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30 is secret with US 98 from Alabama to Perry, except for Panama City Beach (where it is US 30A) and Panama City (where it is US 30B). It is also a short section of US 19/27A/98 in Perry.

enters Alabama (42 (US 98))
Escambia Lillian Hwy, US 98, N Navy Blvd, Lillian Hwy, W Garden St, E Garden St, N Alcaniz St, [E Chase St, Bayfront Pkwy](N Alcaniz St, E Gregory St), Pensacola Bay Br
Santa Rosa Pensacola Bay Br, Gulf Breeze Pkwy, Navarre Pkwy
Okaloosa US 98, W Miracle Strip Pkwy, E Miracle Strip Pkwy, US 98
Walton US 98
Bay Front Beach Rd, US 98, Hathaway Br, W 18th St, US 98, Beck Ave, W 10th St, Chestnut St, W 9th St, Frankford Ave, W Beach Dr, W 6th St, E 6th St, E 5th St, Boatrace Rd, S Tyndall Pkwy, US 98
Gulf US 98, Constitution Dr, US 98
Franklin US 98, Ave E, Market St, Battery Park Ln, US 98, Curtis Ave, B Ave S, US 98
Wakulla Coastal Hwy
Jefferson US 98
Taylor US 98, S Springfield St
ends at Puckett Rd/S Jefferson St (55 (US 19/27A/98/221))


30A is a bunch of alternates to
30. Section 1 runs along the Gulf coast east of Port St Joe to connect to 30E; it doesn't return to 30 (US 98). Section 2 is an inland alternate to 30 west of Panama City and gets mainline US 98 (rather than US 98A). Section 3 bypasses 30 around Panama City and gets mainline US 98 (rather than US 98B).

ends at US 98 (30 (US 98))
Gulf SR 30A
ends at Cape San Blas Rd (30E)
ends at Front Beach Rd (30 (US 98/98B))
Bay Back Beach Rd
ends at Front Beach Rd (30 (US 98/98B))
ends at Beck Ave (30/390 (US 98/98B))
Bay US 98, W 15th St, E 15th St, N Tyndall Pkwy
ends at Boatrace Rd (30 (US 98/98B))


30E runs along the St Joseph Peninsula. It was turned over to the county in 1979, but FDOT took it back in 2000.

ends at St Joseph Peninsula State Park
Gulf SR 30E, Cape San Blas Rd
ends at CR 30


31 connects the Ft Myers area to Arcadia.

ends at Palm Beach Blvd (80)
Lee SR 31
Charlotte SR 31
De Soto SR 31, Hog Bay Ave
ends at SR 70 (70)


33 connects Lakeland to Groveland. SOUTH FL 33 is signed along
50 eastbound between Mascotte (CR 33) and Groveland, but 50 westbound has NORTH CR 33 shields.

ends at E Memorial Blvd (35/600/700 (US 92/98))
Polk N Massachusetts Ave, N Iowa Ave, Lakeland Hills Blvd, SR 33, S Commonwealth Ave, N Commonwealth Ave
Lake SR 33
ends at E Broad St/E Orange St/SR 50 (50)


35 runs north from Punta Gorda to Bartow on US 17, and then to Dade City on US 98. It continues along US 301 to Belleview, where it finally becomes signed until the end in Silver Springs.

ends at Cross St (45 (US 41))
Charlotte [W Olympia Ave, E Olympia Ave](W Marion Ave, E Marion Ave), Dixie Ave, Dixie Dr, Duncan Rd, US 17
De Soto US 17, S Brevard Ave, N Brevard Ave, US 17
Hardee US 17, Orange St, US 17, S 6th Ave, N 6th Ave, US 17, Oak Ave
Polk US 17, S Charleston Ave, N Charleston Ave, US 17, S 9th Ave, E Main St, N Broadway Ave, US 98, Bartow Rd, S Lake Parker Ave, N Lake Parker Ave, E Memorial Blvd, N Florida Ave, US 98
Pasco US 98, 7th St, US 98, US 301
Hernando Treiman Blvd
Sumter US 301, E Noble Ave, US 301, Commercial St, US 301
Marion US 301, SE Nathan Mayo Hwy, SE Abshier Blvd, Dunn Ave, SE Baseline Rd, SE 58th Ave, NE 58th Ave
ends at E Silver Springs Blvd (40)


37 runs south from Lakeland. Before recent (1999/2000) changes in downtown Lakeland, 37 ended at either Lemon St or Main St (both one way streets on old
600 (US 92B)). Currently the small amount of signage there is appears to end 37 at Main St; signage north of there says TO 37. That road is still state maintained though (it was 35 (US 98B)), and so I'm assuming 37 actually uses it.

ends at SR 62 (62)
Manatee SR 37
Polk SR 37, S Church Ave, N Church Ave, SR 37, S Florida Ave, N Florida Ave
ends at W Memorial Blvd/E Memorial Blvd (35/600/700 (US 92/98))


39 runs from south of Dade City south thru Zephyrhills and Plant City. It is secret with US 301 north of Zephyrhills. There are plans for a western bypass of Plant City, using Alexander St (CR 574) in the southwest; this may carry 39.

ends at SR 60 (60)
Hillsborough SR 39, S Collins St, N Collins St, [N Collins St, W Baker St](W Reynolds St, N Wheeler St), N Wheeler St, Paul Buchman Hwy
Pasco SR 39, Gall Blvd, US 301
ends at US 98 (35/700 (US 98/301))

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