly have the slightest interest in increasing the non-German population." (quoted in Of Pure Blood. 1975, Bonn from Hitler's Tischgesprache im fuhrerhauptquartier)
Slaughter, Mr. W.
Eugenics Society Founding Member 1907
Personal: Chairman of Provisional Council 1907
Pubns: "Selection in Marriage" ER, Vol. 1, 1909
Source: ER Vol. 60 ASP's Hist
Slaughter, Mr J.W. PhD
Eugenics Society Chmn., Council 1910-11 First International Eugenics Congress 1912, General Committee
"Selection in marriage", ER 1909-10, v. 1, p. 150
Source: ER 1909-11; Problems in Eugenics. 1912 (repr.)
Slizynski, Dr. B.M.
Eugenics Society Member 1942
Source: ER 1942
Sloman, Dr. J.G. MB, BS
Sydney, Australia
Eugenics Society Member (overseas) 1957
Source: ER 1957