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February 23, 2004

A Fond Farewell
I am writing this news post to bring the entire community some sad news. ArtoosNews will be closing at midnight Tuesday February 24, 2004.

It has been a great five years at this community, but, due to a few circumstances beyond out control we will no longer be able to operate. As many of you know, Artoo decided to leave the site about a month ago. He offered the site to me, but since then, we have not been able to transfer ownership of the site. We had plans to bring the entire site and it's contents to a new domain name with the same staff, same community and same features, but the situation behind the scenes has worn on myself, Tony and Mike to the point where we do not have the energy to continue on.

In addition, a new site has opened up that is run by former staff member and current top forum poster in ArtoosNews, Yoda027. This was done in secret and none of the current staff had any knowledge about these happenings. Needless to say, we are confused at this new site since his contributions to the forums were always welcome by all and he was an extremely active member.

I think I can speak for the entire staff when I say that I was most proud of this site and it's contents. We may not have always been first on the block with the news, but we always made great efforts to see that we bought the same great content to you that we believed you expected, from the casual news post, to the most awesome customs to the best darn Visual Guides on the net!

There are many great Star Wars web sites out in the galaxy, and I am sure that you will all find great new communities to share you thoughts and ask your questions in. I am sure to see all of you in at least a handful of them.

On a personal note, I am honored to have worked with such a talented and energized staff during my time here and also to have been accepted as a friend within the community. While the site will be here no longer, remember, the Force runs strong through us all and out love of the story of Star Wars will always keep this community together in one form or another.

May the Force be with you...Always....

Pete | 10:00pm~EST

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