sametal were lucky to interview one of the local bahraini bands that is really devoted to thrash metal. Motor Militia really intertained the real metalheads in rock issue and the underground asylum.
Motor Militia are:
Mahmood: vocals/bass
Abdullah: drums
yousef: guitar
Salem: guitar

sametal: ok what do u think of the metal music and rock scene in bahrain specially and mideast in general?

not enough metal and thrash bands,there is no varity no diversity in music here today band by band played the some songs over and over system of adown, korn and nirvana.
about the mid-east i think jordan has a very strong metal scene and we heared bands from lebanon and jordan and they are pretty good.

sametal: where do you get your musical inspiration?

mostly from slayer

sametal: where did you get your inspiration who influenced you to pick up an instrument and learn it and try to figure it out

Salem: i just woke up one day and saw my dad get a guitar and i started ever since .
Abdullah : growing up uncool i was listening to bands like qeen deep purple i was into it but then i started lestening to heavier stuff so i said hey this is cooler cuase its heavier and louder so eventualy i got deeper
and deeper into the whole thrash thing and came out like this.
Mahmood: i started playing bass cause i was too violent at school so i had to calm my self down into playing bass and do somthing
postive with the anger and i started doing the bass thing ever since.
Yousef: i kindda pick up the guitar as a side thing but as for now i get inspiration from all sorts of diffrent guitar styles i know that not too many people listen to any of which kindda inspires me towards listening to more and play what the play and play my own stuff its kindda of
a dieverse style ... so its kinda like that

sametal: what about the bands that play originals?

in bahrain nobody writes original songs. people don't search enough. peple palying their own music
it might sound good but they won't play it live. today there was one band (BRUTAL) that i think eneded
playing original song which I think sounded really good.

sametal: why do you think they would be concerned to play their own songs?

most usually coz they might be concerned by what people might
think of them we think that if you play song that people had heared before
they will go like oh i know this song woo. but if you play something
that the never heared before they will reconginze it and think that
it is played wrong.

sametal: do you think that bands can convert to play originals?

i think if a band paly covers on and off and have confedince and get better at playing live then yeah.

sametal: what do you think about mixing up metal with satanism?

well this is bullshit, people got wrong idea about that and if you take a look
for another kind of music which is rap music you will find that it is all about
drugs, gangesters and s ex.and people don't talk about that

thank you Motor Militia for the interview and we wish you the best of luck guys.

keep it metal.