E-STREAMS Vol. 6, No. 6 - June 2003


  2524. Non-Ferrous Metal Ores: Deposits, Minerals and Plants, by J. Rubinstein, L. Barsky. New York, NY, Taylor & Francis, 2002. 411p., bibliog., index. (Mineral Deposits and Resources of the Former Soviet Union). ISBN 0-415-26964-4. [  GOBI 2 ] $127.00. LC Call no.: TN758.R73 2002.

Subjects: Non-Ferrous Metals—Russian (Federation); Ore-Dressing—Russian (Federation).

Reviewer: Stacey L. Knight-Davis, Librarian, Eastern Illinois University Booth Library, cfslk@eiu.edu

Table of Contents:

  1. Fundamental Concepts and Definitions 1
  2. Geology and Geography of Non-Ferrous Metal Ore Distribution in the Former USSR 40
  3. Ores, Ore Complexes, Ore bodies 141
  4. Mineralogy, Ore Dressing 204
References 387
Appendix: Mining and Dressing Plants and Works 391
Index 409

Non-Ferrous Metal Ores covers mineral resources and ore dressing in the former Soviet Union. The section on mineral resources has many maps and lists areas where specific minerals and ores occur. There are some differences between this information and the area reports Minerals Yearbook. However, the sources cited in Non-Ferrous Metal Ores for this section are from the 1980s and 90’s so some differences may be from age.

The second half of the book covers ore dressing. Again, most sources are from the 1980’s. Some statistics given are also from the late 1980’s. The text has been translated from Russian, so it is not a particularly smooth read.

The table of contents shows all subsections of chapters, which is good since the index is weak three pages. A figure and table index would have been a welcome addition, but is sadly lacking. Non-Ferrous Metal Ores is Volume 1 of Mineral Deposits and Resources of the Former Soviet Union. No titles for forthcoming volumes are listed in this volume or on the Taylor and Francis website.

Large academic libraries with comprehensive mining collections might consider this book. It does offer insight into Soviet mining in the last decade.

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