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40 connects north of Dunnellon to Ormond Beach via Ocala.

ends at US 41 (45 (US 41))
Marion SR 40, W Broadway, E Silver Springs Blvd, SR 40
Lake SR 40, Butler St
Volusia SR 40, W Granada Blvd, E Granada Blvd
ends at S Atlantic Ave/Ocean Shore Blvd (A1A)


41 is the secret number for US 301 from northeast of Tampa to Zephyrhills.

ends at Harney Rd/US 301 (43 (US 301))
Hillsborough Fort King Hwy, US 301
Pasco Fort King Rd
ends at SR 39 (39 (US 301))


43 is the secret number for US 301 from Palmetto to northeast of Tampa, except for a short signed (?) portion in Palmetto.

ends at 8th Ave W (45 (US 41B))
Manatee 10th St W, US 301
Hillsborough US 301, Tampa East Blvd, US 301
ends at Harney Rd/Fort King Hwy (41 (US 301))


44 connects Crystal River to New Smyrna Beach via Inverness, Leesburg, Eustis, and DeLand. The section between Leesburg and Eustis is signed TO FL 44, since it used to go north of Lake Eustis.

ends at N Suncoast Blvd (55 (US 19))
Citrus NE 5th Ave, SR 44, W Main St, US 41, SR 44
Sumter SR 44
Lake SR 44, W Main St, South St, W Dixie Ave, E Dixie Ave, E Main St, US 441, S Bay St, [Paul Brown Pkwy, S Grove St](S Bay St, Hall Orange Ave), Hall Orange Ave, SR 44
Volusia W New York Ave, E New York Ave, SR 44, Canal St, Lytle St
ends at Ridgewood Ave (A1A/5 (US 1))


44B (signed BUSINESS 44, and even then only at the west end) spurs off
44 into downtown New Smyrna Beach.

ends at Lytle St (44)
Volusia Canal St, N Riverside Dr, North Causeway, Flagler Ave
ends at S Atlantic Ave/N Atlantic Ave


45 runs secretly with US 41 from Naples to Alachua, except for Venice and Bradenton, where it is US 41B.

ends at 5th Ave S (90 (US 41))
Collier 9th St S, 9th St N, Tamiami Tr
Lee S Tamiami Tr, S Cleveland Ave, N Cleveland Ave, N Tamiami Tr
Charlotte Tamiami Tr, [Tamiami Tr, King St](Cross St), Tamiami Tr
Sarasota Tamiami Tr, Morning Star Ln, N Tamiami Tr, S Tamiami Tr, S Washington Blvd, Mound St, Bayfront Dr, N Tamiami Tr
Manatee 14th St W, 8th Ave W, 9th St W, Green Br, 8th Ave W, Bayshore Rd, US 41
Hillsborough Tamiami Tr, S 50th St, Causeway Blvd, S 22nd St, N 22nd St, [N 22nd St, Adamo Dr](N 21st St), Adamo Dr, N 13th St, E Kennedy Blvd, N Nebraska Ave, US 41
Pasco Land O Lakes Blvd, US 41
Hernando Broad St, [Broad St](N Mildred Ave, W Jefferson St, E Jefferson St), Broad St
Citrus US 41, W Main St, N Florida Ave, US 41
Marion S Florida Ave, N Williams St, US 41
Levy US 41, SW 7th St, W Noble Ave, N Main St, US 27
Alachua US 27, S University Ave, N University Ave, US 27, S Main St, N Main St, US 27, S Main St, N Main St
ends at NW Sante Fe Blvd/NE Sante Fe Blvd (25 (US 41/441))


45A is mainline US 41 in Venice, with US 41B using

ends at Morning Star Ln (45 (US 41/41B))
Sarasota S Venice Blvd, N Venice Blvd
ends at Morning Star Ln (45 (US 41/41B))


46 connects Mt Dora to Mims via Sanford.

ends at US 441 (500 (US 41))
Lake SR 46, Sorrento Ave, Main St, SR 46
Seminole SR 46, W 1st St, S French Ave, W 25th St, E 25th St, SR 46
Volusia SR 46
Seminole SR 46
Volusia SR 46
Brevard SR 46, W Main St
ends at US 1 (5 (US 1))


47 runs north from Trenton to Lake City, and is then secret with US 441 to Georgia.

ends at N Main St (49 (US 129))
Gilchrist SR 47
Columbia SR 47, S 1st St, N 1st St, SR 47, Columbia City Rd, S 1st St, E Duval St, N Marion St, US 441
enters Georgia (89)


48 connects Bushnell to
93 (I-75) exit 63.

ends at I-75 (93 (I-75))
Sumter SR 48, W Belt Ave, N Main St
ends at E Noble Ave (35 (US 301))


49 is secret with US 129 from Chiefland to east of Branford.

ends at N Young Blvd/N Main St (55/500 (US 19/27A/98))
Levy Rodgers Blvd, NW 30th Ave
Gilchrist US 129, S Main St, N Main St, US 129, S Main St, N Main St, US 129
Suwannee US 129
ends at US 27 (20 (US 27/129))

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