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An exclusive tell-all interview with Steve Purcell. Questions by Jake Rodkin, Sebastian Grubaugh, and Mixnmojo Staff. Answers by Steve Purcell.

In the summer or 2000 I was given the opportunity to ask Steve Purcell, creator, writer, and illustrator of Sam & Max a couple of questions. I went around to some friends and asked them for questions as well. One friend, Sebastian, was more than happy to come up with questions -- twenty-five of them. In the end, Steve's requested "about twenty questions" turned into around forty. He was nice enough to answer them all, though, and jucily at that. Enjoy.

Some quick ones about you:

•What have you been doing since you left LucasArts?

The biggest project I worked on was the Sam & Max animated series. I spent a lot of my time for the good part of a year and a half on that. I’ve also spent some time doing character development for other animated and toy projects and most recently have been working at another Lucas company, Industrial Light and Magic in a division called Feature Development.

•What are your plans for the near future? The distant future?

Continue working for ILM for the immediate future. Working on a new comic and a few ideas for non-Sam & Max animation projects. Also would like to see a greater presence for Sam & Max on the web including on-line animation.

•My friend wants to know who you’re going to vote for president but you don’t need to answer that.

I don’t know. Are there any demented World Federation wrestlers running?

About Sam & Max:

•Where do they sleep?

In rickety bunk beds in the flat that they share somewhere in New Yawk.

•What can we expect in the near future for Sam & Max? A new comic?

Yep, I am working on a new Sam & Max comic. I’m calling it the Lost Episode because it’s a story I started a long time ago. I’m keeping the overall premise, that Max is laid up in the hospital after being shot in the ear and Sam teams up with a white-handed gibbon. The first quarter of the book is just as I started and I’ve changed the rest so that it includes an otherworldly encounter where Max has to travel to the afterlife to battle a terrifying inhuman spirit. But funny.

•Will there ever be another Sam & Max computer game? The original is still many peoples favorite LucasArts game.

Nothing’s out of the question but there are no immediate plans for one. The fact that people are so fond of the original means a lot to me. That also puts a quite a bit of pressure on any potential sequel. It would probably have to be something totally different than the first one. Maybe an adventure/action game hybrid would be the way to go.

• If you could have anyone voice Sam & Max (and any other characters), who would you pick?

Before there was any game or TV show I used to tell people that Donald Sutherland was my choice for a Sam voice. He was in his prime in the movie MASH and in that film his voice is especially quirky sounding. For the game we considered Steve Landesberg, he used to be on an old TV show called Barney Miller and he had a really great dry sense of humor. For Max I used to think Joe Pesce. We auditioned women actors for Max (ala Bart Simpson) but we could never find one who didn’t sound girly.

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