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Interview with Charlie 'Flayra' Cleveland

So we thought it was about time we heard from the man himself. We asked Flayra what his impression of the Australian & New Zealand NS scenes have been like, how he finds the e-celeb status NS has bought him, his thoughts on the dominance of fades and the versatility of chambers, and much more...

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CAL Finals     By: MiniRum [ 60 Comments ]  
Friday August 13, 2004 - 4:32pm

Well yesterday we saw the CAL finals with two top American teams cri and exigent battling it out in what turned out to be an amazing match. To give Australians a taste of American natural selection I decided to make this news worthy as there is alot to be learnt from these clans and maybe even a few things we could teach them. The match ended in exi's favour 2-0.

I had a word with clan cri's criogenics after the match and had a chat to him about the match:

[MiniRum] Mmmk, what were your original thoughts comming into the game? (Did you think you could beat exi, etc.)
[criogenics_] well coming into the match, we were prepared for a tough game and we thought that we had a good chance of winning
[MiniRum] Do you favour either your marine or alien side against exigent?
[criogenics_] neither smile.gif
[MiniRum] We noticed you went fast motion as marines, what was the plan with that?
[criogenics_] to help the comm and the marines
[criogenics_] tongue.gif
[criogenics_] since exigent loves to ambush
[criogenics_] we thought it would be good to know when and where
[MiniRum] For your alien round, forlorn played a very good round. Was this a one off, or forlorns usual standard (This interview is for aussies who probably wont know forlorn)
[criogenics_] just another day for him
[criogenics_] he's probably the most consistent player next to me
[MiniRum] I see, well that sums up everything I wanted to ask, is there anything you would like to add?
[criogenics_] #cri on gamesnet show your support if you like us smile.gif
[criogenics_] GAMESURGE*

I also managed to get into contact with exi's headman Painuser:

[MiniRum] First up, what were your initial thoughts comming into the game? Did you think you could overcome cri?
[[exi]-PainUser] our Initial thoughts, were that we were going to 2-0 Cri with much more ease than it actually required.
[[exi]-PainUser] Cri did an amazing job of hitting our base without us knowing, I believe they killed the arms lab at least 4 times, and the armory twice
[MiniRum] We saw some amazing fading tonite by Forlorn, was it fustrating to see a fade take down lines and lines of marines?
[[exi]-PainUser] Not really, Forlorn has always been a good fade, we were using a new commander and the game was very sloppy on our part. I was also happy to add another Forlorn Scalp to my collection. I am personally glad he was fading, and with our new commander I think things would be a bit different.
[[exi]-PainUser] Forlorn really took advantage of our sloppiness and he had amazing lerk support.
[[exi]-PainUser] I credit the lerk morso than his personal fading abilities.
[MiniRum] Do you favour either your marine or alien game?
[[exi]-PainUser] I command our Alien round, so I obviously favor that side, not to mention our Marine game was just horrendous. We should have won that game 10 minutes sooner.
[MiniRum] We saw you guys making use of alot of HA that round. Many Australian clans label HA as a "deathsuit". Do you guys often make use of it?
[[exi]-PainUser] We never use HA, it never comes to that. Personally I much rather would have had jetpacks.
[[exi]-PainUser] Although the HA definately saved us that game
[MiniRum] We've recently seen you take on an Australian division (one of the many reaons I wanted to have this interview). What are your thoughts so far about the development of Australian clan NS against American clan NS?
[[exi]-PainUser] Only time will tell.
[[exi]-PainUser] At this point I think American teams have the advantage
[[exi]-PainUser] although there are some extreemely skilled aussie players
[MiniRum] Sorry, why do you think the American teams have the advantage?
[[exi]-PainUser] Well teams like R18 and what not have ever impressed me as much as some of the newer american teams
[[exi]-PainUser] even our own exigent aus division
[MiniRum] I see
[MiniRum] Okay that just about sums it up, is there anything else you wish to add?
[[exi]-PainUser] Convert as many people as you can to play NS, and d3dm leagues i.e., also if anyone wished to idle our channel is #exigent on, and our website is
[MiniRum] Thankyou for your time, and congratulations on the win.
[[exi]-PainUser] thank you

Demos provided by criogenics (ta mate) available here

Further more on the American clan scene there is currently an Invitational tournament being run at #NSInvitational . They run quite a nice tournament with both shoutcasting/HLTV so I encourage you all to drop by and watch some games. Because of timezones most of their matches start between 12pm-4pm AEST.

There is more to NS than what we see over here in Australia lets make use of it smile.gif

LAN in Victoria     By: RIP Bob [ 29 Comments ]  
Thursday August 12, 2004 - 8:24pm

The second event of the highly successful "GameTec Lan" is going to be held in Diamond Creek (VIC), the dates have just been confirmed to the 9th and the 10th of october.
The event organisers are expecting crowds of up to 87 people, they'll be running heaps of events/comps/tourney's with prizes to boot, across a wide variety of games, including Natural Selection, UT2k4, BF1942, and so on.
Its only $20 for 2pm on the saturday till 12pm on the Sunday, and its bring your own computer.

There's aparently a number of NS players booking their places, and are calling for everyone in VIC if possible to come and rock up (because the more people means a bigger tournament).
Of course the more NS'ers that rock up, the more fun it will be.
For more information visit

Should be a blast, good luck and have fun to all who attend smile.gif!

AusNS Radio - Looking for hosts & DJs     By: [SuB] [ 25 Comments ]  
Wednesday August 04, 2004 - 3:02pm

With the departure of spetz and orgazmo I'm in the process of establishing a new set of hosts for AusNS Radio.

The intention at this point is to establish a core group of dedicated hosts who can rotate the various weeks and mix and match so the burden for every week isn't assumed by a core group of 3 alone.

I'm also in need of 1 or 2 dedicated DJs who can assume the role of broadcasting the show. While this is not brain surgery, it's a reasonably involved task and you'll have to be on the ball. Time to commit and a pre-existing knowledge and/or the ability to learn about various sound related issues, as well as operating the programs that integrate the music and voice chat are necessary. This position also requires that you have a decent, reliable internet connection that has a decent upload rate cap.

Selected Hosts & DJs will form an integral part of the team and determine the show's future direction and format.

If you're interested in either of these positions, please e-mail an application to and detail why you're interested and what you feel you have to contribute.

One thing that will increase the likelihood of you getting short listed is an attached MP3 sound bite, the contents of which are open ended. Make it 30 seconds or so of you talking about something NS related. This applies more so to those applying for the position of Host than DJ.

Obviously if your voice and demeanour is likely to put people to sleep then there's not much point in applying, but if you think you have something exciting to offer and won't be short of things to say, APPLY NOW!

The return of AusNS Radio depends on the results of these applications!

Bite-sized update!     By: @egis [ 13 Comments ]  
Tuesday August 03, 2004 - 7:57pm




*deep breath*


"korensky is a strapping champ" - drath

AusNS Invitational Tournament Final     By: dislexus [ 23 Comments ]  
Monday August 02, 2004 - 11:32pm

user posted image

Boost vs R18

Last night, the final of the AusNS Invitational Tournament had arrived. After the previous weeks false start, the combatants were certainly chomping at the bit. Both clans have done well to reach the finals of this hotly contested tournament, with anticipation high for this rematch of the GA Ladder final only a few weeks ago. Could Boost pull a swift double over R18 again in both tournaments or would R18 repay the favour and learn from their past mistakes? Over 90 spectators tuned in to see…

Round 1:
Starting in Maintenance hive as aliens, R18 were instantly on the back foot. With the pressure hard from the outset, Boost surprisingly dropped South Loop node to stop R18 from being able to capture themselves. RFK churned in for Boost as marines held the Keyhole / Southloop choke points without any real fuss. R18 could not capture a node. With such simple game plans in action, Boost had no other option but to phase and siege once they had all the res captured themselves. The cavalry was indeed inbound and R18 rallied to triple fade in what seemed a last ditch attempt to combat the Boost menace. Unfortunately it was the menace that held the siege point firmly, with the RFK from skulks still churning in. A sudden skirmish and soon they were one fade down to a pistol and then not long after (as it was perhaps prophesised) the other two were sent packing by the sieges, it was not to be for R18.

Round 2:
Unluckily for Boost, they were also to begin in Maintenance Hive. R18 pushed hard out of spawn to mimic Round 1. However some great teamwork by Boost withstood early R18 advancement. Boost kept up the pressure and managed not only to hold their early nodes, but also deny R18 control by holding the Marines away from Triad and Eclipse nodes. With the early game node dominance holding firm, it soon led to the oh so predictable early Fades. FiremanSam however managed to do some oh so unpredictable nub gorging and sink his DC's. Oh the shame! Now losing ground all over the map, R18 managed to try one last phase assault on the hive. In the short space of 15 seconds it was scouted, ambushed and repelled. With nothing left in the R18 war machine, Boost converged on spawn to tidy up.

R18 never looked in the match and in the end a convincing second win for Boost to take out the AusNS Invitational Tournament. Congratulations boys, you have done well to win yet another title. Congratulations also to R18 in making it thus far. You had some good wins along the way, and I’m sure you boys will eventually snag yourselves a final win soon. GG to all the teams involved right throughout the tournament. You have made for some fanatastic games and viewing.

Boost def R18 2 - 0 : Demo

AusNS would like to extend its greatest thanks to both our sponsors. OGN for all their hosting and server support and of course to who were kind enough to provide the prizes for this event; $120 worth of gift vouchers which will be given to Clan Boost in the coming days. So a big thanks to both our sponsors and a thanks to all the participants as well as those who followed the tournament via HLTV.

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