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Technological Determinism

"Technological determinism is the keystone of (Marshall) McLuhan's theories. If Marx believed that class struggle was the engine of history, then McLuhan held that the engine was the engine of history: he saw technological change, specifically, new forms of communication, as the prime mover behind human history.

"Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication," he wrote. In other words, the medium is the message."

Source: Dery, M., Marshall McLuhan, The Medium's Messenger


"A theory of the relationship between technology and society that sees the historical development of technology as separate and independent of social, political, and economic forces. In this view, technologies arise independently, and then determine the shape of societies associated with them.

Symptomatic technology also assumes that research and technology are self-generating, but sees their development in a slightly different way: historically, according to this theory, technologies become symptomatic of their societies. Intentional technology, on the other hand, views technological phenomena as the direct products of social, political, and economic forces."

Source: Monaco, J., How to Read a Film


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