May 21st - May 27th 2001

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Channel 4

None scheduled this week. However, Channel 4 are showing Test Match Cricket this week which may be rained off, so they may show Frasier repeats if this happens.

Paramount Comedy

130 Good Samaritan
Monday August 16th 2004 9.30pm

245 High Holidays
Monday August 16th 2004 10.00pm

Tuesday August 17th 2004 6.00pm

131 Our Parents, Ourselves
Tuesday August 17th 2004 9.30pm

246 Frasier-Lite
Tuesday August 17th 2004 10.00pm

Wednesday August 18th 2004 6.00pm

132 The Show Where Woody Shows Up
Wednesday August 18th 2004 9.30pm

247 The Ann Who Came To Dinner
Wednesday August 18th 2004 10.00pm

Thursday August 19th 2004 6.00pm

133 Three Valentines
Thursday August 19th 2004 9.30pm

248 Freudian Sleep
Thursday August 19th 2004 10.00pm

Friday August 20th 2004 6.00pm

134 To Tell The Truth
Friday August 20th 2004 9.30pm

249 Caught In The Act
Friday August 20th 2004 10.00pm

Saturday August 21st 2004 6.00pm

135 Decoys
Saturday August 21st 2004 9.30pm

250 Boo!
Saturday August 21st 2004 10.00pm

Sunday August 22nd 2004 6.00pm

136 Dinner Party
Sunday August 22nd 2004 9.30pm

251 Coots And Ladders
Sunday August 22nd 2004 10.00pm

Monday August 23rd 2004 6.00pm

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August 13th 2004

Whoa! What happened?:
Some of you may have noticed something very strange about the site over the past couple of weeks. Some pages had been updated. The poll had been changed. The Lists and References page had a link to a section called
My Favourite Frasiers. However, said page would not work, and the Home Page (this page) had not been updated.

There is a reason for this. Since July 30th I've been on holiday. The day before I went, I updated the site. I'd updated the Writers and Directors pages in the Behind The Scenes section, added the My Favourite Frasiers page, and updated the list of episodes showing over the next 2 weeks. I uploaded the site and went on holiday thinking everything was fine.

Unfortunately, the My Favourite Frasiers page and the GNS Home Page had not been uploaded properly, which is why the "Frasiers" page was not working and why this page had not been updated. Seeing as I was on holiday, 200 miles away from my computer, there was sadly nothing I could do about it until I got home. But I do apologise and will check in future to make sure this doesn't happen again.

My Favourite Frasiers:
Finally, this page is now online. On the
My Favourite Frasiers page I have chosen my favourite episode from each season and given my reasons why I have chosen those episodes. Hopefully Friday 13th won't cause the page not to load once again! :-)

New Poll!:
Here is what should have been in the last update about the new poll - bit pointless typing it up again!
"The results of the previous poll are now
online, and you decided that the finale was best left open-ended. Now here's another finale related question. Several key characters such as Bulldog or Frederick did not appear in the finale. Which of them should have? There are several options, so feel free to vote for more than one person if you feel 2 or more people should have appeared."

The Actor Pages:
All of
these have now been updated, with a new layout and up to date information. Drop me a line if I have missed anything!

Coming soon:
Due to the heat, the broken computer, holidays plus a million other things, my new fan fiction is not finished yet. However it will be by the next update. It's called "A Sherry For Ronee" and is about what happens when Sherry Dempsey returns after Martin has married Ronee. Stay tuned.

For our Archives - news and updates before August 13th 2004 - please click here.

Did You Notice...

.....that the 8th anniversary of Martin moving in was after Halloween in November 2001 (Ep 192 "Room Full Of Heroes") but that Martin actually moved in during September 1993 in the first episode (in Ep 7 "Call Me Irresponsible" Martin has been there for a while, and it's October!!!)

Want to submit to this column? E-mail me at - please put "GNS Did You Notice?" in the subject bar.

Classic Frasier Lines

(Niles has been having problems with Maris, but things seem much better the next morning:)

Niles: (happily) Good morning, Frasier. (to Waitress) Cara mia, un mezzo latte decaffeinato and a bran muffin. No, no - due bran muffins.

He kisses her hand as she leaves.

Niles: Maris and I burned up a lot of energy last night. A lot of energy! I have to replenish ma body! (smirks happily)

Frasier: I assume you and Maris assumed détente?

Niles: Twice!

Frasier: What magic words did you use to melt your little glacier?

Niles: When I got home, I sat her down, I stared deeply into her eyes and I said, "Maris, here are the keys to your new Mercedes"!

Frasier: You bought her a Mercedes?

Niles: Yes! Oh, the things that tiny woman can do when she's properly motivated!

From Ep 41 "Daphne's Room"

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