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Program  Overview

Do you crave nicotine? 

Whether you are smoking now, or you are an ex-smoker, if you crave cigarettes or nicotine, Stop Smoking For Good could be just exactly what you've been looking for. 

Would you like to know precisely what to do - and  when and how to do it - in order to completely control your smoking habit?

Stop Smoking For Good provides you with exactly that, through a complete step-by-step, go-at-your-own-pace educational program, consisting of  compilation of  proven behavior techniques and up to date information and statistics, uniquely presented on audio CD & cassette. 

Each component of the program adheres to tested & proven strategies, while utilizing powerful behavior methods such as goal setting, daily affirmations, visualization, d eep-relaxation and breathing exercises.

The result is almost three full hours of "live" smoking cessation seminar instruction that meets or exceeds all primary national smoking cessation guidelines & is ideal to recommend to all smokers - and ex-smokers who still crave. 

You'll be led through an in-depth look at the smoking habit itself, where you'll uncover the critical weaknesses of craving - and the most effective ways to exploit these weaknesses to your full advantage.

You will come to see craving as simply a "cost of doing business" - and that it is entirely possible to welcome the craving - instead of just suffer through it.

Once you reach that point, beating the craving every time can be a very uplifting, empowering experience.  

Couple that with the series of positive changes occurring in your life at the same time and you may find that stopping smoking actually becomes an enjoyable experience! 

The program is also packed full of proven techniques used by the nations' top athletes and corporate executives to unleash personal powers and ease the process. 

Also included in this exciting and complete program are an array of exclusive tools including the "Insist on the List" Wallet Folder and the "Craver's Code" Wallet Card ensuring your support goes where you go.

For smokers, "Progress Log" Pack Wrappers are included for each of the 5 days of this 5-module program to keep track of triggers and interrupt smoking patterns.

Use Stop Smoking For Good by itself or team it up with other methods.

The Stop Smoking For Good program is also ideal to combine with NRTs (Nicotine Replacement Therapy), providing the support needed to produce marked increases in their immediate and long-term effectiveness. 

Used correctly with “The Patch”, gum, or other stop smoking methods,, the Stop Smoking For Good program is capable of boosting their effectiveness by up to 10 times!

Ready for more good news?  This doctor-recommended, easy to follow, proven support program that is very attractively priced at $39.95.

And it's the most complete program of it's kind!  We guarantee it!

Can you think of a better way to stop smoking for good?

Why not Stop Smoking For Good with the help of this wonderful program? Click here

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