archived interviews page #1
    » narby
    Exo and rizzuh speak with narby, the creator of Aztec and Inferno, about his latest map in this CSN exclusive.

    » team rival
    Rival just took the CAL-invite championship. CSN's Sublyme sat down with Rival|Siege for the interview.

    » sf.
    SinaC interviews CAL-i clan The Select Few.

    » tec
    TEC has a relatively impressive record in CAL-I. What makes this clan work? SinaC finds out.

    » team ipx
    Team Ipx became the first clan to defeat Team 3D in CAL-I match. Is it a fluke or a sign of things to come? CS-Nation has the interview!

    » the_family_god
    An interview with The_Family_God about Militia2. More exclusive screenshots of the upcoming CS movie.

    » mojo
    Mojo's mapping talent is helping The_Family_God make Militia2 with artistic freedom. We have the interview and the exclusive images.

    » davej
    The humble creator of de_dust does his first interview in over a year.

    » the cal draftees
    short Q&A;'s with the best players in the CAL draft.

    » new cs leagues
    An interview with four new CS leagues: the TGL, the FWH, the FGL, and the EGL.

    » darkside and x3
    The newly formed CS clan Darkside recently faced off with X3 and became one of the few clans to defeat them online.

    » ck3's big_v
    Clan CK3 -- the myths and the legends. An interview with the former titan's leader, the leader of the comeback.

    » randy pitchford
    CS-Nation interviews Randy Pitchford, head honcho over at Gearbox, the developers of the upcoming Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

    » barney (aka n@rby)
    Interview with Barney (aztec and inferno), a well known CS mapper who now works with Gearbox. The interview looks at his cumulative mapping work on CS, the CPL, Condition Zero and CS 1.4.

    » cpl q&a
    A short interview with Frank Nuccio and Angel Munoz, both of the CPL.