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    PlanetQuake | Quake II | Featured Levels | 03/13/00 - Single Player
Strogg Towers - click for full size image
Strogg Towers
03/13/00: Strogg Towers

I like to think that in each SPQ fanatic, there's two things driving him or her: the exploration/problem-solving aspect, and the sheer bliss of annihilating every moving thing that can be turned into chunks of Strogg.

This level, my friends, seems to focus mainly on component number two.

You begin in what appears to be a courtyard of sorts, flanked on four sides by four huge towers (hence, the appropriate title of the game). After killing off what few guards stand outside, you enter an interesting maze of towers, lifts, and bridges. Your sole mission (other than to make doors active) is to find the infamous Data CD and escape. I love Data CD's. Apparently their abilities are endless in these levels. Everyone should have one, but I digress.

There isn't a whole lot of exploration involved; once or twice you can venture off what seems to be a pretty cut-and-dry path. This doesn't really take away from the fun of the game; the sidepaths usually offer more ammo, great for dealing with the Strogg that are teleporting around you. So when you hear the sound of a BFG, know that it's not a BFG but a Strogg about to take you out. (Makes you wish you HAD a BFG, don't it?)

Overall, the layout was pretty sweet. It's a neat idea, really - reminds me of one of those progressive modern housing developments that they're building up in Toronto. And for having a lot of enemies in this game (147 tops) they're pretty well spaced out, which is nice. Of course, I'm not sure why 147 Strogg are hanging out around these towers, unless there's free food.

My one major complaint: Big Gun guardians. I'm not sure what they're called; the flying robotic insects that appear in practically all levels. I think they're completely overused in most levels, and they appear here (I won't say where, so as not to ruin the level). Regardless, some of you may find some sort of weird pleasure in facing them again and again, so what do I know? It's a matter of personal preference.

I think you'll appreciate this level; if not for the scenery, for the sheer amount of firepower you're going to use. This one was tough on me, and I had it handed to me a few times, trust me. You'll dig it - go download this puppy and kill some time.

- Download Strogg Towers (1.38 mb)

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