WWW Fall 94 -- Agenda

The agenda for the Second International World Wide Web (WWW) Conference '94: Mosaic and the Web is being finalized. As information becomes available, it will be posted here.

NOTE: Consult the list of papers we have received for Abstracts. Presenters should check the Presenter Deadlines and Other Information document.

Conference Multicasting / Remote Conference Sites

On the dates 18-20 October, inclusive, live video and audio of selected sessions will be transmitted over the Internet using the Multicasting backBONE (MBONE). Sessions that will be so transmitted are marked in the agenda by the tag " MULTICAST SESSION," accompanied by the associated Universal Time Coordinated (UTC, which, for purposes of this conference, is equivalent to Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT). You can also retrieve an agenda which displays only the multicast sessions. Please read the detailed instructions about how to set up MBONE at your site, or to attend one of several remote conference sites, where multicasted video will be projected, and two-way audio conferencing will be supported.

Note that the multicasting program is subject to change without advance notice, depending upon contingencies at the site.

Conference Agenda

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Monday, October 17 Tutorials

Tuesday, October 18

Wednesday, 19 October
Thursday, 20 October

NCSA - Mosaic and the Web Conference - October 14, 1994
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