this is a somewhat less tenative list of shows for summer tour.

Aug. 12th Ann Arbor, MI - PUNK WEEK! @ 724 N.Main w/ tba. 8 PM. donation.

Aug. 13th Athens, OH - North American Anarchist Convergence Show @ the wire (21 kern st.) w/soophie nun squad

Aug. 14th Pittsburgh, PA @ mr. roboto project w/Soophie Nun Squad,
McGonigle - Eric from HTML and his wife, Bethany doing acoustic pop plus one more to be
announced plus bring gifts for Q -- he turns 30 the following week!!! 7 PM. $5.

Aug. 15th Binghamton, NY - commUNITY fest @ ra nelles (73 court st. binghamton,
ny) w/soophie nun squad + many more. noon-9 (or 10). $8

Aug. 16th Brattleboro, VT - @ Common Ground (25 Elliot Street in
Brattleboro, VT) w/ Dubble Trubble (reviving the spirit of 80s top 40 metal), Johnny
Hobo and the Freight Trains (smart, catchy acoustic anti-punk rock with lots
of yelling), JerkOff JackOff Frigface (country-noise), MANTITS (despair
equipped with a sense of humor and an acoustic guitar), Death Fish (METAL). 8 PM.

Aug. 17th Portland, ME @547 blackstrap rd. falmouth, maine. (about ten minutes from downtown portland) w/ soophie nun squad, tom savage explosion plus one tba. 6 PM. $5. No booze. Vegan potluck.

Aug. 18th New Milford, CT @New Milford VFW Hall (11 Avery Rd., New Milford, CT) w/ruato (lo-fi, drum machine, pavement/pixies-ish/weird/poppy/punk awesome), lys guillorn (somber/rockin acoustic dark country-ish...along the same lines as madeline adams' songs) and one or two more TBA. 7PM.

Aug. 19th Long Island, NY @ Alex's House (308 5th ave. e. northport, ny) w/ tba.

Aug. 20th Philadelphia, PA - benefit for the new york indy media center (for coverage of the RNC) @ the unitarian church w/ witchhunt, stockyard stoics, leftover crack, erik peterson. 7:30 PM. for info.

Aug. 21st (afternoon) - westchester, NY @ 40 Hampton Rd Scarsdale, NY 10583 w /tba. 3pm.

Aug. 21st (evening) - NYC @ the knitting factory w/ stockyard stoics. around 8 PM.

Aug. 22nd South Amboy, NJ - benefit for the gop protesters defense fund @ club krome w/ leftover crack, river city rebels. 4pm matinee show.

Aug. 23rd Washington, DC - benefit for Chaos at the Conventions @ Flashpoint (916 G Street, NW (Between 9th and 10th) w/The Washington Social Club, Soophie Nun Squad, Heads Up Soldier. This show is a partial benefit for Chaos at the Conventions: A DC based fundraising effort to support non-violent direct action at the Republican National Convention in NYC, August 29 - September 3. $5. Doors at 7PM.

Aug. 24th Richmond, VA @ nanci raygun w/ soophie nun squad, dead city, the setup. 10 pm.

Aug. 25th Ashevilee, NC @ vincent's ear w/ soophie nun squad, fat day

Aug. 26th Athens, GA @ somewhere outdoors tba w/ soophie nun squad, carrie nations

Aug. 27th Gainesville, FL @ the ark w/ soophie nun squad, reactionary 3, slang!

Aug. 28th - day off for a wedding

Aug. 29th Louisville, KY @ the robin's nest (robin+dylan's house - 2914 springdale road) w/ pocket bomb + more

...geoff [acoustic guitar and vocals], will [drums, harmonica, and vocals], ryan [upright bass and vocals], bz [violin], sherri [cello], friends [vocals, support, and inspiration]
... from columbus, ohio


i talked to cathy, who is basically running plan-it-x while chris is on tour, yesterday and she said that the new defiance, ohio/ghost mice split cd is almost all done. the printing is ready and we're just waiting for the cds. you can pre-order now from plan-it-x records.

$5 ppd to
plan-it-x records
p.o. box 3521
bloomington, in 47404


[7/24/2004 06:00:16 AM]


This isn't a Defiance, Ohio show, but Geoff and Ryan from Defiance, Ohio as well as Cathy from Pitfall! (and the PIX fest yellow shirts) and Theo from Zumm Zumm have a band together called Pretty Hot that is playing next week.


@ The Hiney Hole (715 E. 2nd St. Bloomington, Indiana)
7 PM - All Ages - Bring a donation for the touring bands!
812.336.4412 or geoff at terrorware dot com for info!

// ERIK PETERSEN (Philadelphia, PA)
Playing as "Mischief Brew", this great singer-songwriter combines elements of folk, old-time, and punk music into nice acoustic songs. His music is a wonderful combination of talented (but not wanky) guitar-playing and colorful lyrics that go beyond typical folk "protest songs" or social commentary.

Website at
MP3s at

// EVIL ROBOT US' (Buffalo, NY)
You could call this band featuring two acoustic guitars and drums folk-punk, but I would definitely put the emphasis on the punk. This is one of the most potent bands of the genre and they play raucous sing-along anthems.

Website at
MP3 at

Dance punk!

// PRETTY HOT (Bloomington, IN)
Pop punk with a little weirdness thrown in from members of Defiance, Ohio; Zumm Zumm; and "The Yellow Shirts" from Plan-It-X fest.

[7/8/2004 10:02:21 AM]


thanks for visitng our new website (courtesy of geoff) ! we have all been taking a lot of time to do personal things since spring tour. however, right before the plan-it-x fest we got together and recorded seven songs with our friend greg here in bloomington. they just got finished a few days ago. five of them (three new ones, an otherwise unreleased re-recorded song from our demo tape and a gorilla biscuits cover) will be released in just a few weeks as a split CD with ghost mice (who also provided five songs) on plan-it-x. we are really excited about this. the other two songs will be released some time in the near future on a 7" split with one reason!!! all the songs will be posted as free downloads on the website as soon as the CDs or records are released. the fest was amazing... it was so overwelming to see so many really great people in our small town. thanks especially to those of you who attended the punk town meeting that geoff and i held at rhino's. i was quite nevous and not much of a speaker.. but i hope it offered something positive to your time spent in bloomington. besides releasing the CD, we are planning a few shows at the end of july up north (wisconsin + minnesota) and a short east coast tour in august. a good chunk of summer tour will be with soophie nun squad. we are really excited for that as well. all the show's information will be posted in the up coming shows section as we recieve it. thanks once again for all the incredible letters and e-mails.. it really makes doing this band worthwhile.

ryan and defiance, ohio
[7/5/2004 01:46:24 AM]


our friends in gal and lad were supposed to send a copy of their new cd-r to someone named cory that they met on the fall acoustic tour when we played in oberlin. unfortunately, they lost cory's contact info. so if you are cory, or know cory, if you could send your/their contact info to stuss at it would be great.

[6/7/2004 08:37:08 AM]

"In religion and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination."
-Mark Twain


During June 18-20 there will be an amazing number of punk kids from different places and backgrounds all together in the same place at the Plan-It-X 10 Year Anniversary Fest. This coming-together of punks comes at a time when the political climate of the US and the world is crazier than it's ever been before and the need for community and political concern, involvement, and action is enormous. Punk has always been connected with political action or concern, so we're holding a punk "town meeting" at the fest so people can tell each other about what's been on our political minds.

This is not a workshop and it's not a debate. It's a chance for you, in 3-5 minutes, to say the most important things that have been on your mind, what confuses you, what concerns you, or what you're trying to do about the next year in politics and our society. We want to try to hear people coming from lots of different perspectives and not just the expected "punk" point of view. We want to hear from people who people who have never considered themselves to be "political" at all as much as we want to hear from those who have been heavily involved in activism. We want to celebrate the things we do but also be critical and open to change. More than anything, we want to get a better understanding of what each other's concerns and get ideas to think about and discuss throughout the fest and to take back to our friends, families, jobs, and communities.

Some of the things that we're interested in talking about are punk participation in voting and the politics surrounding elections and the role of the punk community within communities at large. We're also excited to hear what ideas or issues you think are important.

We need your help! If you're interested in speaking for 3-5 minutes about your political ideas, concerns, apathy, action, or confusion, please email with a summary of what you'd like to talk about. If you have any questions or suggestions about the event, please email about that too.

We're still trying to work out the details of the event and we'll post more information as we know it.

Geoff + Ryan
[5/16/2004 10:41:03 PM]


i'm writng this from my room!!! in bloomington!!! but in characteristic fashion, we're leaving town for 2 more shows in the morning

saturday april 17 - kalamazoo, michigan

415 ranney
9 pm
w/ reaccion (from chicago)

sunday april 18 - toledo, ohio

it's sheri, will, and will's grandma's birthday so that means BLOCK PARTY!!!

the street in front of 535 winthrop
we play acoustic for the fam around 1 pm. block partyish stuff all afternoon. potluck. bands start playing at 6 pm.

[4/16/2004 02:03:31 PM]


The show in Columbus at Bernies is now at 10 PM. Bernies double booked shows that night and had to move things around. Sorry.

[4/10/2004 11:41:06 AM]