Thank you for your interest in MOTIV Bicycles! Motiv Sports is a leading manufacturer of high-end bicycles. We have produced bicycles for over 15 years. We pride ourselves as a leading manufacturer over these years as well. Our primary niche' has always been to provide you with our best possible product at the most affordable price, without compromising quality!

Our bicycles are all built with our customers in mind. We have introduced numerous monumental milestones that address an ever-changing marketplace. From the affordable full suspension mountain bikes to the clean smooth lines of our comfort category. Oh, and yes, we have built numerous other models too, from tandems to road to cross bikes.

Our primary customer is one who can appreciate quality and performance at an affordable price. Heck, who doesn't appreciate a great deal? But rest assured that you are receiving over 15 years of manufacturing experience when you choose MOTIV products. We have been supplying Costco/Price, for over 12 years alone.

The strategy of mass market "wholesalers" is to deliver the best value to their members. As you are aware, Costco purchases and sells in bulk. That is the core idea behind savings. With Costco purchasing from MOTIV in volume, Motiv then purchases from the parts suppliers, such as SHIMANO, SRAM, and VELO, to mention a few, in volume. Costco passes these savings onto their members. We utilize industry standard components, which means that most everything is universally sized and interchangeable. Bicycle shops that have a service department will be able to perform service on all MOTIV bicycles.