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Receiver Shopping List

Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 July, 2003

Choosing the right receiver for "live streaming" over the air access!

by Jonathan Marks, Diana Janssen,
Thomas R. Sundstrom, Willem Bos
and Andy Sennitt.

The majority are of receivers in this online guide are designed for shortwave reception. We are starting to add sets that include other delivery systems such as satellite. In addition, as digital shortwave systems roll out (see, we will include our independent findings on these sets too.

Latest receiver news:

The Kneisner and Doering KWZ30 is no longer being produced. K+D says it is working on a successor model and will publish the specifications in due course.

Check this page for information about current ways to receive
Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)

Here is the overview of the chapters available in the Receiver Shopping List database:

You can use one of these online currency converters to instantly convert quoted prices into a wide range of international currencies.

Exchange Rate Converter
Universal Currency Converter
Classic 164 Currency Converter

Radio Netherlands is unique in compiling a comprehensive free on-line database of independent receiver reviews. We have no magazines to sell, no advertisers to please, or axes to grind. There are few independent sources of reliable receiver information. We believe that the time and effort is worth it, since we know from the web statistics and the number of printed copies that we have helped hundreds of thousands of people pick the best receiver for their needs. We sincerely hope that that the vast database of comments and suggestions behind this page on the Internet can help you make the best choice.

Despite the onslaught of other media such as Internet radio, there is still a wide range of good shortwave portables to choose from. In practice, the level of independent expertise in many electrical stores is limited. When it comes to making the right decision, it always pays to compare notes. We hope to help you come to the right conclusions. Mark this page in your "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" right now. The reviews are provided as a public service because we know that many dealers are unable to put different brands side by side.

Second Hand Bargains?

If you live in the US and Canada, you may like to know that certain modern short-wave desktop and portable receivers are coming on to the second hand market. In December 1998, Universal Radio Inc, published the fourth edition of a handy pocketbook with a guide to the second hand value of 100 most commonly traded receivers. This 78 page publication costs US$7.95 including shipping. Even though the century has changed, the prices for second hand shortwave sets has remained stable. We think this is still a useful, concise survey of what's available for what price in North America. The book correctly warns new owners that they cannot expect to get a return on their investment in any modifications. Trade ins usually mean you get around 25% less than the price the radio is later resold for. The book is called "Buying a Used Short-wave Receiver" and was written by Fred Osterman. More details from Universal Radio Inc., 6830 Americana Parkway, Reynoldburg OH 43068, USA. Tel: 614 866 4267. E-mail: The ISBN is 1-882123-14-X and it is listed on their Web site.

Linking to Our Site

Because the contents of this Receiver Shopping List are constantly updated, we discourage other Web masters from copying these pages and posting them on their own site. However, we are happy to consider requests for links. Please get in touch with us at We would also like to thank the many Web users who have shared their experiences with us over the last 12 months. Your honest feedback has been extremely valuable to us.

If you want to send comments on what you have read, just drop a line to the editor's intray ( We take your comments seriously and general feedback is sent directly to receiver manufacturers. Please note, however, that due to time limitations we cannot make individual recommendations.