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+++++ Welcome! +++++

        These pages are generated by the Tcl Web Builder. The Tcl Web Builder is a project I am working on that is meant for small web site design with little or no html knowledge. The pages are dynamicly constructed by Tcl cgi-bin scripts and your text/html data files.
        The goal is to make small web site design and managment simple and fast. You need only to set some variables for colors, page names, menu items, etc... and create text and/or html files for associated info boxes like the one that this intro is enclosed in. That should make content changes very easy for the site manager.

        Tcl Web Builder is still in development, and not yet available. I will make it available when I think it's ready but I am not completely satisfied with the design yet.


+++ Tcl Web Builder News +++

12/05/2001 Tcl Web Builder project begins.
12/09/2001 A fully working development version appears as my home pages

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