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September 2003: due South fanfiction



Please Note: femslash unless otherwise stated and you must be over 18 to read this fiction



by Shay Sheridan

An unexpected meeting during "Mountie on the Bounty" brings back memories for Meg Thatcher.


A Summer in Purgatory (gen)

by Josephine March

A thought provoking portrait of a young Ma Vecchio.


A Cold Day in Warm Arms

by Snowee

Fuzzy, fluffy femslash featuring Frannie and Maggie.


Olikpok (gen)

by byob

A short drabble about Victoria.


Longing and Forfeiture: a series of three complementary stories

by Jodie Louise

1. Control (warning: bdsm)

Stella needs to have control...

2. Sins

Frannie knows that sins come in many forms.

3. Loss

Meg ponders her loss (original version was posted to ds_flashfiction).


Unraveling (gen, also a warning: death story)

by Sick Monkey

A portrayal of Maggie's determination to right wrongs which has dire consequences.



by Josephine March

A drabblelike story previously posted to the DSA -- the author has kindly let me include it here.


Blinding Pain (warning: rape)

by LaRue Anderson

An intense story told through the POV of Elaine and Rashell (OFC).



by Sparkle Heather

A short drabble focussing on Elaine's obsession.



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