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Black Death Challenge Rules

Welcome pilgrim, to one of the most difficult rifle matches in the world. So far, no one has beaten the "Jolly Roger", and cleaned the target, at any range. The "Good Old Boys" at Woodworth Range invented this match, so blame your next nervous breakdown on them. But just remember this, real Sharpshooters say that "Those who shoot the Black Death Challenge and like it, prefer nothing else."


1. Only 5 shots anywhere on the score target... Unlimited shots on the sighting in target.

2. This target will be used for benchrest 25 yard "Squirrel Rifle" Class, .22 rifles,... 50 yard "BR-50" Class .22 rifles,...and Centerfire "Varmint" Class rifles at 100 yards.

3. You have fifteen minutes to fire your sighters and to fire your record fire. (For TOP GUN Challenge 2001 you only have 15 minutes to Zero, shoot the Bull’s Eye and the Black Death Target)

4. Any shot judged to touch anywhere on the Black area of a target, voids all shots on that target (other targets on the paper are unaffected).


The 5 scoring shots can be fired one at each target, or all 5 at one target, or any desired combination...But only 5 shots total on the score target.

Shooter will lose his highest scoring shot for each extra shot found on his scoring target.

Each of five targets is marked with the value of each hit in the white area.

Center rings in each target are tie breaking "X" scores.   In the case of "X" ties, the best "X" wins.

Maximum score is 50-5X, minimum score is 0-OX.

Target sizes are: 1 1/2 inches, 1 inch, 3/4 inch, 5/8 inch, and 1/2 inch.

Each competitor may choose to observe, or ignore (at his option):  Clint Eastwood’s Rule 01 of Self-Knowledge... as spoken by Dirty Harry, "You've got to know your limitations."