Joe Theismann- Host (1989)

Mike Adamle- Co-Host (1989), Host (1990-1996)

Todd Christensen- Co-Host (1990)

Larry Csonka- Co-Host (1990-1993)

Lisa Malosky- Co-Host (1993-1995)

Dan "Nitro" Clark- Co-Host (1995-1996)

Julie Cialini- Guest Co-Host (1995)


"The Executioner" [Hooded Referee]- Head Referee (1989)

Bob McElwee- Head Referee (1990)

Larry Thompson- Head Referee (1990-1996)

Bob Wucetich- Asst. Ref. 1 (1990-1996)

Jeff Nathanson

American Gladiators Crew

Executive Producers- Ron Ziskin (1990, 1993, 1994), Barry Frank (1990), Shukri Ghalayini (1993, 1994)

Produced By- Eytan Keller (1990), J. Brian Gadinsky (1993, 1994)

Directed By- Andy Young (1990), Bob Levy (1993, 1994)

Associate Producer- Dan Goldberg (1990), Jane Little (1990), Michael Pearson (1993, 1994)

Associate Director- Booey Kober (1990), Dave Basinski (1990), Brian McCullough (1993, 1994)

Stage Managers- Debbie Williams (1990), Rick Stern (1993, 1994), Joann Kamay (1993, 1994)

Staging Supervisor- Thom Peachee (1993, 1994)

Staging Coordinator- Dave Segal (1990), Kenny Cole (1993, 1994)

Post Production Supervisor- Lee Toft (1993, 1994)

Assistant to the Producers- Gary S. Parker

Created By- John Ferraro & Dan Carr (1990, 1993, 1994)

Music By- Bill Conti (1990, 1993, 1994)

Costume Design- Robert Blackman

Wardrobe- Vera Baliey

Homebase Coord.- Chad Nelson & Gary Victor

Talent Coord.- Susan Gold-Kovinsky

Production Office Coord.- Helen Rose

Audience Coord.- Craig Hoffman

Assistant Audience Coord.- Leslie Spann

Production Associates- Jason Blumenfeld, Eric Hill, Jane Leisner, Joel Nathanson, & Karen Stouras

Production Secretaries- Brenda Caddell & Gabrielle Palay

Production Auditors- Ariane Fleiderman & Heater Viau

Post Production Assistant- Steve Langius, Todd Frey, & Al Johnson

Segment Production- Steve Schindler

Editors- Jeff U'Ren & Mike Beltran

Lighting Design- Jeff Engel

Production Designer- Bill Bohnert (1993)

Art Director- Steve Graziani (1993, 1994), Bill Bohnert (1994)

Mix & Sweetening Supervisor- Michael Killen

Trainers- Tony Spino & Erik Landswick

Technical Director- Neal Flagg

Camera- Ted Ashton, Mike Culp, Greg Grouwinkel, Ken Patterson, Tom Rowe, Reed Samul

Music Mix- Lee DeCarlo

Senior Audio- Doug Nelson

Audio- Art Hosmer, Dan Ortiz jr., Deb Roppolo, & Joe Thomas

Video- Keith Buttelman & John O'Brien

Video Tape- Susan Borgia

Utility- Randy Gomez, Mike Callahan, Dean Plotnick, Dan Andresen, Michael P. Wilson, & Corey Kimbel

Gaffer- Chip Foody

Riggers- Joe Branam, Jim Branam, Rick Boomhouer, & Dick Davies

Interns- Kim Woodman, Jason Knybel, David Waco, Adam Jordan, Monica Romero, Enrique Galvez, Humberto Orozco, & Tracey Smith

For the Samuel Goldwyn Co.- Executive In Charge of Production- Julie Resh (1990, 1993, 1994)

Executive In Charge of Production- Robert Bagley (1990)

Whiplash Concept- Ray Harvie

Captioning made possible by-

M&M Mars, Planters Corporation, Samuel Goldwyn Television

The Following Companies have furnished assistance to the production company-

adidas, Bike, Gold's Gym, Magiccraft, NEP, Pro-Orthopedic, Riddell, Saranac, Shihan, Sportsmen's Lodge, Donjoy, Vari-Lights, Versaclimber, Wilson, Sportsstep Inc., Spex, Schwinn Cycling & Fitness, Pony USA, It's Smart of California, Hutch Sporting Goods Inc., Force 10, Pro-tec

The following companies have furnished prizes or paid a fee for their promotion on the program-

adidas USA inc., Chevrolet Motor Division, FCI, Inverness Corporation, Sugar Daddy, Planters Lifesavers Co.

Portions of American Gladiators not affecting the outcome were edited for time

Timing services provided by- Armitron

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