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Animation Exploitation
Saturday, Sept. 14, 11:15 am, Los Feliz 3
Monday, Sept. 16, 7pm, Los Feliz 3

It's Saturday morning but these aren't your average cartoons, with sassy skeletons, zen space aliens and some sexy scenes as well, this selection of animated shorts will make you laugh, cry, turn you on and tap your toes.

Dir. Wonchan Song, Video, 2 min.

Dem Bones
Dir. Jennifer Scheerer, Video, 4 min.

Are You There?
Dir. Young-Hun Lee, Video, 7 min.

Dir. Ryuzi Kitaura, Video, Japan, 3 min.

Little Red Plane
Dir. Joey Jones, Wira Winata, Video, 9 min.

The Five Emotions of a Bug on a Windshield
Dir. David Magliocco, Video, 2 min.

Major Damage
Dir. Chris Bailey, Video, 3 min.

A Traffic Jam
Dir. Ty Primosch, Video, 4 min.

Lady of the Lake
Dir. Michael Lucid, Video, 8 min.

Coffee Love
Dir. Ty Primasch, Video, 2 min.

Joe's Story
Dir. Naoki Mitsuse, Video, 6 min.

Bug Beat
Dir. Tim Hynes, Video, 2 min.

Dir. Randy Horton, Video, 5 min.

Vessel Wrestling
Dir. Lisa Yu, Video, 13 min.

A Ride in the Country
Dir. Happy Boy Pat, Video, 4 min.

Don't Call Me Shorty
Sunday, Sept. 15, 5:30 pm, AFI Ashley Theater

These 35 mm shorts may be little but they all pack a walloping punch. Garden with a giant, become scared of a rodent and never never take your eyes off the screen.

The Summer House
Dir. Joel Sadilek, 35 mm, 12 min.

The Quarry
Dir. Greg Chwerchak, 35 mm, 30 min.

Henry's Garden
Dir. Moon Seun, 35 mm, 9 min.

Hello Junkie: The Det. Kent Stryker One-Man
Dir. Tim Bennett, 35 mm, 8 min.

War Story
Dir. John Baumartner, 35 mm, 29 min.

Psychedelicious Pornadelica in Super-8
Friday Sept. 13, 11 pm, #B (Basement of the Echo), Curated by Marco and The Frenchman

Rare and obscure Super 8 porn flicks from the 60s and 70s are blended together in a multimedia film and dance experience. Aristocratic French Golden Showers, Bucolic German Domination and Jet Set Garden party orgies set the backdrop for a live mix of French Psychedelic pop, Vintage Euro electro, experimental freak-outs and special effects by Marco & The French-man. The event will MC'd by Mr. Eric Gutoski.

Look In My Shorts
Saturday, Sept. 14, 3 pm, Los Feliz 3
Wednesday, Sept. 18, 9 pm, Los Feliz 3

Lyrical, methodical, musical, sexy and sometimes just plain silly. These shorts are all inspired pieces of filmmaking. The talent here is worthy of feature films and I'm sure they're not far off.

Dir. Marzena Grzegorczyk, 16 mm, 15 min.

Even More Confused
Dir. Nancy B. Rosenberg, 16 mm or Beta, 14 min.

John Gill
Dir. Laura Jean Cronin, 16 mm, 24 min.

Dir. Jennie D. Chamberlain, 16 mm, 11 min.

The Harvest
Dir. Alexander Maslow, 16 mm, 6 min.

Dir. Alex R. Johnson, 16 mm, 17 min.

A Grave Dilemma
Dir. Dina Koutas, 16 mm, 14 min.

Dir. Rachael Lord, 16 mm, 6 min.

Heart Of Los Angeles (H.O.L.A.) Youth Film Project
Saturday, Sept. 14, 3 pm, Echo Park Film Center

Rampart kids were given the equipment to document their community on film and video. The result is the ultimate insider look at a neighborhood that can seem a world away, but it's actually around the corner. Shown and internationally, this collection of shorts is screening first time in Los Angeles.

The Good, The Short And The Lesbians
Wednesday, Sept. 18, 7 pm, Zen

Ahhhh lesbians. We know them, we love them, and boy do we like watching them. In this selection of shorts we will meet motorcycle babes, vampire lesbos, diesel dykes, FTM transgendered guys and a slew of naked ladies with icing on them. Yummy!

Blue Tuesday
Dir. Lisa G, Video, Canada, 3 min.

Rev High, Never Idle
Dir. Elizabeth McCarthy, Video, 16 min.

Dir. Jenelle Troxell, 16 mm, 12 min.

Ballet Diesel
Dir. Michelle Ehlen, Video, 9 min.

Sadie's Daydream
Dir. E.E. Cassidy, 16 mm, 5 min.

Unhung Heroes
Dir. Ilya Pearlman, Video, 16 min.

Breaking Up Really Sucks
Dir. Jennifer McGlong, 35 mm, 11 min.

Pussy Buffet
Dir. Ursula Rodriguez and Kadet Kuhne, Video, 6 min.

Pussies From Outta Space
Dir. Nanci Gaglio, 16mm, 13 min.

Locals Only Shorts. Vol. 1
Monday, Sept. 16, 7 pm, Zen

In our first installation of Locals Only Shorts we meet a deranged shopper, a man who's lost his gaydar, drugged out rip off artists and hot 70s housewives with dirty imaginations.

Dir. Stanya Kahn and Harriet Dodge, Video, 16 min.

Shop Club
Dir. Noah Stern, Video, 10 min.

Quacks Like a Duck
Dir. Steve Ferger, Video, 10 min.

The Nagel Incident
Dir. Steve Hall, Video, 15 min.

Dir. Kim Beecroft, Video, 29 min.

Locals Only Shorts, Vol. 2
Monday, Sept. 16, 9 pm, Zen

Our second collection of short films from local filmmakers is about missed opportunities: a fateful dinner, a timely exit and swimming lessons.

Tomato And Egg
Dir. Shawn Chou, 16mm, 8 min.

Dir. Terrence Atkins, Video, 20 min.

Tortured Soul
Dir. J . Robert Jennings, Video, 60 min.

Native Shorts
Saturday, Sept. 14, 1 pm, Micheltorena School

This compilation of short films by Native American filmmakers explores contemporary Native society, non-Indian themes and experimental cinema.

Sponsored by the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians

Standing Cloud
Dir. Kimberly Norris-Guerrero, Video, 32 min.

Dir. Gabriel Shaw, Video, 8 min.

Yada Yada
Dir. Bennie Klain, Video, 6 min.

Prods. Laura Milliken and Jennifer Podemski, Video, Canada, 24 min.

Running on Indian Time
Dir. Duane Allen Humeystewa, Video, 18 min.

Reception to follow screening at Hollywood Hills Cafe
Sponsored by

Strange And Surreal
Friday, Sept. 13, 7:15 pm, Los Feliz 1

You will be transported to other worlds and the darkest recesses of the mind when you view these shorts. Weird-ness abounds with monsters, human and not, a plaster cast man and memory snatching aliens.

The Harvest
Dir. Alexander Maslow, 16 mm, 6 min.

Love and the Monster
Dir. Miles Montalbanon, Super 8, 11 min.

John Gill
Dir. Laura Jean Cronin, 16 mm, 24 min.

A Visit From the Incubus
Dir. Anna Biller, 16 mm, 26 min.

Help Is On The Way
Dir. Charles Schneider, 16 mm, 10 min.

The Last Supper
Dir. Gabriel Judet-Weinshel, 16 mm, 25 min.

Twist Of Fate
Sunday, Sept. 15, 7:15 pm, Los Feliz 3

Things aren't always as they appear in this group of shorts. Gifts are given, lives are taken and spanks are enjoyed. The pleasure is yours but perhaps not as you expected it.

The Waiting
Dir. Dan Whitehill, Video, 5 min.

Dir. Phil Allocco, Video, 8 min.

Dir. Deborah Vancelette, Video, 8 min.

Mini Driver Project
Dir. Dawn Westlake, Video, 11 min.

The Gift
Dir. Michael Egan, Video, 8 min.

Wheels Locked
Dir. Dave Bergeson, Video, 17 min.

Dir. Sirena Irwin, 16 mm, 13 min.

Hung Up on Elena
Dir. Randall A. Bobbitt, 16 mm, 7 min.

Timmy's Wish
Dir. Patrick Cannon, 2002, 16 mm, USA, 10 min.

What's Eating Your Shorts?
Sunday, Sept. 15, 11:15 am, Micheltorena School

I Knew Him
Dir. Broderick Fox, Video, 2 min.

Leave Luck To Heaven
Dir Todd Lincoln, 35 mm or Beta, 13 min.

Enemies Closer
Dir. Tom Choi, Video, 9 min.

The Potato Launcher
Dir. Brett Stimely, Video, 2 min.

The Delivery
Dir. Daniel Whitehill, 2002, Video, USA, 6 min.

Dir. John Vargas, Video, 19 min.

Robot Hunter
Dir. Joshua Powell, Video, 16 min.

The King
Dir. Russell B. McKenzie, Video, 23 min.

Whose Game?
Saturday, Sept. 14, 3 pm, Micheltorena School

Sports, who are the people that love them? Here you'll meet freedom loving hippies, super strong women and men who are dying just to be part of the game.

Back in the Game
Dir. Rick Beausoleil, Video, 12 min.

Quest to Ref
Dir. Benjamin Watkins, Video, 15 min.

The Ultimate Documentary
Dir. Chris Perkel, Video, 27 min.

Body: A Women's Definition
Dir. Sharon Pellerin, Video, 41 min.